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Multiverse is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMO) of classic RPGs. The beautiful land of New Vella, divided into seven islands, is under attack by pernicious monsters, the monsters with their numerous companions. Now you must join the forces of four races: human, orc, goblin and dwarf. Each of these races have their own server that they can join, and the races can also fight each other. Multiverse is a standalone game with its own unique storyline. Each of the game’s storylines end in a unique and spectacular conclusion. New features include PvP battles and local LAN play, in addition to traditional MMO capabilities. What else can you expect from a massively multiplayer online game?
In Multiverse, you take on the role of a Warrior. A young and courageous Warrior, you must become an elite warrior, capable of defending New Vella from its enemies.
Key Features:
– A unique, standalone storyline.
– Classic RPGs MMO setting.
– Cut scenes, CGs and voiceovers.
– The UI is designed with retro games in mind.
– Equipped with unique skills to perform special attacks, summon powerful allies, and equip special gear.
– Battle against other players in PvP.
– Fight against bosses from the storylines on every island.Tatyana Chentsova

Tatyana Chentsova (born 1 November 1969 in Almaty, Kazakhstan) is a Kazakhstani taekwondo practitioner, who competed in the women’s welterweight category. She achieved a top eight finish in her first ever Olympics, as a member of the Kazakhstani taekwondo delegation, at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. Chentsova also trained throughout her career for the boxing club in Almaty, under her personal coach Yekaterina Vakulenko.

Chentsova qualified for the Kazakh squad in the women’s welterweight division (69 kg) at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. She lost her opening match 1–4 to Puerto Rican karateka Efrain Borrero in her first-ever Olympic bout. Chentsova also trained as a member of the taekwondo squad at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney.


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Journey For The Crown Features Key:

  • Game Description: Join the Barons in their war with the Holy King! Trade your training for mounts, and vie for control of the Barony!
  • Game Length: 9 turns
  • Game Players: 1
  • Languages Supported: English
  • Keyboard: Yes


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Journey for the Crown follows Captain Tyson’s quest to get back home to his home world. He made a promise to his friend Minato and the people of the planet Albina that he would return if he could. Along his journey he meets a few new faces including one of the planet’s 3 most powerful beings, a mysterious new enemy. It’s an epic space adventure, you must help Captain Tyson! We’ve created 3 NEW modes, endless (all the same gameplay but you don’t have a timer) easy (you keep the speed constant), chilled (you can choose the speed, don’t sweat over every tile) and expert (you also have a timer).

Recent changes in 2.0.5:

Fixed: You could get a game stuck if you ran into a floating block

Fixed: Scramble mode used two posts, one to move up and one to move down

Fixed: Crash when moving up in Scramble mode

Fixed: If you got the black screen for a long time when you lose connection, now it will return to Normal, easy, Chill and Expert gameplay

Fixed: Tutorial Crash in Expert mode

Fixed: Fixed a bug when you can’t make the right move with an engine on 4 tiles, now you can power up to 6 tiles

Fixed: Fixed a bug when the ship crashed to the bottom

Fixed: You can now retrieve the ship from the bottom of the bottom level

Fixed: You can now enter to play in the Random Game mode

Fixed: You can now use the expert move in specific tiles

Fixed: You can now use the “Press the R key to play” feature

Fixed: You can now use the “Advanced” option in Expert mode

Fixed: You can now use the “Revert to old design” option

Fixed: The tutorial Crash is now more clear when you start the game.

Known Issues:

Upcoming issues:

Fixed: The game could crash if you started it up late at night, we will try to fix this.

Updated the game in 2.0.5 – we are going to update the game again. If you have a problem with the new update, please let me know via email.

