Malta’s Top 10

If you’ve ever wandered around Malta wondering what bird is making that haunting summer call or what species of lizard just ran over your beach towel, this is the book for you. Malta’s Top 10 is a handy guide to the creatures that you’re most likely to see in the Maltese Islands as well as the cryptic plants and animals that are harder to spot but have interesting secrets to reveal.

We’ll tell you where to go to see special species such the Spider Orchid, the Western Whip Snake or the Algerian Hedgehog. We can even help you track down the Mediterranean Chameleon, as it changes colour to blend into the branches, or the Sea Goddess, floating just a snorkel trip away.

The Maltese archipelago sits at a migratory crossroads between Europe and Africa; as a result, it has some of the best bird-watching in Europe. No matter what the season, you’ll be able to spot something interesting in the skies, from the resplendent Blue Rock Thrush, Malta’s National Bird, to Honey Buzzards and European Bee-eaters passing through on their way to and from their breeding grounds.

We’ll also walk you through the habitats that these species thrive in and introduce some of the fantastic wild spaces in the Islands. Our wildlife trip will take you from the wind-blown cliffs at Majjistral Nature and History Park to the shady groves of Buskett Gardens and the wetlands of Is-Simar and L-Għadira Nature Reserves, past the peaceful island of Comino, and on to Ta Ċenċ and Dwejra in Gozo.

The book is designed for residents and visitors alike to discover something new about Malta. These islands might be small, but they punch above their weight when it comes to wildlife.

The book is in the shops island wide right now! Here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect.