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Google Map Marker of many places

I have a problem using Google Map API v2.
I have 40 markers on my map and I use the method in this example:

And the problem is that when I type a word in the text box, I get all the markers that contain that word.
How can I display all the results of a search?
Any solution?


If you know all the locations you want to search, you can use the Google Places API.
If you don’t want to use this API, you could replace the words in the suggestions returned by the Places API by building your own array, and split it by commas.
If you need help with the full Places API, you can check the documentation.


Your username and password for these discussion boards are unique to the forums. Your forum login information is separate from your My Adventure Cycling login information, and your login info for the Cyclosource online store. You will need to create a separate login for each of these. However, you are not obliged to use the same account for all three. You can also skip the login process by clicking the “Post without logging in” option.

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*** UPDATE ***

There is now a link to my site on this site, mostly so I don’t have to keep leaving links for it on the forum. You can click on the link below to link directly to the “Cyclo Map”

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