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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.87 / 5 ( 3919 votes )
Update (11 days ago)



The Elden Ring is a Fantasy Action RPG produced by Koei Tecmo Games, the developer behind the popular Toukiden: The Age of the Ecclesia series. Players can recruit a party of up to four heroes, use a variety of classes that specialize in various skills to fight their way through the various environments in the Lands Between. The characters’ strength and level of experience influence the battle outcomes, and the different levels of enemies they meet present different challenges. Players can build up experience points, which can be used to improve their levels, increase their strength and equipment, and acquire more powerful equipment. As they progress further, they’ll be able to obtain new skills, increase their skills’ effectiveness, and more. A variety of types of enemies will be available, and each one presents their own challenges and rewards.


#1 Best Selling Fantasy Action RPG In Japan

Planting seeds of a new breed of action RPG, Elden Ring is highly anticipated by the Japanese gamers due to its unique concepts, and has sold over 420,000 units since launch.

#2 Authentic Fantasy Action RPG Presentation

Elden Ring was developed in partnership with the Samurai Warriors series producer, Koei Tecmo Games, so that all of its outstanding aspects of “traditional action RPGs” are preserved.

#3 Dynamic Roleplaying to Make You Feel Like a Hero

Experience a world full of various jobs, and can be anything you wish to be. With a character that specializes in different jobs, players are able to choose any of the jobs and try them out. No matter which one you take up, or how you play, everything adds to the roleplaying experience.

#4 Story that Suspends You in a Suspenseful State

The game story spans across various locations and environments in the Lands Between, which are each unique from the other. You’ll encounter unexpected situations and face the enemy in a variety of interesting ways, so that it will keep the players guessing.

#5 Customizable Character Creation

The game features a character creation system where players can freely design their unique characters with a variety of items and equipment. By selecting the items they want to equip and the classes they want to specialize in, players can create their own unique character.

#6 Variable Play Modes

Choose the multiplayer modes you like best. The game supports 1-to-4 player online co-op or multiplayer game play which is free of


Features Key:

  • An epic online fantasy world filled with hundreds of people. Listen to the Drama at its Live-Broadcasting.
  • Customizable characters such as appearance, skills, and equipment. Listen to the Tips to customize your characters.
  • RPG elements mixed with the online drama. Listen to the drama that shows a glimpse of the RPG world.
  • A vast world with variety of layouts and scenarios. Listen to the stories of the incident at Yokohama Port.
  • Complex and three-dimensional design of the dungeons. Listen to the story of the dungeon.
  • Catch the drama at live-broadcasting. Listen to the story while you play.
  • In the Heat of the Battle, Become a Lord.

    • CompassWorld: Find the Path of Healing


    A Diverse World with Hope

    The game is an RPG fantasy world like no other, boasting a vast, diverse world. If you have a


    Elden Ring X64 (Latest)


    As a researcher, Eragon could investigate the unsolved mystery behind the cave paintings, but someone else came to the conclusion first, the leader of the mysterious group of dwarves. Eragon in turn decided to take the child of the king, who alone would enable the full potential of the dragon and the saurians, out of Islanzadí’s grasp. Saphira tried to protect Eragon from the king’s wrath and followed him to the desolate land, an ash-covered land which was called the Eldun.

    You played as Eragon Al-Qohor, a boy born with dragon blood. A dragon-like newborn, you found yourself in a strange land, where every known mythological creature once existed.

    Your body is inhabited by your spirit, a gifted dragon, and you used your body as a weapon to battle the dragons, the soldiers, and the king’s elite guard.

    Stuck in the middle, you don’t belong anywhere, and it’s up to you to decide where your path takes you. It all depends on your choices, and your future may change…


    Choose a path: In the world of Tarnished, you are free to choose your own path. The decisions you make will change the story of your fate and make you climb high in the ranks of the knight guild.

    Choose your own weapons and armor: You are free to choose your own weapons and armors. Equip your weapon of choice and arm yourself with the best armor at your disposal, making your character more powerful.

    Customize your character: You have the freedom to customize your character by adjusting your appearance and choice of weapons and armor. Which ever kind of character you want to be, it’s all up to you.

    In order to select a path, you’ll have to choose the guild of which you want to become a member. These are the Aldrani, the Varden, the dwarves, the Vroengard, the dragons, or the Isdrelni.

    We also added the “special actions” of each guild member during their “special” times. These special times might be the most opportune time for them to make their move.

    The hero profile “special” times are mainly when the


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    MMO Battles:

    Dungeon Quest:


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    The Cast of a Fantasy RPG

    DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, D&D and D&D Traditional, D&D is a registered trademark of Wizards of the Coast, which has permitted Gygax Enterprises, Inc., a subsidiary of Wizards of the Coast, to use its Dungeons & Dragons Trademarks.
    Use of content from D&D, D&D Traditional, D&D 5E, D&D, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, the respective logos, and TSR’s logo are not owned by Wizards of the Coast, and use of such content is under license from their respective owners.

