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Multiple choice examination is an essential part of medical school education and assessment of the performance of medical students. In this study, we explored the contextual factors that influence performance in multiple choice examination. We collected students’ responses to 89 multiple-choice examination questions from 2010 and 2015, in order to analyze the effect of the context, the question type, the examinee characteristics and the time on examination on the performance in multiple choice examination. To test the main hypothesis of the present study, we analyzed the effect of the context on the performance in multiple choice examination. The majority of the examinees rated all the contextual factors, except for the examiner’s attitude, as having an influence on their performance in multiple-choice examination. The time factor was one of the most significant contextual factors influencing the performance in multiple choice examination. It was also the most powerful predictor of the examinee performance in the examination. The strength of this study was its data analysis methodology using the panel logit model. We identified which of the contextual factors, including the time, had the greatest influence on the performance in multiple-choice examination. This study indicated that it is essential to provide adequate time for studying and to clarify questions with regard to examinees’ knowledge and understanding in order to achieve best performance in multiple-choice examinations.(3) When the two houses of the legislature cannot agree upon


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