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Name Polygoneer: Original Soundtrack
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.81 / 5 ( 1806 votes )
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This is an old school, side-scrolling beat-em-up, inspired by the classics of yesteryear: Streets of Rage, X-Men, Ninja Gaiden, Double Dragon, you name it. Powered by the Unreal Engine 4, this contemporary throwback is sure to raise a smile and get your adrenaline pumping!


A soldier, a ninja, a hot-air balloon, a jeep… The story is about 2 swordsmen of sorts who must use every tool at their disposal to save humanity. Their mission: to rescue their lady and stop the villains from their mad quest!


The biggest and most advanced single-player campaign yet! Take part in a unique and classic story inspired by the past and present.

Play single-player or online with a friend!

Fantastic animation and graphics!

Over 40 enemies to kick the baddies in the face!

Fun and challenging mini-game!

Team up with your friends for a multiplayer experience not to be missed!

What’s coming next in the series:

Features of the next game will be released in a few weeks time! It is going to be bigger, better, more deep and all kinds of bells and whistles.

Have fun!

* Press Control+F to search for “FUCK” and look closely.

Thanks for all the support and all the comments.

I’m looking forward to answering your questions and to do an AMA.

Unfortunately, I can’t include all the fancy graphics you asked for. That would be pretty awesome, but it’s too technical and time consuming to get it done. The graphics are around 20% done.

I’ll get back to everyone for sure once it’s finished! I’m doing it for my own enjoyment as well, so I’ll definitely get back on it after its done.


Hello, I really enjoyed your works. I would like to ask if the characters will be able to use other weapons and equipments. It doesn’t have to be a weapon but anything that can help them in their fight. I appreciate the work you put into this project. Thank you!

With the Steam Workshop, I’d like to ask if you will be able to include new weapons. The more the better. Here is an example of what I mean.


Polygoneer: Original Soundtrack Features Key:

  • Brand new environments
  • Time to challenge for hours on end
  • Worlds explorable without loading
  • Environments fully explorable
  • Super-fast!
  • A minimal and straight forward interface
  • Download the game with just a click of a button
  • All official game features and support

Current features

  • World 1: Trilobite
  • World 2: Elysium
  • World 3: Muphos

Polygoneer: Original Soundtrack 1.0.1


    Updated to MusicXML 1.3.0
    Added 5 tracks!
    Added 14 files!
    Added 14 minutes!
  • Please ‘LIKE’ and ‘SHARE’ to keep us going!
  • Nathan C: Major bug fix!
  • Please report any other bugs!


Polygoneer: Original Soundtrack [Latest-2022]

Original Game Artwork by Dylan Clayton, Art Department Chair:

Original Score by Forrest Thompson

Original Writing by Jennifer Singleton


The Game is a fast-paced, action-packed, party game that uses bullet-hell game mechanics along with a mix of RPG and real-time strategy elements to bring a new type of gaming experience to the table.

Players take on the role of the last Diabolo Guardian standing; a powerful, divine entity tasked with protecting all Diabolo from a mysterious black goo that is sweeping across the galaxy.

Players will face off against wave after wave of enemies while battling through a variety of environments, from industrial factories to city streets, to secret volcanic trenches and final showdown at Area 51.

There are three distinct classes of enemies available for players to take down.

Goblins are small, mindless creatures that are perfect for short bursts of melee combat;

Dogs are next in size up, and are much more of an ranged based combatant;

and finally, humans are powerful minions of the black goo itself, and have the ability to inject a mind-controlling substance that will turn allies into their own personal cannon fodder.

Players can level up by defeating enemies, picking up loot, or even completing quests. When not in combat, players can interact with the game world using their intuitive device-like pistol. By shooting mushrooms, people, and other items, players can perform other actions, such as starting engines, making calls, etc.

Each player can select his or her own battle strategy, and decide which class of enemies to focus on. At the same time, game-wide elements determine what enemies the players will encounter, such as the weather, gravity, placement of items (e.g. mushrooms and cannonballs), and environmental effects such as destroyed buildings or ground patches of black goo.

The primary objective of each match is to survive and defeat the enemy. If a player manages to defeat the game’s enemies, they will then level up and unlock new class upgrades and skill paths. At the end of each game, players with the highest score will be ranked based on their individual skill at dodging and shooting, for a place in an independent, global tournament.

It’s a real-time adventure that allows you to fight enemies at the same time as you ‘fight’ for life and a chance to become


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Category: Polygonéer Original Soundtrack
Description: “Polygoneer Original Soundtrack”
Music: Laurent Toorop: “Perturbée” (French version of “Waltzing Matilda”)
Video: Laurent Toorop “Cime telefonique” (French version of “Osy Ossy Osy”)

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What’s new:


Play Video

It is only appropriate that a roundabout offering of the finest music videos of 2002 be hosted on this day. Long ignored in much of the Internet, Arcadian had no such luxury of neglect and so there lies before you the round up of the finest computer-animated videos of that one year. Yeah, there were some problems last year, some pretty lackluster offerings in evidence and one that rocked my head into a nice, proper spinning then. I say “its one of those things” “Duh, yeah, its goofy..” or “Holy fuck, man, that is a great idea!” is all you are liable to receive. Come on, enjoy all 88 that followed. I shall be here.

1. Jee Web Mix 1.0 – raspy-voice


Play Video

Jee Web is no stranger to the world of computer animation and this was his first proper effort. Actually, this was Jee Web’s first completely free 3D animation and, perhaps unsurprisingly, it was pretty good. His Quake based mash-up of the Roach was stunning at the time although it still shows a new hand at the medium. The style is much more link-accented than in later videos and gives it a futuristic look and feel.

2. The Hall of Fame – Blaqtard


Play Video

Blaqtard is one of a host of oddball animated titles that appeared on Arcadian in the early winter months of 2002. This is a peppy little clip that combines the music of dark Blue Note records with a slavish animaton and it is strangely addictive. This little one is a NOSE’Y job –Trying to put as many bizarre, psychedelic images together into one fun animated show, it makes for strange listening. Pity the trailer for that bong flick wasn’t out, then, because things just got loads more weird.

3. Sobs of Neglect – SkinnyPro


Play Video

This is the simple one – the first time you see the staggeringly buff and full-wootin body shots that SkinnyPro strived for in the coming years. There are definitely better, seeing as it didn’t take the singer long to venture into ‘the quick photo booth challenge’ but


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