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Photoshop Elements is a completely free photo editor that is similar to Photoshop and offers a substantial number of editing tools. It is available for Windows and Macintosh computers and is also available for mobile devices.

Using the software interface

Photoshop starts up when you start the program. When you launch Photoshop from the icon on your computer’s taskbar, it opens the interface shown in Figure 2-1. The program’s interface is divided into three main areas: the workspace, the menus, and the tools (see Figure 2-1).

**Figure 2-1:** One of the unique features of Photoshop is that it gives you access to all the tools as well as the menus and the workspace.

The workspace

The work area of the Photoshop interface consists of several parts, including the following (see Figure 2-1):

The workspace: Located just above your image, this area is where you have access to all your tool options (primarily non-destructive tools and adjustment tools). You can also add layers and masks.

The menu bar: Located just below the workspace and above the workspace toolbar, this menu bar provides commands, such as Save, Open, and Print, for performing your editing tasks.

The toolbar: Located just above the workspace and below the menus, the toolbar provides you with your most frequently used tools: the zoom tool, the box selection tool, and the lasso selection tool.

The dialog box: Located at the bottom-right side of the workspace, the dialog box provides access to a variety of options, including the brush settings, color, and layers.

The Status bar: Located on the bottom-left side of the workspace, the Status bar provides other useful status information.

The workspace is always active, meaning that you can interact with your image in this area (to crop, for example). To switch between the workspace and the work area, choose Window⇒Workspace. To hide the workspace, choose Window⇒Show/Hide Workspace. Also, notice the screen magnification settings in the bottom-left corner of the workspace. By default, Photoshop works with a screen magnification of 125 percent, which is the standard magnification for most monitors.

Bringing up and hiding the work area

In the preceding steps, I reference the work area or workspace. When you bring up the work area in Photoshop, it’s to the left of the status bar (the area that displays the image as well as

Photoshop EXpress Crack (April-2022)

Easily create.psd files that are compatible with almost every image software out there.

This guide will guide you through the process of creating.psd files in the Elements app, as well as guide you through the basics of Photoshop.

Getting Started

This guide assumes that you have downloaded a free version of Photoshop, either an upgrade or a new version.

The following is a list of important downloads and other aspects that are important to know about:


The PSD version of this guide will work only for Windows 10. For Vista or Windows 8, you need to download the latest version of Photoshop.

Use the installer or disc that you have downloaded to install the software. There are two versions: Home and Design Suite. The Home version is for most photo editing. The Design Suite is usually purchased by photographers or graphic designers, as it includes more editing and design-oriented features.


The PSD version of this guide will work only for Mac 10.9 and below. The Mac Photos app does not support the newer file formats, but the older.psd and.psb formats work. We recommend either upgrading your Mac or moving to a newer model that is supported by the newer formats.

Get the latest version of the.psd version of this guide on your Mac. For the new features in the update, be sure to check out the newer version of the guide.

Some of the tools in this guide are made for Mac. However, the most important tools for this guide are the ones that are universal for all platforms. The first feature you should create is a new document.

In the New Document window, choose Place New.

This will open up a new document.

Scroll down a bit in the window and press Enter.

You are now in the first tab in the main interface window.

Choose the first icon and press Enter.

This is one of the essential features of the app. It allows you to “layer” images, meaning that you can apply color filters, masks, and so on to one image that will then “appear” in another layer, or image. Here is the example:

Now, lets create a new document.

In the New Document window, choose Place New.

This will open up a new document.

Scroll down a bit in the window and press Enter.

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Controller Code
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