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On the first day of class, I was taken out of the classroom. I had no idea why, I just prayed that they weren´t taking me to the principal or to the deputy. I had no idea why, but with my 4th period of school behind me, I was having some pretty severe anxiety. There had been a long pause in my life, and right before school, I had a panic attack. I just knew that, if I didn´t get a grip on my emotions soon, I would probably have an insane breakdown. I don´t know how I got through the first 45 minutes of the school day. God was with me, but man, I was sweating a ton. · After school, my sister, sister-in-law and mother took me out to eat. I was so thankful that they didn´t take

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After finding this, I started noticing it because every other student did the same thing. They would copy everything, and then share it on a different group instead of making a new one and changing the name to theirs.
I just want to say that this problem is not solved. I think I found a way to fix it that doesn’t involve finding all the shares, but I’d like to know what would happen if I actually found the shares in order to make sure I’m not going crazy.


The problem that you’re encountering is very simple. Everybody is copying over their own file.
This means that anyone with the same name is actually putting their own data into a shared workbook. What this means is if you ever switch over to the file that somebody else created, any data that is already in there will overwrite the data that you added.
Not cool.
Now, the tricky part, and why it can be confusing. You can add “shared” to a name so that it then becomes a “shared workbook”. However, you do not want to just do that. That way, everyone will see it and be able to edit it, but what you don’t want is for everyone to access the workbook at the same time. Even though it’s called a shared workbook, and you are the author, you still only want to be able to access it yourself.
Here are two ways to fix this:
1. Click File -> Options -> View and open Advanced in the dropdown to the right.

2. Click Data -> Security to the right of the table.

Once you have done this, there will be a row with options that are greyed out. Just click the radio button for “Shared”. This will make that workbook reserved for you.
Now, to “share” the file, in addition to adding shared to the name, you must make sure that is the only one that can access it. You can do that by going to File -> Options -> General.
In the “Allow” dropdown, make sure to uncheck “By sharing a file” and “By sending a request”.
Here’s a visual of it:

Some work is being done to give web-based applications tools to gather and display the data that traditional database applications rely on to get the information they need to operate, so that web developers can build applications where they interact with the data with the same immediacy as they

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