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PuttyMan has been designed as a simple graphical interface for PuTTY client but it is more than just that as the options it integrates can expand productivity.
No install, straightforward interface
The application does not need to be installed and by just extracting the contents of the archive and double-clicking the executable file launches the application.
The interface is not complicated and provides just the basic functions in plain view. You can easily connect to a host temporarily through the SSH or Telnet protocol as well as store the connections for later use.
One of the benefits PuttyMan brings to the table is the possibility to have multiple terminal windows opened at the same time. The application runs them in different tabs and allows switching to any of them with a click of the mouse.
Moreover, the flexibility of the program goes as far as initiating all the stored connections at the same time and allowing a command to be sent to all opened connections. The function is available at the top of the application window.
Another nifty feature is support for storing frequently used UNIX scripts for running them quickly and with little effort.
Configuration options
Customizing the application does not entail too much tinkering because there are few options to work with.
Apart from providing the paths for PuTTY and Plink PuttyMan provides the possibility to change the color scheme.
There are multiple choices available and each of them can be previewed in real time so that you get to pick the one with the background and text color that best fits your needs.
Basically, what PuttyMan proposes is an improved PuTTY client that offers access to multiple terminal windows and allows sending the same command to all of them at once.
However, during our testing we noticed that sometimes the application hangs for a while when using the multi command sender function.







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The program is simple and does not require installation.
There are multiple ways to open the application.
At the time of this review, there was no option to import configuration files.
It allows saving the windows for later use as well as storing the connections for quick access.
The application allows you to customize the appearance of the terminal window.
The command to connect to a host is also available at the top of the main menu.
An easier way to access the most common configurations.
Overall, PuttyMan is a complete package.
The concept is not very original but the application is functional.

LGT Login was developed so it would be easy for both tech-savvy and non-savvy users to get online.
LGT Login gives you everything you need to create a simple interface to streamline the process of logging into a host.
The application allows users to select the options from a list instead of having to open a new screen and a new window.
Each option is color-coded so that it is easier to differentiate.
The features
The application proposes several options such as saving the settings, displaying an overlay, disabling the scroll wheel, checking for virus infections as well as deleting the saved log files.
It also provides a quick search feature that will enable you to look up a URL, IP address, or user by just typing a couple of characters.
The log files can be viewed by sub-categorizing them.
This will help you find the right details about an event.
There are detailed logs for each different option available in the application.
Wondering what a login related error might be? The logs can be searched by dates to look for things such as missing files, or they can even be exported for your use.
Although at the time of this review, the application does not have the option to import a configuration file it still is easy to use.
It is no doubt a good idea to get something that makes logging into a host as easy as possible.
The free option allows you to try out the program and see what features it has before making an actual purchase.

Jeed is a mail management application. It can be used to send and receive mails as well as clean them.
All these are performed from one interface and the program does not require you to open multiple windows.
Jeed offers an intuitive interface. Everything is clearly explained and organized into neat categories.
The application does not

PuttyMan Activation Key

Allows connection to PuTTY through Telnet and SSH protocols

Allows entering connection parameters manually

Uses advanced SSH-Key methods (No Root)

Lets you decide which of the existing connections to reuse

You can have as many PuttyMan windows open as you want

PuTTY to Telnet and SSH protocol

Uses PuTTY’s native SSH library

Provides a simplified but effective template putty.bat

It is possible to add SSH-Keys to the registry (better than using PuTTY’s PuTTYgen)

Shows the files that affect the PuTTY session in the left panel

Supports the following protocols: SSH (with Putty-Native library), SSH (with plink.exe), SSHTelnet, SSH (With Plink), SSH (With compiled plink.exe)

Support for PuTTY saves user’s credentials on windows.

Give the program a try and see if it fits your needs.

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PuttyMan (Updated 2022)

PuttyMan is a free open source software for PuTTY and Plink. It allows you to remote control a PuTTY or Plink session with a browser.
It may serve as a standalone utility or integrate into PuTTY or Plink. When working with the integrated version, you may need to logout from the PuTTY session if you are using it to remote control the session.
This will make the PuttyMan window disappear, but it will still be shown in the taskbar.
Multi window support – through windows tabs you can work with multiple PuTTY or Plink session
Multi-paste – a single shell command may be pasted to many PuTTY sessions
Multi-command – a single shell command may be sent to many PuTTY sessions
Save sessions to file – session configuration can be saved to a session file
Run shell command – run the command from the session
Logout support – can be used to logout from sessions
Easily access URL – opens the web browser on the specified URL
Supports SSH, Telnet and Ftp – can be used with PuTTY, Plink and PSCP protocol
Includes a set of common tasks for PuTTY and Plink – Use PASV to save an FTP file to the file (to the client you are sending it)
Supports hotkeys – hot keys can be assigned to any function in the application
Supports Linux/Unix and MS-Windows
Supports password-less authentication
Supports authentication based on hostname
Supports authentication based on IP address
Supports authentication based on SSH server keys
Supports SSH host keys
Supports authentication based on Kerberos
Supports SSH public keys (bundle)
Supports SSH private keys (bundle)
Supports authentication based on public/private keys (bundle)
Supports SSH key types (bundle)
Supports keys based on public/private key (bundle)
Supports SSH hostkey types (bundle)
Supports SSH KEYS types
Supports SSH VIP3 (vpn) types
Supports SSH sent/recv keks types
Supports SSH ssh-rsa types
Supports SSH ssh-dss types
Supports SSH serverhostkey types
Supports SSH hostkey types
Supports SSH passwords
Supports SSH hostbased type
Supports SSH host based type
Supports SSH pseudo type

What’s New In?

PuttyMan is a simple and easy to use application that will allow you to manage PuTTY connections.
*Stores and executes PuTTY SSH and Plink configurations
*Manages multiple PuTTY connections
*Runs PuTTY options within a command promptQ:

How do I split sections of images using imagemagick?

I am trying to split sections of images into separate files using imagemagick. I know there are batch procedures, but I don’t know if they can be automated with a script.
Here is the code I am currently using:
for image in *.png
/usr/local/bin/convert “$image” -split $image.jpg

Here is the error I receive:
convert: no images defined `-split’ @ error/convert.c/ReadImageToBufCmd/3215.


I found a solution that works and I will post it here.
Basically, I used the previously posted code, but changed the cmd parameter to -batch.
for image in *.png
convert “$image” -split “$image.jpg”

{ stdenv, fetchFromGitHub, texlive, pkgconfig, wrapGAppsHook, wrapQtAppsHook, python, pythonPackages, musicbrainz, flac, pygpgme }:

stdenv.mkDerivation rec {
pname = “flatcat”;
version = “1.16”;

src = fetchFromGitHub {
owner = “flattr”;
repo = “flatcat”;
rev = version;
sha256 = “1n0k0b6zv18zmxbj1m9r0s80ygjnklnqg1lz0i2ykgj1g66mfyqz”;

nativeBuildInputs = [ pkgconfig wrapGAppsHook wrapQtAppsHook ];
buildInputs = [
musicbrainz flac pythonPackages.flac

postFixup = ”
for p in example.d in $out/share/flat


System Requirements For PuttyMan:

Official Requirements
The official Xbox app on Windows 10 for Windows Phone doesn’t work for my tablet, so I used the Xbox App on Android (both tablet and phone) instead.
Installable Links:
For the official page, this is probably the best link.
I don’t use games very much on my Surface, and that’s why I created this guide, because I didn’t find any such guide for Surface users who don’t play games.
I only use game engines (like Unity) for


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