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.Wednesday, January 18, 2006

“This is the man who came to save us.”

Talking to a friend yesterday, she mentioned to me, “Well, they couldn’t get Tony Blair out of the pub, so they had to send John Prescott. Strange.”

It struck me as emblematic of the modern state of politics. We put so much emphasis on the leaders, and yet we have really neglected to do anything interesting with them; we assume that if they can’t actually do anything, then they simply represent the views of the masses. And then when they do have some kind of impact or make some positive impression, we begin to call them charismatic leaders or great communicators. It’s just that they haven’t got anyone else that we can appoint.

No, he’s all we’ve got. He isn’t a good leader, he isn’t charismatic, but he is the only option available to us. So what can we do?

I would suggest a shift in emphasis away from the leaders themselves, towards the circumstances that led to their rise, and what our current situation tells us about our society and the position of politics and the leaders in the public imagination.

For example, Anthony Giddens argues in The Nation-State and Violence that the breakdown of parliamentary democracy and the rise of authoritarianism in the 1970s – combining with the emergence of neoliberal capitalism in the 1980s – created a situation in which all forms of legitimacy were found wanting. In this context, the apparatus of state-legitimation, based around parliaments and political parties, broke down and the legitimacy of the state was simply transferred to the leader of the main party. As this legitimisation process breaks down, so does the leader. There is still some truth in this, but I’d like to argue that a lot of this was the product of oil crises, inflation and a series of diplomatic blunders, rather than some inherent flaw in democracy. But at the same time, the proliferation of independent parties, the rise of lobby groups and NGOs, and the growth of the ultra-conservative media means that there is an ever-increasing “other” that contests the legitimacy of the state, and the political class.

We live in an age of disconnectedness, in which the traditional notion of the public sphere is eroding. This means that traditional, parliamentary politics is quite simply untenable; we are in a situation

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