Hey, I’m Alain. I’m French, currently living in Geneva. I love video games and I spend a lot of time on this website to make sure you have all the best news


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Sneak, duel, shoot, hack, and blow stuff up in a massive open-world environment.
Enter multiple character classes, each with different play styles.
Escape from the city to an entire island, complete with cities and dungeons.
Build and farm your own guns and items.
Complete side missions to enhance your character’s abilities and discover powerful weapons, armor, and more.
Take down bosses and complete quests.
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2 languages: English, Russian
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Control: The king’s new empire, which the prince has not reached, have been rebuilt. Altea is forced to deal with its “Unwanted” characters. You are born as an exiled, an orphan. It does not matter that you are destined to become the king’s one true treasure. Your goal is to save his nation from the crumbling roads and empires. It will not be easy.
Open world city building
Spaceship generation
Massive and complex map
Games like Kite and Sand Blast are recommended.

Control: The kings new empire has been rebuilt. However Altea is forced to deal with its unwanted characters. You are born as an exiled, an orphan. It does not matter that you are destined to become the king’s one true treasure. Your goal is to save his nation from the crumbling roads and empires. It will not be easy.
Open world city building
Spaceship generation
Massive and complex map
Games like Kite and Sand Blast are recommended.


Xoft Art & Design

5,917 Views | Feb 2, 2018

Take the lead character out of the city and into a turn-based battle that takes place on a huge map.
You lead a team of three soldiers and fight in tactical 3D battles across a variety of locations. Every battle has its own set of skills, strategies, weapons and maps. Develop your heroes, assign them units and take your best strategy to the enemy!
Hero Quest is a strategic real-time RPG-shooter with three-dimensional battles, huge environment and plenty of items.
Key features:
Turn-based combat with tactical combat.
Army building and Unit management.
Manage heroes, equipment, and the entire battlefield.


What’s new:

: Andrew Lumsden on the Prime Minister’s four-day bus tour

It’s 4am. I am lying in an old farm bed in a tatty caravan park on the A286 outside Penzance. It’s been a long night, the brain is buzzing with excitement. For the past 24 hours I’ve been campaigning on the prime minister’s bus tour of Cornwall. He went yesterday; he’ll be here this morning. But I’m not going to see him; it’s all happening at the other end of a big caravan park called The Nags Head, and I’m so close I can feel its static power.

The Nags Head is one of the few surviving reminders of a good old Cornwall of green fields and farms, huge and old-fashioned restaurants, and outdoor shows in the summer. Up behind the caravan park, in a series of vast fields, is my work base. It’s a beautiful old building, called The Nags Head Institute. I worked there for 25 years, helping people who had been labelled “mad” on a series of government schemes known as the Retained Persons Pack. Over the years the team of doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists, counsellors and psychiatrists did their best to help. All our cases had been considered a loss to society. At the end of it all, the government paid us to find a few found work for a bit of help. Those deemed permanently low-functioning were given a subsidised flat somewhere.

The Liberal Democrat party was, I think, the first to notice that something is not quite right with the way our society is handling individuals with mental health problems. We just get people like Michael Oakden, then we get people like Toby Young, and then there’s Matt Hancock in the cabinet. Occasionally, the likes of David Cameron and I find common ground in a policy direction, but we’re never going to find it if everyone keeps telling us we’re not responsible enough.

But I digress. Like all campaigns, there was an easy part. It’s a celebrity tour, after all. They have blue names on the side, showing that they have been in every shop window for decades. We have got to work hard to get the PM’s eye. We used to say in advertising that you can’t piss about with the eyes. It


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    Journey for the Crown Free Download Full

    Journey for the Crown is a ball rolling game. You will guide it around dangerous terrain and collect food items. The balls roll at different speeds and depending on time constraints, your path will determine the order in which you can collect the balls.


    System Requirements For Journey For The Crown:

    – An Intel® Core™ i3-2100, i5-2500, i5-4590, or equivalent processor is required to install and run the game.
    – NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 970 or equivalent graphics card required to install and run the game.
    – A system with at least 3GB of RAM is recommended.
    – A system with at least 8GB of free disk space is required for install and save game storage.
    – An internet connection is required to download updates and in-game content, unless those updates are made available


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