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There are plenty of opportunities for you if you ever take up learning how to code. More so, working in consoles using command lines can give you a wider range of tools and possibilities to enhance your PC browsing experience to be just the way you want it.
However, most consoles are rather unwelcoming from a visual point of view, which can deter younger or inexperienced users from trying to use them.
That is precisely what Lovely Tiny Console tries to avoid, as it is a powerful graphical shell of the console that features an ergonomic and functional interface.
A beginner's version of a console
One of the biggest problems users face when dealing with consoles and their commands is remembering what the controls were, and what exactly each of them did.
This is one of the advantages of using Lovely Tiny Console since it can remember commands and gives the ability to work with console input and output with the mouse.
Customize the console to look just the way you want it to
Unlike the Windows OS' default console that looks all retro and unappealing, Lovely Tiny Console remembers size and position of the window and allows customization of the color of the window, font and background, font family and size amount of commands to be remembered.
This means that you can customize the entire command lines to look distinctly, thus helping you memorize them faster.
Another neat feature is that it can remember the top 10 most commonly used command and bind them to your keyboard, thus ensuring you can write entire strings with just a key press.
An excellent console app to get started with
With its customizable interface and welcoming features, Lovely Tiny Console establishes itself as a great choice for those that want to train in using their command console to get more results from their PC.

small console table with drop leaf writing desk and drawers







Lovely Tiny Console Crack+ Free Download

– The most powerful and functional console for windows
– Allows you to mount, unmount and format drives, view volume information, create folders, copy files,
and view or change the permissions of files and folders.
– Allows you to modify the registry, change values, edit and create files.
– Provides a command line window in a separate window so you can have them both at once
(PC only).
– Command completion. (PC only)
– Configurable background colors, fonts, and sizes.
– Remembers shortcuts and commands. (PC only)
– Editor allowing unlimited edits and writes.
– Can load images from file and paste them to the editor. (PC only)
– Can cut and paste shell-extended objects. (PC only)
– Can display images as objects, drawing directly on the window. (PC only)
– Can display devices and partitions and more.
– Can manipulate input, output and devices.
– Supports loading a language by command.
– Can create and edit configuration files.
– Supports many encryption algorithms.
– Can create working and non working directories.
– Works with the registry.
– Supports hot keys, storing commands, folder and drive listing.
– Supports many languages.
– Multiple command line windows and one shared command line. (PC only)
– Supports interactive, command, wizard and edit mode.
– Supports multiple file operations.
– Supports command history.
– Supports adding commands to sub commands.
– Supports running multiple commands and loops.
– Can create spread sheets, tables, audio and video clips.
– Supports multiple project and version management.
– Supports and can read menu extensions (for PCs). (PC only)
– Supports multitasking.
– Supports drag and drop. (PC only)
– Supports the command line screen, command history and auto complete.
– Supports multiple monitors and works with different resolutions.
– Supports loops.
– Supports animated wallpaper. (PC only)
– Supports hot keys.
– Supports open and memory management.
– Supports multi-user, system and secure mode.
– Supports multi-page, loading from files and other commands.
– Supports transparent background (PC only)
– Supports command hot keys.
– Supports commands, window positioning, window size and background.
– Supports the command line window: command history, auto completion, and editing.
– Supports the command prompt:

Lovely Tiny Console Crack+ Download [Win/Mac] (2022)

