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Name Elden Ring
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You play as a Tarnished Hero, who was demoted to a weary and weakened Tarnished Lord, and you are without a goal in life… The Land Between, which was once divided into various regions by geography, has fallen into shapeless anarchy. The former high lords that controlled the regions have all disappeared…
You were brought up in the western Edgwood under the protection of the High Lord. Although you never gave your name, it was known as the Tarnished Lord. The fate of the region depended on you and you fulfilled the will of the High Lord. However, that died with the death of the High Lord. The western Edgwood fell into turbulence. You were trapped in the confusion and desolate Lands Between, and now that you have lost your purpose in life, you only have anger and questions to seek an answer.
Nevertheless, the Lands Between have their own guardian Gods and Warriors… and there is a city in the center of the Lands Between that may be able to give you an answer.
A fantasy MMO that combines the vastness of a sandbox game with the structure of a traditional MMORPG. You will be able to travel freely in a world that you can shape freely. You can dig, break, build, and directly cooperate with other players or monsters.
In addition to a sandbox, there are four elements, which are four core elements that you use to directly control the game world. You can build new buildings on land, create new plants and monsters in order to maintain the balance between the elements, and even directly increase the power of a monster.
In addition to this, you can engage in a variety of PvP battles with other players or monsters. Or you can discover the power of the elements by exploring the entire map.
The sequel to “If!!” is planned to release in 2021.
• A vast and fully customizable world
In “If!!”, the whole world seemed to be a huge city. The new game will go beyond this to create a world that is vast and customizable.
• Pick Up and Play anywhere
You can play “If!!” wherever you are. You can log in a smartphone, tablet, or PC using the client, and you can even continue to play even after you log off.
• A massive character growth system
Compared to “If!!”, you can freely increase your character’s muscle strength and combat skill, as well as develop your abilities by equipping


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Stunning visuals: A nightmarish world full of emotions, humans, and monsters with an incredible sense of depth. Vessel features realistic blood and visual effects, the environment is void of all barriers, and fierce enemies swim alongside you.
  • Brand new story: The Campaign Mode, as well as the King Art and Chapter.
  • New online play: Asynchronous multiplayer allows you to play with and against other players and travel on a shared world together.
  • More Information:

    Also available for purchase on the App Store or Google Play:

    • Vessel Official App (iOS) (Download now)
    • Vessel Google Play (Android) (Download now)
    • Vessel official website


    Vessel is a fantasy action RPG created by ImaginEngine. After launching the nationwide game “Vessel Online”, ImaginEngine nurtures the game into an art-game for whom equipment is not an accessory but a body part, and simultaneously developed a scale-up game “Vessel Official” for consoles which attracts many users.
    The Dynasty of the game is built with the detail of a complicated guild. The deepest and most intriguing topics as to what is happening in the game, and what lies within the deepest darkness, are elaborated around the player in the game, which makes the game truly stand out.
    With Vessel, ImaginEngine wants to make a world that is the best and most beautiful in the game, and to create a game world


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    – ‘Tarnished’ is easily the most interesting-looking RPG to come out for the DS. The colorful visuals, simple yet descriptive menus, and magical themes create an impressive and visually appealing play experience. The RPG genre seems perfectly suited for the DS. I was able to command three characters at once, move freely throughout the game’s maps, and save and load at will.

    – I like the concept of the game, but I wish I could stop playing it. Tarnished offers a unique formula: random encounters, automatic saving, and an always online connection. This is a bold new way of RPG gameplay, and I loved playing it. After successfully recruiting my characters into battle, the game would automatically save. This helped to create a sense of urgency around encounters in the first few hours of play, and my personal strategy evolved to focus on gathering my crew and finding hidden items.

    – Due to my online connection I was able to pick up missions directly from NPCs, such as one in which the player would be “encouraged” to attack a series of targets scattered throughout the game. This relatively simple idea has a surprising amount of scope for its simplicity. A sense of excitement and frustration rises from this simple NPC interaction. The game really didn’t require much, other than the DS motion controls for melee attacks, because I always had a sense of accomplishment when I took out the enemies I was assigned to. The fight mechanics were nice and simple, so at times the only thing I was doing was attacking, retreating, and waiting for my next mission.

    – As I finished my first few quests, the game began to frustrate me. Since the save system was automatic I had to fight harder and harder to complete my quests, which led to massive amounts of frustration. Things would only get worse. Random encounters were replaced with normal battles, but the graphics remained the same. In addition, the battles would be more difficult to succeed and miss than in previous battles, making it more difficult to master the stealth mechanics. So I had to play even harder and harder to finish the quests, only to get frustrated at being unable to complete my objectives.

    – The random encounter system really got out of hand. Enemy encounters were not really that random, but they would have a chance to turn the tide of battle. This was very frustrating, especially in the final quests where I was just fighting for survival. The random encounters were non-existent during the final quests, even though


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    1. Mount the game directory
    2. Run the C:\Program Files\Lineage2\setup.exe
    3. Follow the instructions.
    4. Run the installed setup and accept the agreement.
    5. Finish installation
    6. Wait until the game will be fully installed (about 20 minutes).
    7. Run the setup that installed the game.
    8. Go to the folder “setup” and copy the “.rpg” folder from the game directory on the disk (drive E:\ in our case).
    9. Open the folder\setu and paste the folder “.rpg” from your disk (drive E:\ in our case).
    10. Go to the folder “setup” and run it.
    11. Play the game, enjoy!

    Note: In case the game setup is not finished after step 8, go to your drive and try again.

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    How To Crack:

  • First Download the latest version of QQ3Elden Assemble from the Tonsire Release Page
  • Unzip the downloaded file and execute the file GetExecutable.bat and make the use the unlocker found in the_elden_ring_unlocker for all Files and Folders
  • Open the Unlocked Folder and Copy All Games, Settings and Resources to C:Program FilesQQ3Elden Assemble
  • Double click on Start_Elden_Assemble.exe file and enjoy
  • Elden Ring – Features:

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