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KBOX appliance is the next generation systems management appliance that enables IT organizations to quickly deploy a web-based system management platform, KBOX. Deployed in a day or two, a KBOX provides all of the features an IT executive needs to support all types of networks and workloads. Because the KBOX is a virtual appliance, there are no dedicated hardware requirements and no professional services fees. All of the hardware and software that is required to run the KBOX is included on the KBOX itself. And all services are fully managed by the KBOX itself from an ISV-supplied repository of ready-to-use applications. IT Pros can deploy an efficient system management solution in a day or two, helping to ensure faster time to value for their organization.
KBOX virtual appliances are “state-of-the-art” and “fully operational” in only minutes and all services are online and operational within three minutes.
Why Choose KBOX:
With KBOX, a non-IT person can quickly get up and running to manage their entire IT infrastructure. Your IT department is not in the position to design, develop, or provide technical support. The KBOX is pre-configured and pre-installed providing the tools to quickly implement and scale. You simply choose the service(s) you wish to provide and wait to see what your users want. From there, it’s just a matter of setting parameters and clicking the button to have KBOX automatically deploy the desired application or applications.
KBOX can be quickly deployed in as little as one day.
Once deployed, KBOX can be managed from anywhere using a browser based interface. No more downloading and installing utilities. No more updating. No more technical staff. No more IT resources. And KBOX’s web-like interface gives you access to every detail of your infrastructure and the applications installed. The KBOX has a set of simple but powerful tools that enable you to:
View information about all services, settings, and the current status of your computer infrastructure
Create customized views of all services, settings, and the current status of your computer infrastructure
View and manage a complete catalog of third-party applications in a snapshot
Define any combination of applications that you want available to any user, on any computer
Create a custom view of any combination of applications and take snapshot
Use the KBOX to quickly deploy fully-functional KBOX appliances to your users
KBOX allows you to start your own Virtual Appliance program, right now.

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KBOX system management appliances are designed to control entire computer infrastructures, including operating systems, applications, and hardware, from a single location. They are ideal for PC and server management, delivering multiple tasks such as application deployments, software upgrades, software maintenance, asset management, back-up, and recovery. Similar to traditional computer management software, KBOX appliances are virtual appliances, which eliminates the need for dedicated hardware and dedicated service contracts.Charmaneia

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KBOX System Management Appliance Serial Key Download [Mac/Win]

KBOX systems management appliance makes efficient computer and server management a reality by providing a low cost alternative to computer management software using an appliance-based architecture. Simply install KBOX System Management Appliance, give it an IP address and you can start managing all of your desktops and servers. Unlike traditional computer management software, KBOX appliances typically deploy in one day. And because the KBOX is a virtual appliance, there are no dedicated hardware prerequisites, no professional service fees and no hidden costs. It’s all in the appliance!From its simple plug and play architecture which virtually eliminates installation and maintenance, to its familiar web-like tabbed interface, KBOX is sure to transform your systems management generalist into a systems management guru, not in months or years, but days and weeks. And KBOX appliances can be instantly and completely backed up and recovered allowing fault-proof maintenance and ease of support. From initial OS Deployment to software and hardware inventory and distribution, asset management, patch management, security compliance, help desk management and more, KBOX does it all.

What is new in this release:

This is an initial release. The KBOX system management appliance is a mature technology which extends NetIQ KACE’s desktop management capabilities to servers and workstations. We welcome your feedback and suggestions to improve the functionality of this system management appliance.

System requirements:

Windows 10 or Server 2012 or newer versions of the Windows operating systems.

System requirements:

Windows 10 or Server 2012 or newer versions of the Windows operating systems.

User reviews

From the initial review of NetIQ KBOX, the first impression is that its has comparable functionality to the QRadar.com NAC & Management appliance. The biggest difference that I saw is the NetIQ KBOX software has a very Web-Like UI. And it was rather straightforward to implement it into my environment. The main product that sets it apart is its ability to manage all of my Servers, and Devices running Windows 10. Most Linux vendors cannot support Windows of any kind on their platforms.

Is it possible to export your data for automated upload to our server? I mean something like the ability to do a screen capture and upload to a webhook.

However, if we could establish a way of allowing our end users to download their own backup data in a format we would be very happy to process it. For example, if we could allow the option to download a zip file of the contents of the Server

What’s New in the KBOX System Management Appliance?

KBOX System Management Appliance is a virtual appliance for complete systems management of desktops and servers using your existing KBOX Remote Management Appliance. The KBOX System Management Appliance is designed to simplify the management and control of Windows desktop and server systems and will work with any Windows host.
Product URL:


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