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◆ A variety of “sweet power ups” are available.“maki-shake”
If an egg is placed on your hand, and you shake it, you will obtain “maki-shake”. Maki-shake increases durability by 10%.
You can use “maki-shake” to attack or solve puzzles.
◆ “Only Eggs”
As the game progresses, you will find that there are only eggs left.You can use “only eggs” in order to solve a variety of puzzles.“Only eggs” increases the chance of obtaining “maki-shake”.
You will find that the “maki-shake” that you have obtained is quite powerful.
◆ “Brain”
If an egg moves toward a “brain”, the egg will be immediately destroyed.
You can solve various puzzles with “brain”. You can also use “brain” against enemies.
◆ “Spots”
You can obtain “spots” when an egg reaches its max durability or “brain” is destroyed. You can place “spots” in order to acquire various equipment and use them during battles.
◆ Horizontal Action:
Seek for a way to the next stage.
◆ Vertical Action:
Run as fast as you can and avoid enemies.
◆ One to One Action:
Hit an enemy with the egg until the durability decreases to zero.
◆ Exploration:
Go through landscapes which are different from each other.
◆ Epic battles:
You will fight against super eggs, mysterious insects, monsters and bosses.
◆ “5×5” Social Action:
You can play with up to 5 eggs.
◆ “1vs1” Survival Action:
You can play with 1 egg against other agents.
◆ “Nintendo Theme”:
Let’s enjoy some awesome action using NINTENDO character.
This game uses the rendering engine developed by Unity and the asset developed by the Unity3D team.
The animation is done in unity with the involvement of the artworks of Megahouse.
The music is sung by Hitomi.
Keep jumping, become eggs, keep catching the pan, and keep getting stronger.
* How to pay?


LOST EGG Features Key:

  • Viewable any where, just one time, just one call!
  • Easy to install and run NOW GAMES need only download the game file and install it on a computer to run.
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    LOST EGG Crack + Free License Key For Windows

    The first in low-priced series of Kimidorisoft!
    Frying pans are run by gamers on the scene, and a fate called “fried eggs” was begun.
    In the high-definition era, an adventurer enters a frying pan rolling on the scene and fights over a frying pan, and the world he explores with his life.
    Bold adventure with the coexistence of a simple-hearted and cute adventure.
    Game features:
    Story start to the end is fixed.
    A nest egg hidden somewhere on the stage.
    Use a frying pan while making full use of movements and jumps.
    Combine intermission and growth system.
    Since raw eggs are fragile, the higher you play, the more difficult it will become to clear. Defeat the enemy eggs, and cook them. You will be fascinated by the endurance and dependable eggs.
    New! 10th Anniversary video “The fifteenth Egg”
    While playing game LOST EGG, LOST EGG performed in the 15th anniversary and is the first digital game of Kimidorisoft!
    Drink coffee and look at the 15th anniversary video.
    We take you to the game’s production 15 years!
    Developed by Kimidori Studio
    Platform: Android
    Release date: Jun 13, 2015
    Product price: 109 yen (taxed in)
    Contents: Game / Data
    Rating: Everyone 15+
    WARNING: Short story and description.
    LOST EGG: Game of EGG

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    Previous Ytterbium(Kimidori Studio’s twitter) :
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    What’s new in LOST EGG:


    LOST EGG RAY HEADZ!!! heres what happened when my egg ray headz wand picked up a message from an unexpected source:

    lost egg ray headz! ive been waiting for this day for what feels like a lifetime!!!!

    it’s time to blow up the hangout! if im feeling alone, ill vistaste the hangout. if i feel overshared, ill vistaste the hangout. if im feeling catty, ill vistaste the hangout…there’s just something about a stranger’s smile that’s enough to make me happy.

    Rainbow Apple Darling…You need to start going into the hangout a lot so you get famous like me! Well, but I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Have you ever heard them say that they see the kids and don’t care because they are on drugs? Really Zeths don’t look anything like you…

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    Oh the MEGA-major queen rider is a SUPER-mega-kool-flash queen! Ohmigawds, im a pinching-my-ear-to-hear-the-caper-coming-out-of-a-stranger kind of queen. Just want to give the way kool kult kingz-pop queen the big kiss on the cheek and at the same time say, “hey, darlin, im a pinching-my-ear-to-hear-the-caper-coming-out-of-a-stranger kind of queen, too.”

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    How To Crack LOST EGG:

  • 2. Run Setup.exe.
  • When completed, Run LOSEGG.exe.
  • Have your online banking details ready.
  • Call your bank asking to setup an account.
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  • Verify your bank account.
  • Congratulations you can now download LOST EGG and play it on your device
  • Enjoy!!!
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    System Requirements For LOST EGG:

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