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JFile System is as the name suggests a file system simulation developed in Java. This application will enable users to create file system, create partitions, folders inside the partitions and copy/paste files.


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JFile system is a Java simulation of the File System. With this application, one can emulate Windows file system in order to test, debug or create programs. It is a platform independent and allow for custom implementations of the file system. New file systems are being implemented at a high rate and for the time being, this application will simulates a simple extension of the Windows file system. New file systems can be included in the application by writing simple applications in Java.

How to install and run JFile System:

Step 1:

Download the latest version of JFile System.

Step 2:

Download JFile system_win32_eclipse_331.zip.

Step 3:

Copy JFileSystem_win32_eclipse_331.zip file in the same directory with JFile System application.

Step 4:

Open the file system.properties.

Step 5:

Click on the Next button.

Step 6:

Set file system options.

Step 7:

Click on Finish to close the file system window.

Step 8:

Double click on the EXE file JFile System.exe

Step 9:

Run the application.

Working of JFile System:

Let’s see how to create and work with the JFile System application.

Open the application and click on the New File System button.

Step 1: Select an application folder for which you need to create the File system.

Step 2: On the click of the Next button, give the name of the File system.

Step 3: Select the number of partitions for the file system.

Step 4: Select the type of file system.

Step 5: Select the number of bytes in the partition.

Step 6: Select the number of sub-directories and the number of files in the sub-directory.

Step 7: Select the number of files in the root directory.

Step 8: Select the number of bytes in the root directory.

Step 9: Set the Type of the file system.

Step 10: Select the Type of the file system.

Step 11: Select a device (Read/write) to use for file system data.

Step 12: Select a device (Read/write) to use for the actual file system data (the actual files and folders).

JFile System Activation X64 [Updated]

JFile System Crack is a simple java based file system program that helps to create, manage and manipulate any kind of file systems such as FAT32, NTFS, HFS+ and others. File systems can be created from scratch and partitioned. Once the partitioning is complete, the user can add folders, files and copy data between different partitions. The file system viewer enables user to explore all partitioned files and folders and create hard links to the folders if required. Special “Empty” folder is also added to the file system by default.
The JFile System also allows you to convert any file system into another. From.NTFS to.FAT32,.FAT and much more. You can also delete file systems without any hassle.
JFile System is a multiplatform system and is available for the Linux, Windows and Mac platforms. It uses JRE and latest JDK 1.4.2.
Official Website:
Download from

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JFile System Crack Full Version

JFile System is a file system implemented entirely in java. This application allows users to create file system, create partitions, folders inside the partitions and copy/paste files. Users can share files, folders and partitions by email and ftp. Users can also use this application as a regular file explorer.
JFile System Features:

Create file system by adding folders or files in file system.

Add partitions, folders and files in partition.

Add a new partition of size you specify.

Select a partition.

Select a file to copy.

Select a partition folder.

Select a file in the folder.

Copy the file.

Delete file or folder.

Rename file or folder.

Copy folders/files from one folder to another folder.

Move folder/file between two partitions.

Attach file, folder and partition and send to email.

Attach file, folder and partition to download or upload online.

Delete file/folder from a partition.

Create and delete file/folder in same partition.

Create a new file/folder from a different partition.

Delete a file from a partition.

Create a new partition with size you specify.

Create new partition with size that is equivalent to remaining space in the partition with size you specify.

Create new partition which contains the selected partition and all the files and folders in selected partition.

Create new partition of size specified which contains a folder of size that is equivalent to remaining space in partition with size specified.

Convert partitition from one size to another.

Convert file/folder size from one size to another size.

Copy a file/folder from one file/folder to another file/folder.

Copy a folder/file from one partition to another partition.

Share or share-copy files between two or more computers.

Adjust disk space.

View files in Windows.

View files in Linux and Mac.

Show you the size of folder or file.

View directory contents.

View file/folder details.

Search for files and folders.

Rename a file/folder.

Rename all files/folders with the same name.

Rename a file/folder in partition.

Resize a partition.

Join two partitions together.

Replace old file/folder with new

What’s New in the?

JFile System allows you to create a new file system. By using default settings, the default label will be used for every existing partition or drive. The simulation allows you to save the files to several different drives and partitions.
– Add, Delete, Rename file and folders
– Supports Explorer like context menus, double-click, drag and drop, etc
– Supports file encryption, compression and antivirus plugins
– Export and import data using SQL
– Supports add-ons
– Supports multiple languages
Please report bugs and feedbacks.
See attachment for JFileSystem screenshots and installation instructions.
[url removed, login to view]
Get the latest Java SDK here:
[url removed, login to view]

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System Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8
CPU: 2.2GHz
RAM: 512MB
HDD: 1.2GB
Internet Connection
Please read the installation instructions before installing or using the Emulator.
What’s new?
– The first version of the Emulator, based on Android v4.1.1.
– The installation guide is now translated into English and Spanish.
– Native Virtual Machine (QEMU) updated to the latest version (2.6.0).


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