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Photoshop 2020 (version 21) Crack + Free Download

Photoshop is a powerful graphics editing tool, but it doesn’t excel at photo manipulation. If you want to manipulate an image without killing it with destructive tools, it’s better to use one of the programs covered in the later sections of this chapter.

Because Photoshop is so popular, its features and functions are constantly being updated. An inexpensive new version is released about once every year, and the updates are available free to all owners of the previous version.

The following sections offer a tour of the Photoshop workspace.


Like other Adobe applications, Photoshop is a workspace with two panes; one that displays the image and one that displays the application’s tools.

In the following steps, you open Photoshop and explore the workspace:

1. **Launch Photoshop from your Applications folder on the Dock**.

The Photoshop workspace appears, as shown in Figure 1-1.

Figure 1-1: The Photoshop workspace shows the image you’re working on and the tools you’re using.

On the left side of the workspace is the image window, which holds your image when you work on it. On the right side is the tools bar, where the tools are displayed as icons. At the bottom are the workspace’s default tools, such as the zoom tool (Z) and eraser (E), and your menus.

2. **Adjust the workspace**.

To make the workspace more usable, you should adjust the workspace’s toolbars, workspace area, and document window.

To manipulate the workspace, you can use any of the following commands. Choose from one or more options to perform a specific task, as shown in Table 1-1. (For general help in using Photoshop, read Appendix A.)

Table 1-1 Manipulating the Workspace

**Action** | **Command** | **Result**

— | — | —

Move or resize a tool | F or Ctrl+] (Windows) or ⌘-[ (Mac) | Makes a tool move or change its size

Move or resize your image | Ctl+] (Windows) or ⌘-[ (Mac) | Makes the image move or change its size

Zoom in (or out) | [ (Windows) or ] (Mac) or Zoom (Keyboard shortcut) | Enlarges (or decreases) the image

Fit the canvas size | Ctl+

Photoshop 2020 (version 21)

Photoshop CC is a professional image-editing package that includes many of the tools, filters, and options found in Photoshop. It also contains advanced features, such as content-aware scaling, image-linking, and vector assets.

Even though it’s not a full version of Photoshop, there are some well-known photo editing tools built in that you should definitely be familiar with.

Why? Because to create a realistic effect in Photoshop, you need to understand the different layers and Photoshop’s gradients. Once you get to grips with those, you’ll see why they’re so versatile for creating unique styles of photos and graphics.

A Style Is Not Just a Filter

At some point in your life, you’ll probably want to make a graphic of your own logo, a photo of your favorite sports team, an inspirational quote, or just create something unique and beautiful.

A style is not just a filter. It’s a combination of the colors, patterns, and sizes of your photos and image elements you choose to work with. If you understand how Photoshop layers work, you’ll be able to use effects on different layers to create images that take advantage of the work you’ve done.

If you’re new to Photoshop, here are some of the tools you can learn by using.

Layer – Add a New Layer

If you’re going to be working with Photoshop, the first thing you need to do is add a new layer. You may hear people say they’re using a “duplicate layer” or “clone layer.” They’re slightly different. Let’s look at them.

Clone Layer

You may have seen this layer effect called clone layer (or duplicating a layer) used in tutorials.

This effect allows you to add one object to a layer in your image, and add another identical copy to a new layer. This is perfect for adding a duplicate of your loved one in the background.

Duplicate Layer

A good way of creating a duplicate layer is to duplicate an existing layer. You can do this from the Layers panel in Photoshop.

You may have also heard people talk about “smart object.” When you copy a layer, it’s duplicated into a smart object.

To create a smart object, add

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