Key Bin Wii [VERIFIED]

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Key Bin Wii


How to get Wii common key? I don’t have a backup, does anyone know a program that can extract the common key from a nand dump? Does anyhow know what the file is called?
How can I get the common key? The files I have are all in NAND.bin format and I’d like to extract the key if possible (the image of the key is 24 alphanumeric characters long and I can’t use a string brute-force on a set of letters, like i did before, without a large range of possibilities)
Oct 22, 2010
If you have the latest version of UltraWinHex, you can extract the Wii’s keys from a WiiNAND dump.
Oct 7, 2010
Having 64 spare bytes, I would need a random string generator in C and then chop off the first 24 bytes, which I assume contains the password.
Dec 3, 2016
I don’t have a Wii. I just want to extract the keys.bin from a.bin file, how could I do this? I already have the nand.bin.
May 24, 2018
How to get the Common Key (wii:master_key)? I have a.bin file of my Wii. I know how to get Nintendo 3DS’s Common key (or save another.bin file of my Nintendo 3DS)… but how can I get this Wii’s key?
Jun 6, 2017
Try renaming the.bin file to the same name as the nand.bin.
Dec 8, 2017
I mean what ever you want to name it, as long as it’s called.bin 🙂
Mar 27, 2018
I would imagine it’s just a multi-byte hex string, of the same length as the password it’s a derivative of. And it was probably written into the nand.bin during the USB protocol handshake.
If the Wii has no region setting (ie: its clock is not ticking forward) the title screen will remain on the screen. The only way to get the title screen to close is to input the “Activate Console” code by holding down the “Start” button.
How to get Wii Common Key? I have only WiiWare, NAND.bin and Keys.bin.
Nov 28, 2010
Tried to run the decrypt utility (GitHub) but it does not work with Keys.bin.
Nov 29, 2010
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