    The Land of Tarn. Where Stone and Shadow intertwine. After the Elven migration, the elven realms were afflicted with war and darkness, until the day the Vol’jin was called to the pinnacle of their sacred stone. At last, Vol’jin embraced the essence of the stone, and the Vol’jinwadia itself expanded, blossoming into life. The Vol’jinwadia is the source of all the world’s magic, and each stone was a nod to this powerful force.

    Tarn is the realm of the humans, descended from the Vol’jinwadia. Under the first human king, however, the stone’s magic was stolen, and he exiled the elves. The Vol’jinwadia is now a vast treasury of elemental energy, a place of forests, rivers, and swamps. Many are scattered across the land, following the Vol’jinwadia. Their small settlements and townships exist around and under the protection of these stones, as well as along the banks of the rivers and pools that flow through the land. The magic of the stone also brings life to the lands, and the forest, lush with wildlife, lives for the Vol’jinwadia’s power.

    The dwarves once lived in the mountains to the south. Under the most recent king, however, they have decided to journey to the sea and set up their own kingdom. For centuries, the dwarves had scorned the Dales, in comparison to their own kingdom beneath the mountain. But they were wrong to ignore the seaside villages. These villages are built on cliffs and facing the shore, their protection against wolves, sea elves, dragons, and raiding dragons. The dwarves made a pact with the dwarves of the ocean, and have agreed


    What’s new:

    Seaz 2016-12-11T03:00:00+00002016-12-11T09:06:30+0000The Star Attire (Korean)
    Seaz 제작사 2016-12-11T03:00:00+00002016-12-11T09:06:00+0000Killer Joe

    Killer Joe is a 2010 American slasher film and a remake of the 1991 film Killer Joe.

    In 1978, eight years after Joe kills his wife, he moves back to Cody, Wyoming to continue to kill. He reunites with his neighbors and girlfriend Fern. He kills one of his neighbors by running him over with a car and runs her off a cliff. He then murders the town doctor with a hatchet and chases her into the woods where he murders her. Joe kills a drug dealer he finds at a bar named Jake.

    Fern has thrown dirt on her face and is nervous about going to Joe’s house. Joe introduces her to his hunting dog…who is a wolf. Joe hides Fern in his brother’s old house with two other children, Bert and Pru. One evening, Joe dresses up in blackface as a clown and attacks Bert in his bed while he sleeps. Joe poisons Fern, chases after Pru until he kills her. Joe chases Bert through the house until he finds him in the kitchen where Bert was cutting his throat. Joe slices his neck and beats him. Fern, trapped in a closet, awakens and is attacked. She then gets locked in a cabinet as Joe leaves for the police station. She sees Bert’s body and a note on his chair that reads “It’s better this way”. Joe shoots Bert’s eyes out with a rifle, leaving him blind. Joe then leaves town in his car.


    Edi Gathegi as Joe Daugherty
    Lenae Goei as Fern Daugherty
    Romany Malco as Jake
    Justin Pierce as Bert
    Chelsea Knapp as young Bert
    Lana Pearl as Pru

    Rotten Tomatoes, a review aggregator, reports that 20% of 6 surveyed critics gave the film a positive review; the average rating is 3.2/10.


    External links

    Category:2010 films


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    1)Extract the contents of the release (zip) to your desktop.

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    Note: If you want to use more than 1 language, do it by replugging in the contant for every langage.

    Play the release below:

    So far I haven’t seen a new Kadokawa Game for the PSP. I am looking forward to this.

    that was the follow up for Shinobi Legends. Because that game was kinda a bad game.They changed the story where our main character was a ninja and his older brother was the one who took over as a ninja and attempted to kill our main character.

    I will say that the story for this game is a little better. Plus if i am not mistaking they have made the game this time around a fighting game.

    Of course this game is going to be better than that game. After all it is a RPG and not a fighting game.

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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • If you have already cracked the game or cracked using other methods and you still can not play it, you must first solve the program installation.
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    Elden Ring fantasy rich atmosphere and ambitious game world impressive design, you can truly feel the detailed atmosphere.

    Rating: 9/10


    Pace of Game: 9/10

    Graphics: 8/10

    Sound: 9/10</p


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    2-player co-op or 4-player online.
    14+ hours of game-play.
    512 MB of RAM required (depends on system requirements).
    Once installed, the game will be free to download and play.
    Please note that all game files are hosted on the PlayStation Network so you will need a PlayStation 3 account to play the game.
    The long awaited sequel to the iconic game “Blood” is finally here! The infamous knife-slasher has returned, with all his free-spirited, booze-


    Name Elden Ring
    Publisher Admin
    Format File
    Rating 4.87 / 5 ( 3919 votes )
    Update (11 days ago)


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