Mujer Multiorgasmica Mantak Chia.pdfbfdcm

Mujer Multiorgasmica Mantak Chia.pdfbfdcm


Mujer Multiorgasmica Mantak Chia.pdfbfdcm

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Mujer Multiorgasmica Mantak Chia.pdfbfdcm · download software for windows 7 pc VITAPP (Pharmacist and Health Information Management.

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Global variable not being deleted in dispatch_async blocks

I am having a small issue, probably something I am doing wrong but cannot find out what is happening.
I set a global variable on viewDidLoad and I want to access and clear it at a later point in code.
On viewWillDisappear I clear the variable, but when I try and access the variable after going back to a view where the variable was set on viewDidLoad it is still there.
View controller lifecycle
// Any global variables need to be here
globalVariable = 30

globalVariable = 40

dispatch_async(dispatch_get_main_queue(), {
var test = globalVariable

back to the view controller that cleared the variable on viewWillDisappear
dispatch_async(dispatch_get_main_queue(), {
var test = globalVariable

In the view controller that called the viewWillDisappear method, the value is still displaying as 40
I have also tried setting the variable directly inside the viewWillDisappear method but the same issue is happening.
Can anyone help as I am having a hard time figuring this out, I have been searching high and low but have found nothing.
I forgot to state that the global variable is the last thing I loaded in viewDidLoad, the rest of the data is loaded in viewWillAppear


So I managed to figure it out.
It seems to do with any variable that has been loaded in viewDidLoad loading into the same thread/queue as viewWillAppear, in my case that was the global variable so globalVariable never got cleared until after viewWillAppear
Thanks for the help everyone

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