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The game features the thrilling Elden Ring fantasy world full of explosions, battles, and action. Rise as a Tarnished, a hero who is called upon by the gods to become a great champion. Defeat monsters to level up, and defeat your enemies by using all sorts of weapons and spells!


◆ Usual Features

Structure-less 3D Action Fantasy World

Create Your Own Character

The world is vast and open-ended. And as you explore, it becomes even more vast. In addition to customizing your character’s appearance, you can freely combine weapons and armor and develop your character according to your play style.

Epic Single-player Story

Explore and fight your way through the Lands Between!

Numerous Battles

Fight monsters and bosses of various types, and level up to be a powerful Tarnished. If you defeat all enemies in an area, you can expand and build stronger facilities, increasing your power.

Various Equipment and Magic

Equip weapons, armor, and magic of various types to become strong. When using weapons, your hands, arms, and head become beautifully stylized. When using magic, your weapons and armor become animated, following your motions.

Epic Multiplayer Action

Customize your party, form a party with 3 to 8 players, and enjoy the intense multiplayer action and role-playing gameplay that are an RPG’s core.

Disappearing Graphics: Graphics are replaced by flash for a smoother experience.

Lossless Graphics: Graphics are stored in a file in your storage, so you can easily enjoy it at anytime, even offline.

Memory Limit: N.A

Requires activation of online features at PlayStation Store.


◆ Customization

Enter a Tarnished Development Stage

Enter the Tarnished Development Stage to obtain items to customize your character.

Reinvent the RPG from the ground up

When you start playing the game, you can customize the appearance of your equipment, weapons, and spells, and it can also be freely combined.


Travel to different Regions

Travel by airship and other means to the Lands Between, where your journey continues.



Features Key:

  • Follow an Epic Drama Born from a Myth
    The player takes on the role of a character they create who is guided to the lands of the Elden Ring by the third Elder of the Elden Ring, a twisted alchemist who seeks to overthrow the righteous order of the world. Subsequent to that, you participate as part of one of three archetypes that shape the identity of the character.

    • Mystic
      • As a mystic, the player attempts to use their strong affinity with alchemy and arcane magic in a way unique to each character.
      • Defender
        • As a defender, the player uses superior strength and monster-hunting to safeguard the innocent in a corrupt world.
        • Adventuring
          • As an adventuring character, the player gains the ability to fight on their own. But along the way they are betrayed by the alchemist and become apprentices to the stranger that they follow.
    • Enter the Lands Between, an Epic Fantasy Full of Action
      The key to the land of the Elden Ring is the connection to the eternal ring, which is the beauty and misfortune of all living beings. Within this resonating land where the power of the ring pulses, you and your party fight against unseen enemies and confront the dark lord who has killed the third Elder.

      • Fast-paced & Dynamic Combat
        Defend your allies and unleash your fury to attack your enemies without mercy. Move fast and adapt to the changing dynamics of the battle and situation.

        • Battle Pulsates with Character Customization and Over-the-Top Graphics
          Decide how to customize the appearance and weapons of your characters by equipping their armor, weapons, and magic items. Feel exhilarated as you smash your enemies or feel defeated when the battle comes to an end, all the while changing the model of your character to match your mood.
      • A complex and highly-artistic plot
        A unique rich and detailed world as well as its fascinating plot that the player must uncover through their own battle within the depths of the game.

        • Unparalleled RPG that Generates Excitement as You Play


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          “We would play ELDEN as a gateway drug for JRPG addicts, though it is definitely not a JRPG. It’s not particularly easy to explain (and a lot of people have trouble with that), but ELDEN does something that’s never been done before in the genre. One, it allows you to play an open-world game with a rich world and a strong story that can be mined for multiple hours at a time. Two, it has its own unique system that’s easy to learn, yet allows for some of the deepest strategic thinking you’ll ever see in a gaming experience. Finally, it also makes every single choice matter, and none of them are indifferent. ELDEN might not be a perfect game, but it is the one that genre creators should be copying. If you’re a hardcore RPG fan or just want to experience something completely new and unrivaled, it’ll give you that and not cost the earth (unless you’re in Japan, then it’ll cost two). If it sounds interesting, go get it.”

          – Green Man Gaming

          “The game is just a pleasant looking, but also significant departure from the usual JRPG formula of bland, stale, repetitive battles that march toward a predictable end. In addition to a thrilling action gameplay system, the game is densely populated with story and lore. The game world and its many characters, objects, and story sequences are all full of color and depth. The game just feels very alive in every way.”

          – OgreHammer

          “For those of you seeking an action-oriented, fantasy-themed experience with plenty of content, Elden Ring is for you. The gameplay is fluid and interesting to the point where I’m only slightly aware that there are other people in the world I’m adventuring with. The story is deeply involving and allows for many different experiences for the player.…The game is a much better RPG than many give it credit for.”

          – GoNintendo

          “Elden Ring is a bit of a throwback to a time when the early JRPGs were RPGs first and action games came along later. There’s no world map, no point in exploring them beyond a few starting points, you don’t get to go on side quests, and combat is done through a turn-based battle system. It’s like playing a straight-up JRPG but in an action-adventure setting. The result is a game that feels old-school


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          What’s new:

          Get ready to step into a new world that you could only dream of in the past!
          ■ Edition 1.0
          ■ Release Date: September 15, 2013
          ■ Language: English
          ■ Development Quote: “My way of capturing a medium and summary of what I wanted was to make a fantasy Legend type game.”
          ■ Free trial period: Complete
          ■ Trial period: September 15 – October 31
          ■ Overview:
          ■ Play Style
          Rise, Tarnished is an action-adventure game with RPG (role-playing game) elements, where the character’s commanding is to raise in his own kingdom and to persevere in a dangerous world. In this world, you will enjoy unique quests, discover fantastic things, and play as characters who possess their own role and thought. You are free to freely choose your own type of play style and world view and to control the character using a unique menu system in order to immerse yourself in the game. Starting from the world view where you are a new arrival to a world of fantasy, rise to be an independent lord and thrive in this wilderness.
          ■ How to play
          【Basic controls】
          • Action = Movement
          This controls the main thrust of the character in the game. Either the left and right keys move the character forward or back, and the up and down keys allow raising or descending. Movement of one tile back consumes one ounce.
          • Item = Performing skills
          This controls skills that can be executed on an object or in the air. Right clicking on them allows performing them. Scrolls containing characters cannot be clicked to perform them.
          • Weapon = Fighting Skills
          This controls the active attacks during battle. Right click to perform an array of attacks. Left clicking as a counterattack and pressing the Shift key to toggle between Demon Mode and God Mode.
          • Magic = Magic Skills
          This controls the passive abilities. Pushing the Y button toggles between active and passive abilities.
          * Pressing the Y button when the character is in the air will enable the character to perform a move action.
          # When the character is surrounded by enemy fighters, press the action button to perform an attack in the frontmost fighter.

          ■ Character Skills
          • Attack: Thrust the left click button to perform an attack.
          • Item Use: Scroll of “mana” to perform a quickening magic attack. Scroll of “health” to defend against attacks.
          • Weapon Attack: Assign


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        System Requirements For Elden Ring:

        Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7
        DirectX 9.0c
        Minimum 8GB RAM
        2 GB GPU memory
        Minimum resolution: 1920×1080
        Recommended: 1920×1080
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