# Generates console with default values
Lovely Tiny Console is a command line generation utility that can generate basic console (using console output generation mode) with current window size and position. It can generate a console window of up to 2 lines with any of the default consoles provided with the tool.
# Generates console without displaying prompt
Lovely Tiny Console can generate console (using console output generation mode) with current window size and position without showing a prompt window. In this mode, pressing any key can generate a console with the text of the last command executed.
# Generates multiple consoles
Lovely Tiny Console can generate multiple consoles at the same time (using console multicon mode). This means you can have multiple consoles with different sizes and positions.
# Generates multiple consoles using predefined sizes
Lovely Tiny Console can generate multiple consoles at the same time (using console multicon mode). In this mode you can set different sizes and positions for each console, one being the default console size and position.
# Generates console with text
In this mode, after generation the console window with current size and position, press any key to display the last command executed as text in console. When no command is executed, the window is empty.
# Generates console with window name
In this mode, after generation the console window with current size and position, you can write a name for it. When you close it, it remains empty.
# Generates console without any input/output
In this mode, if no windows (with titles) are generated, your current text will be the first one in a console.
# Generates console with prompt input
In this mode, you can write and execute a function for prompt input and/or output. The function can receive and return text as the only parameter.
# Generates console with prompt output
In this mode, you can write and execute a function that will output the current screen as a string.
# Generates a console with any size
In this mode, you can generate console of any size by setting the value of line_height in config.yaml.
# Generates a console without any prompt
In this mode, you can generate console without any prompt (by setting prompt_mode in config.yaml to ‘none’).
# Generates a console with any number of lines
In this mode, you can generate console with the number of lines you set in config.yaml.
# Generates a console

Lovely Tiny Console Download

✔ Categorize commands depending on the jobs they do.
✔ Remember the latest inputs/outputs in the command line history
✔ Binds commands to keyboard shortcuts.
✔ Remembers the most commonly used commands.
✔ Configurable size, color, font and background.
✔ Excellent user interface.
✔ Support i3, i3wm and xmonad window managers.
✔ Free and open-source.
✔ Uses a small amount of RAM and CPU.
✔ It is pre-configured to be compatible with popular graphical shells like i3, i3wm and xmonad.
✔ Not just for console users.
✔ Runs on any Linux distribution.

How to install Lovely Tiny Console (LTC) in Ubuntu and other Linux Systems

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1.Install GTK3 libraries and dependencies

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install libgtk-3-bin

sudo apt-get install libnotify-bin

sudo apt-get install libnotify4

Install necessary dependencies

sudo apt-get install libcanberra-gtk3-module

sudo apt-get install gtk-3-tools

2.Install dependencies for LTC

sudo apt-get install build-essential

sudo apt-get install libglib2.0-0

sudo apt-get install libcanberra0

sudo apt-get install libpulse0

sudo apt-get install libdbus-1-dev

sudo apt-get install libdbus-glib-1-dev

sudo apt-get install libc6

sudo apt-get install libc-bin

3.Download LTC


tar -zxvf lite-tiny-console-1.3.tar.gz

ln -s lite-tiny-console-1.3/




What’s New In?

Customize the console to look just the way you want it


A beginner’s version of a console


A functional and ergonomic interface


An easy to use app for console beginners

1.2.2 (p.2)


Customize the console to look just the way you want it

A console that functions like a shell

Lovely Tiny Console is a free, easy to use console application, which will allow you to customize the appearance of the console to help you better remember the commands and is an awesome tool to learn the command lines.
With only a few simple commands and a few mouse clicks, you can change almost anything about the console.
Keyboard shortcuts
Just use the keyboard and mouse to navigate the applications.

Customize the console to look just the way you want it

An easy to use app for console beginners

Control the entire operation of the console and browser with just a single mouseclick.

Lovely Tiny Console Description:

Customize the console to look just the way you want it


A console that functions like a shell


What’s New in version 1.1.1

In this version, we have added the ability for users to save their most commonly used commands and bind them to the keyboard. This means that if you don’t want to take up space on your keyboard with your often used commands, you can just bind them to your favorite key.

We also included an option to hide the status bar or the exit/close button of the window from the right-click context menu.

The bottom panel has also been changed to use a sliding bar that only stays open when the mouse is over it.



List of improvements:


With version 1.1.2, we have improved the usability and stability of the app.

The status bar now has a longer animation time and the window size is now remembered and applied when you exit and restart the application.

The minimize window cursor and target are now remembered and applied when you exit and restart the app.


Version 1.1.3

Fixes for the following issues:

* The mouse cursor is

System Requirements:

• Windows 7, 8, or 10 • Windows Media Center 2013 or higher • USB device • DVD-Video disk drive
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