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Nik Software Collection Torrent


The complete Nik Software Collection. A standalone software version of the Installer.
HDR Efex Pro
Nik Software HDR Efex Pro gives you more creative control to blend dynamic-range photos with virtually any HDR file.
Nik Software Efex Pro
Accurately reproduce skin tones and colors as they appear in nature, precisely where they should be, all for a fraction of the cost of other tools.
Nik Software .
HDR Lightroom Presets
HDR Lightroom Presets bring dramatic color, tonal and contrast to your photos.
Exposure correction for Adobe Lightroom
Nik Software Exposure Pro
With Nikon Exposure Pro, you can transform and retouch your images quickly and easily.
Nik Software Krita
Krita is a tool for all the things Photoshop can do.
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
Photoshop Lightroom is a fully integrated image-management and development platform for photographers and photo-based enterprises.
Nik Software NIKKOR lens correction
No-LED Lightroom plugins
NIKKOR Lens Correction is the ultimate tool for correcting your lens and creating the results you desire.
No-LED Lens correction plugins in Lightroom.
Nik Software Plugins + Updates FREE
Nik Software Plugins + Updates is an upgrade to the classic Nik Plugins collection.
Users receive not only the improvements to the software but also updates from the entire Nik team.
Ghosting corrected
Ghosting correction built into Nik Software Plugins + Updates.
Monochrome mode built into Nik Software Plugins + Updates.
Nik Software Plugins + Updates
With Plugins + Updates, you receive both NIK Plugins upgrades and NIK Software updates.
Nik Software Plugins + Updates User Manual
A user manual for the new version of NIK Plugins + Updates.
Nik Software Unity 6.1
Unity is a simple yet versatile creative application.
Nik Software NikView Pro
Nik Software NikView Pro lets you view and review your photos in any way you want.
Nik Software NikTech Photo Tools
A new collection of software tools from the team.
Nik Software Nik Silver Efex Pro 2.3
Silver Efex Pro 2.3 is the most advanced black-and-white photo software you’ll ever .
Nik Software Photoshop Plug-ins
With Photoshop Plug-ins, you can easily correct lens and subject blur, crop, adjust white balance, dodge and burn, adjust shadows, sharpen, and much


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