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Push For Emor is inspired by the eponymous film from 1973. “Push For Emor” was directed by Louis Gossett Jr. and starred Timothy Hutton, Nana Visitor and Dennis Cole. It was filmed in the 70’s in New York City where everthing was redone with a late 20th Century feel (and set in the modern day). It featured a lot of in-your-face drama, like a gun fight in an elevator, and a lot of action sequences that looked – and sounded – more like a war movie than a science fiction flick. In other words, it was an R rated comic book come to life.
While military themes are part of the story and play a role, I think that the core themes of the film were more about the fight against oppression, the sense of equality, personal liberty, freedom and rights against tyranny. I think the vibe I wanted to get across through the game is, while the Emorian’s attempt to force everyone on Emorian planets to join their cause is evil, I get the feeling that their plans for Earth (Emorian Empire) are just misguided.
All in all, I liked a lot of 80’s movies (Mad Max, Predator) and wanted to make a game with a similar mood and tone.
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Push For Emor is a SciFi FPS RPG set in the world of Push For Emor.
Emorian Empire
The Emorian Empire is big and bad. They invaded the planet Emor a long time ago and took control, under their oppressive and bloody system. Now they are starting to expand their Empire to justicar federal space, trying to control and impose all the people they come across. You are part of the counter-force fighting to end this oppression. Your mission is to escort Justicar Colonel Ferris to the planet Emor. (see below)
Colonel Ferris Glutes
Emorian Empire
This is a Colonel in the Justicar Federal Army and he is leaving behind soldiers to secure the exit from the Justicar’s solar system. Your job is to protect the Colonel and his forces and to be a guide and help to the Justicar. Right now, you are having to deal with bandit support from the local populations and the occasional EMP contact. (see below)
Justicar Federal Army is an elite Army of the Justicar Federal Army. Their job is to protect


Features Key:

  • Don’t let the enemy get you down!
    A revolutionary defense system that takes hardcore action: ensure a win. With psychological and social indicators, be alerted when your defenses are at risk!

  • Take down any enemy ship with a single shot.
  • Play as the Federation or the Rebels,
    with two teams, winning is a very different experience!
  • Key Game Features:

    • The Federation has the advantage of superior firepower, but the Rebels can use Star Wars: Uprising to outwit and outgun their enemies. On every level, use cover, know your strengths and weaknesses, and fight back against the Empire while you Instant Action… Battle!

    If you would like to preview this game, please visit the Game Preview section. Supported by GameClix!

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      Push For Emor Keygen

      Push For Emor Crack is a SciFi FPS RPG with elements of an RTS and an RPG.
      A Space based shooter-RPG with combined systems and gameplay that is difficult to put into a box.
      Destroy the enemy by disabling their ship, boarding them and razing their base.
      Manage your own personal arsenal and send out your away teams to clear out buildings and boarding craft.
      Work your way across the 11 planets of varying tech levels.
      Explore and fight through abandoned space stations.
      Fly a huge selection of combat vehicles.
      Build your own space port to get your pilots and supplies.
      11 different planets / solar systems
      11 main planets, one for each solar system.
      Plus a Governing Planet, three main planets, two minor planets.
      Planetary Objects:
      Alien artifacts to be discovered, but beware of the unintended consequences.
      10+ alien artifacts to be discovered. Some may be very useful, some may be deadly.
      11 planets with different technologies and different enemies.
      Each solar system is composed of one planet with a different number of colonies.
      Planet Body:
      Planet Airports:
      Planet Planetary Objects:
      Planet AI:
      Planet Resistance:
      Planet Supply Caches:
      Planet Population:
      Planet Bases:
      Planet Fire Power:
      Planet Air Power:
      Planet Resource Power:
      Planet Ship Power:
      Planet Governing Planet:
      Planet Cargo (Raw Materials):
      Planet Mini Game:
      Planet Security:
      Planet Battle Engines:
      Planet Cloning Machines:
      Planet Military:
      High tech space ships and advanced alien weapons to be used by the player.
      Low tech space ships and alien weapons to be used by the player.
      Alien shields and other “dark” ships to be used by the player.
      Alien space ship wreckage (decomposed and crushed for resources).
      Alien artefacts (from over a dozen sources, not all technology friendly).
      Alien space stations (components and damaged parts).
      Combat vehicles (hyperdrive, supercharged, ionic propulsion, gravcannon, speeder) as well as Alien combat vehicles.
      Alien weapons (Gravlaser, Gravity field weapon, Ion Cannon, Decelerator, Plasma Cannon, Plasma


