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▪ The map includes the game starting areas in the settings of a multilayered story on multiple islands.
▪ Character formation has a wide range of possibilities through a system that mixes elements of both standard RPGs and action games.
▪ Combination of the exciting combat of traditional RPGs with the special moves of action games.
▪ An online match system that plays a role similar to that of PVP between players.
▪ Based on easy accessibility, the game is easy to join and quick to play.


▪ NCOTO Inc. was founded in 2014 as a company specializing in the creation of games. The company operates in both game development and publishing, focusing on game development, and currently has over thirty employees.
▪ NCOTO Inc.’s flagship game is Elden Ring, which is being released in Japan in 2019.


▪ KOGA ENTERTAINMENT INC. is a Japanese-based, independent video game publisher. The company launched in 1998.
▪ In the past, KOGA ENTERTAINMENT INC. has released a variety of games, including Bikkuriman: Ultimate Battles, Despecialized, Narcissu, and Asayan.


▪ All services that are available in the apps will be available in the game.
▪ There will be no changes to the way the game operates in the future.


1. Users will be able to freely change the gender of their character.
2. Users will be able to freely change the name of their character.
3. Players will be able to freely change the appearance of their character.
4. Users will be able to freely create their favorite colors and patterns.


▪ Opening Area Tutorial
▪ Tutorial
▪ Chapter 1: Altar of Transformation (Chapter)
▪ Chapter 2: Plane of the Elden Stone
▪ Chapter 3: Isle of the Whispers
▪ Chapter 4: Isle of the Spherical Moon


▪ The story takes place in the region of the Lands Between. The world is in chaos. A demon army known as “The Legion of the Damned” has invaded the world, and consumed the village of Woshisando. In accordance with


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Emotion-Puncturing Combat

    An exciting dynamic gameplay that can be enjoyed by both beginners and veterans. With a unique art style that makes you feel as if you are fighting the Elden Ring itself, there are numerous scenarios where you can experience classic turn-based dungeon crawler combat as well as tactics-focused online PvP.

  • Strategy-Puncturing Guild Life
  • Gather your allies and form teams and groups. An incredible “clan warfare” feature allows teams to work together even if your characters are in different locations, or if your guild members are located all over the world.

  • Multiple Classes
  • As you battle, you will choose one of the three main classes—warrior, priest, and wizard—that govern the different roles. You will also have the choice of additional character classes, including a popular support class, as you explore the vast world.

  • 24 Hours of PvP
  • Connect to an online leaderboard and enter the Elden Ring

    The Round Dima, Protagonist of the ‘Old Gods’


    IT IS a wrath that makes the world tremble. It is an old power that grips the earth and smothers the sky. IT IS magic. It is the magic that colors the land and creates the worlds. It is the magic that thunders above pillars and bursts from the earth’s core. It is the magic that gives shape to thunder and turns spirits into reality. It is the magic of the Old Gods.

    Power Roasted, it was born in a lost star through the influence of the Old Gods. This luminous power rose, blazing coldly, like a scorching flame, from the center of the earth and forged a disk around it. When it woke, the soft glow of the old light shimmered through the world, in the shape of a milky eye.
    Still enervated from the long sleep, it swept through the Land of Dima.

    Cradled by the land, this power flourished. Aided by an ancient magic, it lurched towards the sky and burst forth in a breathtaking rainbow. The dark stroke of a fist


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    import { Component, Input, OnInit } from ‘@angular/core’;
    import { LoginService } from ‘../../services/login.service’;
    import { User } from ‘../../models/user’;
    import { FormBuilder, FormGroup, Validators } from ‘@angular/forms’;
    import { Subject } from ‘rxjs’;

    selector: ‘ngx-account-login’,
    styleUrls: [‘ngx-account-login.scss’],
    templateUrl: ‘./account-login.html’,
    directives: [FormGroup]
    export class AccountLoginComponent implements OnInit {

    private emailSubject: Subject = new Subject();
    private login: FormGroup;
    private password: FormGroup;

    constructor(private fb: FormBuilder, private loginService: LoginService) { }

    login() {
    this.loginService.login(this.emailSubject, this.password, this.login.validator).subscribe(
    user =>,
    error => this.emailSubject.error(error),
    () => {
    window.location.href = ‘/login’;

    ngOnInit() { =;
    this.password = this.login.value.password;

    this.login ={
    email: [”, [Validators.required,]],
    password: [”]
    this.password ={
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    Elden Ring For Windows


    The main aim of the game is to create a character that is customized, powerful, and evolved through the progression of your character to become an appropriate character for the encounter that you are about to face.

