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“The Pacific Storm Combat Supplement (Pacific Storm), last year was a wargame and a campaign which was only playable in 2016 as it used a variety of different technologies and scenarios which were not currently available anywhere else. Now it is summer of 2017 and the game is not only completely playable, it has developed into something which rivals the quality of games I spent years of my life playing when I was first getting into wargames.”
8.5/10 –
What is a Pacific Storm:
Pacific Storm is a premium pen and paper combat game which offers gamers many options to create different campaigns to focus on different areas of the Pacific theatre during World War 2. Pacific Storm is a game where players choose what kind of campaign they want to play; Free Play, Campaigns, Battles, Casual Play, Skirmishes, Lessons, or Skirmishes with rules. When played in Campaign or Free Play, players will sit down and play through the entire campaign from start to finish with a brand new campaign each time they play a game. The campaign is normally around 4-6 hours. Players will pick what part of the Pacific they want to play in and then go through all of the different campaigns leading up to the final scenario which will be at D-Day on 6 June 1944.
Pacific Storm has an in-depth rules system which players can use to create campaigns using the rules for the battles and campaigns which they play. Each campaign contains enough info to create a true campaign which is can be played again or use as a tutorial. Players will be faced with various missions and challenges during their campaign which will provide plenty of factors for the players to use to their advantage as they fight for victory. There are a few things which are unique to Pacific Storm, the biggest of which is an in-depth stats system which measures everything in a way not seen in any other war game. Another feature is the ability to use the different tech systems which are used by the Japanese, Germans and Americans to create a campaign where the different abilities and flaws of each side are taken into consideration.
Pacific Storm uses a combination of battle units and command units. Command units are the main focus of the Pacific Storm Combat Supplement and are the units that allow you to select which battles you want to play and what to do during a battle. These will normally include the Combat Mission team along with some other units such as Tank & Aircraft, Artillery, Supply and Medical. Each team will be made up of units, battles and various objectives. Each


Pacific Storm Features Key:

  • Unlimited clouds and storm!
  • Multiple weather effects!
  • Animated weather effects!
  • Unique and fair weather conditions!
  • Optimized for mobile devices!
  • Great graphics with high resolution!
  • 3D environment under water!
  • Very high precision of the lightning!
  • Crossplay between PC and mobile devices!
  • No ads!
  • Addictive gameplay!
  • Extended content!
  • Achievements and leaderboards!
  • The game is free to play, so why have an IAP?

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What’s new in version 7.5:

  • General gameplay improvement.
  • Visual improvement.
  • Improvements in the weather effect system.
  • Other than that, the game is the same as before.


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In the summer of 2014, the Chinese Navy deployed a swarm of nuclear-powered submarines equipped with cruise missiles, torpedo bombers and anti-ship ballistic missiles in waters off the coast of South Korea, threatening a potential war between the two countries. The U.S. military later scrambled F-22 stealth fighters to intercept the Chinese warships.
You are the commander of these fighters and you must win the war.
Players have an overall command of the game and can use their fleet to destroy Chinese squadrons, push back Chinese subs, or neutralize enemy bases. As players progress, they unlock new aircraft, such as the B-2 stealth bombers.
Striking timing and a great storyline in Pacific Storm will keep you glued to the game for hours on end.

Pacific Storm [buy] Features:
• Choose one of three campaigns and play through them to unlock different equipment, weapons and upgrades.
• Drop in and out of combat throughout the game.
• Read the in-game manual and get familiar with the rules before play.
• Customize the fleet to fit your play style.

Pacific Storm [download] Instruction

Pacific Storm [download] Trailer

Game Features:
+ Choose one of three different single player campaigns and complete your mission.
+ Choose your strike aircraft, have it refueled and upgrade as you play.
+ Use radar and target tracking, as well as the search function for sea and air missions.
+ Manage your squadrons, coordinate with them in real time and eliminate enemy forces.
+ Manage your entire fleet at a strategic level, manage your shields and weapons, forward deploy and then manage your squadrons.
+ You can select a group of squadrons to destroy enemy bases and ships.
+ Use the terrain to your advantage, use the clouds to hide and the seas to launch your attack.
+ Each mission will present you with a challenging mission and different operations.
+ After every mission you can examine your results in real time and set them as check points.
+ Kill X amount of enemies and win the battles as you unlock new missions and resources.
+ Enjoy detailed maps, radar and target tracking, detailed reports and more.
+ You can unlock new aircraft by performing specific mission achievements.
+ You can then upgrade them from a garage and access new weapons and equipment.

Pacific Storm [purchase] download OS:
Windows XP or later

Pacific Storm [free download] Requirements:
• Internet


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In a way, Armada has no real concept of time – the game starts when it starts, and doesn’t wait for the fleets to get into a state where the fleets are worth launching. And with the right to spend for upkeep that comes as a result of winning the game, you are often better off spending a bit of upkeep and waiting a few turns for the other side to move first. This ensures the entire game is a giant, fast-paced dice-churning exercise, because you never know which side might take the initiative. It also means that the game will go on for a very long time.

As such, the game will have every variety of strategic considerations – some games will be a lot of fun, others will be a battle of attrition, others will see players trying to sweep all over the table before the next turn, and still others will see players trying to crowd the table so the other side can’t move. It’s such a unique game that really needs to be played to be understood, but even without seeing how it plays, I can say that you can’t beat it.

Why is this not higher? Well, it really isn’t. The balance of the fleets and their rules for activation are very interesting, and Pacific Storm makes good use of these, but to have the system really work you need to balance the fleet balance – either by using a fixed starting fleet or by using them as mini-events that occur over the course of the game. The first gives fleets time to set up the deployment, while the second creates a really interesting – and ongoing – problem of fleet upkeep.

The only other issue I had with the balance of Pacific Storm is the same one that I have with Armada and all its stand-in missions: in Pacific Storm, I always end up finding that I can out-maintain the other side, even when I start the game with a 50:50 fleet balance. If this is going to be a problem – and in the case of Pacific Storm, it’s not – then there needs to be a way to balance the fleets. The tech scores and attacks are good, but that’s really about it, and the fleet’s balance tends to decide the outcome – if you get out-maintained, the game ends up being a random string of fleets, where you either fight a ship or you don’t, but because the tech scores are limited, you’ll end up spending the rest of the game trying to get the tech you want


What’s new:

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