      Push For Emor Free Registration Code (Updated 2022)

      Planet maps are fully recreated and are infinitely reusable.
      It is easy to create mining facilities on the planets that you land on, however what you are mining will vary (and in time if you’re good you will be mining for a specific resource). You can also drive vehicles and fly anywhere with space warp gates. The solar system map is free play.
      The battles in Emorian space are not turn based. I personally find this refreshing.
      All planets have randomly generated activities. These will include defending your mining stations, manufacturing resource, and maybe even a small mission such as taking over the Emorian flagship for good measure.
      You won’t be doing “missions” in Emorian space. You will be stealing from them.
      The planets have a (very limited) inventory of which you can take. You will also have a space dock.
      All craft, vehicles, weapons, and armor are viewable and recordable in space, but not in planets.
      You must supply the fuel for all of your vehicles yourself.
      The solar systems are infinite (The planets have been generated by hand).
      Works on both Steam (Desktop) and Oculus (Virtual Reality) with Oculus DK2.
      Elorian mission system:
      The Elorian mission system is straight forward. If you can see it in the game, you can get into it.
      Mission types include:
      liaise with local population
      rob an enemy vessel and protect it from the enemy
      attempt to disable enemy transport ships
      assemble a boarding team
      destroy enemy forward operating base
      destroy enemy planetary defense stations
      Colonize a planetSee you in space, Captain.

      Push For Emor is an epic scrolling shooter about the latest missions to liberate the planet Emor. Combat takes place in three different dimensions (you can’t get any more 3D than that!). You can create your own missions by taking enemies and planting mines in their craft, disabling their patrol craft, exploding their starfighter hangar, or killing them all to earn bonus points. The most difficult to level up are the mines, as they will continually upgrade over time. The final objective in each level is to board an Elorian military vessel, which is guarded by the ever-aggressive power of the Void. There are five unique sentient races on Elorian; the Hexbeam, Glassifier, Torgoth, Vortex, and Void. Some will be easy to beat while others are impervious to everything you have. Fortunately each is also a source of powerful


      What’s new:

      ite: The Chained Isles

      About this creature

      Somewhere around the five year mark before the beginning of the major sprawl of the city, a heavily magnified bundle of genetic strains were gestating in various Orc eggs. Their progenitor, whose identity is being kept shrouded under a long-lost name, was also being gestated somewhere in the icy mountains.

      “Food,” came the reply from the voice of the dam to which the growing children had taken residence, “and the chances of getting any other is far more likely.”

      The Orc queen, Infernal Mirta, believed her subjects were worthy of the care of the goddess Raef the Great. After all, as she was quick to point out to the dryad who found her offworld descendants in the carven halls of the Orc lair:

      “They are the only existing creations of the deity, and as such they are the most special of all the chief races.”

      Sassy, Infernal Mirta.

      The group that the dryad set out to find was a motley bunch, bearing characteristics of whatever the Orcs had swallowed for genetic tenants. It comprised of the tall, athletic twisted-muscled ones with the height to swing a decent axe, folks with fond memories of being on an alt or another. Some of whom were maladapted to travel at all and were strong enough to lead horses and lean on wide walkers for support. And one that was the worst for cool.

      Discouraged, sometimes, by the relative state of the appearance of the city near the extreme Mountains which they could only ever see as the guide in their headstones:

      And, of course, the bard’s problem relative thereto was to merely supplement their own glimpses via the game rules which deemed these places much less than the plura.

      A smattering of those Hellbreeders came to what passed for the adab the Orcs called ‘home’ – at least in this part of the Great Outside – were of the ones that had been born and raised as the Orc cuisine. Others were of those whose lineage traced back to things that had once been different; Before the elderling father became a smart pupil of the forerunner infernal Mirta who happened to be an Orcalized one herself.

      The heptarchy mother was a cave-dwelling, free-roaming


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      System Requirements For Push For Emor:

      Visual Effects: These requirements include DirectX 9.0c,
      High Definition Audio: A DirectX 9.0c compatible video card
      is required to support high definition audio. You can check if your card is DirectX 9.0c compatible with DirectSound.
      Note: You can use DirectX 9.0c enhanced audio if you have a DirectX 9.0c compatible video card. For DirectX 9.0c enhanced audio, you can check if your card is DirectX 9.0c compatible with DirectSound.
      Multimedia Capability


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