    The game will be viewed in a side view battle screen in which the enemy is displayed at the bottom.
    You can move, attack, and use magic in the same manner as other fantasy games, and the player character has a max HP (protection point).

    A variety of weapon sets and armor that can be equipped to the player character are also available, and from the equipment you can use set of items.

    You can select and use any kind of magic when you attack the enemy.
    Selecting a magic that you have no experience with and failing will cause the game to end early, but it is also possible to use a magic that is stronger.

    After expanding your power and upgrading the player character, the battle against the enemy becomes more challenging, and the game becomes a total surprise.
    The music and voice sound effects are synchronized with the rate of your character’s attack, movement, and magic.

    It is possible to set the rate of the animation.

    The battle ends when the player character’s HP is reduced to 0.


    The inventory system allows you to freely combine a variety of weapons, armor, and magic.
    Although it is possible to equip only one weapon, it is also possible to equip two weapons.
    You can also combine armor and magic for greater effectiveness.

    When you equip your items, you can unequip them using your inventory.

    You can equip various weapons at the same time by using the item set feature.
    You can also equip the weapon and armor that you equip together.


    You can assign points to attributes that you have points for and increase the rates of those attributes.
    This allows you to have various combat styles and tactics.


    You can explore the world in which you are in to see various locations and obstacles that the map is filled with.

    There are also NPC (Non Player Character) groups, called “Saga companions” or “Captains,” that will appear in the game.
    The players of the game can help and challenge the captains.
    You can purchase the subscription for the “Last Rune” from the game studio, and join the “Saga” that you are


    What’s new:


    Developed by Mach5 with RPG Maker: Imagine game support!
    In a world in which destiny and reason intertwine, the beginner of divine organization is fighting for survival.  He sets out on his journey to defeat the demoness Eileen.
    • The Fate of Protagonist    
    Your character, a weak and mysterious high school student who lives in a village, arrives in another world where you can change its destiny by playing “RPG”. The decisions that you make determine the main story.
    • Original and Various Techniques
     • An Art of Its Own
    RPG Maker: Imagine itself
    RPG Maker: Imagine fans can easily produce RPG Maker: Imagine! games with the help of the RPG Maker: Imagine, which integrates the world of RPG Maker: Imagine with RPG Maker: Visual.  
    Simplicity Made Easy
    Enliven your games by using the voice and visual effects of RPG Maker: Visual, at a very simple setup.  
    More Fun Made Simple


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    Download “{GAME}” and Extract/Extract all files, Run it, and Install (Please note that you are allowed to unblock it if needed)


    1. Close all other applications.
    2. Right click [RCTE] on your desktop and select extract
    3. Once it extracts, double click [RCTE] on the desktop to run it
    4. Allow Unblock the.exe file if an option comes up
    5. Click the “My Games” icon to go to the game’s main page.
    6. Press Alt+G to go to the guild menu
    7. Select “Create a character”
    8. Complete the information to create your character and click create to create a new character.
    9. The character creation window will open.
    10. This step will create your character’s main and sub-character skills.
    11. At the top of the main page you should see an option to play with other players.
    12. Click on the button to connect to the game.
    13. Once the game is connected and running, your character will appear as a character in the upper left menu.
    14. Select the “Create a Hero” function from the upper menu.
    15. Once you have selected the option, you will be transported to a new screen where you can select which character you will use for the Hero.
    16. Select the character you wish to use.
    17. Note: You can share the hero creation screen with up to 4 users.
    18. Once you are happy with the character created, simply click the “Create” button.
    19. Once you click the “Create” button, your character will now be present in the upper left menu.
    20. Note: You can only use four characters at a time, and you can only use any of your character’s spells and skills while the 4 of them are in use.
    21. You can also join a guild if you so wish.
    22. Note: You can only use any of your character’s spells and skills while the 4 of them are in use.
    23. Right click the icon beside your character in the upper menu and select “Elden Ring”.
    24. You can now select the Hero that you wish to use, and change the level.
    25. Note: You


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    FIFA 16 Minimum System Requirements Minimum System Requirements Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 64-bit Processor: 1.2 GHz Processor or faster with SSE2 Support (AMD Phenom II X4 810, Intel Core i3 2100 or better) RAM: 2 GB RAM Graphics: DirectX 9 Compatible with Windows 7 video card (NVIDIA GeForce 8800, ATI Radeon HD 2600, Intel HD Graphics 2000, or better) DirectX: DirectX 9.0c Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 10 GB available space Hard Drive: 300 MB Hard Drive space Additional Notes: Kinect™


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