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Shape mounds are everywhere, from traffic jams in the city to mountain ranges in the wild. In order to get to your goal, you have to get through them. Match, block and flip these mounds in 60 exciting levels. Shape Tisnart is not only about solving puzzles, but also about the experience of the game and what you get in return.
* 70 – Puzzle levels
* More than 40 Power-Ups
* Different game modes
* Beautifully designed graphics and music
* Earn achievements
* Addictive gameplay
* Unlock multi-currency bonus levels

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Touch & Control
This exciting game combines all the action and games of one of the best-selling match puzzle games, with the most accurate and realistic touch controls. Player 1’s thumb/index finger controls the ball. Player 2 controls all the obstacles and also the ball, by moving the matching ball with their thumb or index finger. The player is guided by the colored balls that have to be moved to match all balls in view.

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A charming story filled with yummy desserts, puzzles and colored balls. Pop bubbles, move candy blocks, collect stars, match balls and place your high score on the leaderboard.

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Fitness Goal
Stay healthy and fit for at least 10 days while collecting plenty of healthy recipes. The player has to start with a healthy template which has to be completed successfully with all levels in order to earn a level up.
The game is based on the Swiss Diet Plan, a scientific Swiss public health program which was developed by a scientific team. After more than twenty years of research and development, the program has become the most successful weight-loss program in the world.
After each level is completed the player’s template will be completed with the latest recipes. The player is able to challenge the daily 3.4 level challenges.

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One Finger, One Thumb
Combine your thumb and index finger to match and move these small colored balls into the holes. Your task is to fill in the board with colored balls in the shortest time possible. When a ball is dropped on the game board, the player has to quickly move his/her finger over the board, guiding the ball to the correct hole with just one finger. The further the ball is guided to the correct hole, the more points are earned.—
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Features Key:

  • A magnificent multiplayer action puzzle adventure game full of adorable primates.
  • Beautiful varied levels with photo realistic graphics and mind blowing audio effects.
  • Dynamic camera controls for a uniquely immersive experience.
  • Challenge the player to a puzzling combat and stealth game mode by avoiding the opponents while they are busy fighting you.
  • Visually stunning and highly addictive world famous Pixel Puzzles® make-a-puzzle game.
  • Collection of both primitive single-player levels and head-to-head multiplayer game modes for today’s social games enthusiasts.


Jigsaw Puzzle Pack – Pixel Puzzles Ultimate: Primates Crack Product Key Full X64

This is the pack you’ve been asking for! Two Screens
, Four Different Puzzles
, Over 50 Puzzles This pack contains all the items in the Jigsaw Puzzle Packs, plus: Awesome puzzles
, Choose between Screens of the following size: 4×4 • 4×6 • 6×6 • 6×8 • 8×8 • 10×10 • 12×12 • 16×16 • 20×20 This pack contains: Be a part of an adventure of survival, exploration and action in the mythical world of Madagascar.
Play as a young man called Lewis who received a letter of invitation to be part of an expedition to the exotic land of Madagascar. With his friend Sarah, he sets sail for the island and leaves civilization behind. Along with his mentor Elijah, they set out on a tough journey to explore the island. A journey that will take them to the gates of Hell to face the ultimate evil.
At the same time, hundreds of miles from the island, a monster is lurking, waiting and hungering for its next meal.
Can you survive your way through and discover the whole truth about the horrors that lay waiting for you on Madagascan’s shores? Only with your wits, your courage and your puzzle solving skills.
★ 4 Different Puzzles
★ Choose Between Screens of the Following Size
★ Friendly user interface and universal design.
★ 40+ Levels
★ All the Basics
★ Easy to access hints and tips.
★ No in-app purchases.
★ No annoying ads.
★ No subscription.
★ No root exploit.
★ Supports Mobile phones and tablets.
This Jigsaw Puzzle Pack – Pixel Puzzles Ultimate: Primates Cracked Accounts contains:
★ 7×7 • 8×8 • 9×9 • 12×12 • 14×14 • 16×16 • 20×20 • 16×24 • 24×24 • 30×30

“Puzzle” means the various puzzles, based on the picture of Primates.
Pixel Puzzles: Ultimate Primates – the game is about three friends and a gamekeeper who


Jigsaw Puzzle Pack – Pixel Puzzles Ultimate: Primates Crack + Activation

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