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Elden Ring Activation Code is an online fantasy RPG featuring online multiplayer. Set in a 3D world with stunning graphics that brings to life the story of the World of Elden, players can create a character by freely choosing features such as appearance, weapon, and armor. Develop their character by freely combining these features, which they can customize as they please. ELDEN RING is a fantasy RPG that allows players to progress through the story in a completely different way. In other words, it is a fantasy action RPG.

With the incredible battle system known as the “Elden Ring.” Players can choose from a variety of skills to attack and defend against enemies. Skills are chained together in a unique way that maximizes their effectiveness.

Players can create their own allies via other players by joining a “Pairing” club. By linking together and forming a chain, the allies can take on powerful attacks even on their own.

Although not an action RPG, the game features an Asynchronous Online Player Ver. 2.0, where players can experience the presence of others. Players can enjoy a variety of exciting events, including chest wars and the like.

While an epic drama with many characters can be experienced in a single player game, the dialogue is more in line with a fantasy novel, providing an impressive storyline and a rich setting.


■ Story

A new fantasy RPG that focuses on action. The worldwide bestselling and loved RPG Shadow of Memories is back! Join the new fantasy action RPG “Elden Ring” and enjoy the story of the Lands Between, the World of Elden, where various events occur.

■ World and Characters

A vast 3D world that brings to life the story of the Lands Between. Experience the story of the Lands Between through the eyes of diverse characters as they roam through the game’s world.

■ Characters

Vast characters that fans of Shadow of Memories or previous games will love. Create your own ally and join an adventure that changes with every step. Meet other allies with similar backgrounds and form new bonds.

■ Skill

With over 20 skills and magic, players can freely combine these to create their own combat style. Using the same sequences as the heart-thumping action RPG “Sen no Kizuna” and the emotion-packed fantasy RPG “Sen no Kiseki,”


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • The main product of SHIGUA from the Tokyo Game Show 2015 grand prize winning game
  • A fast-paced action RPG that combines the elements of accessible gameplay with cinematic storytelling to create a game that feels like a short play
  • A familiar fantasy action RPG with a classic asymmetric PvP system that instills a sense of unique competition
  • Deep customization of characters that allow for the creation of a character that fully embodies your ideals and characteristics
  • A deeper and more engaging gameplay experience that can be enjoyed with or without teammates
  • Frequent events and quests to advance the story, allowing for deep immersion in the fantasy world

    Product Name



    PC (Windows)

    Release Date



    1400 yen



    System requirements

    OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista

    CPU: Intel® Pentium®4 of 1.60 GHz or higher

    RAM: 512MB or higher

    HDD: 200MB or higher

    Video: 1.3GB GeForce 7800 or higher

    Sound card: 32bit Direct X7 sound card

    Keyboard: English keyboard

    Internet: Broadband Internet connection

    Additional notes

    Adventure Log
    *The reproduction or copying of this data is strictly prohibited!

    Elden Ring Settings

    If you play for the very first time, please make sure that your internet connection is sufficient. In the online match, the number of active players will be displayed on your screen. The full viewable information can only be displayed on the game’s basic settings page.

    During the launch of the product, it may be necessary


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    “A valid fantasy adventure that I greatly enjoyed.”

    “An excellent game that easily becomes addictive with its own unique take on the gameplay.”

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    “The gameplay is not that different from other fantasy RPGs, but the game’s charm and charm characters are enough to make me appreciate it. I enjoyed it very much.”

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    “An exciting exploration RPG with a lot of charm.”

    “It has the feel of a classic fantasy RPG. I have a lot of fun playing this game, and I find the plot very interesting. I also appreciate the game’s variety.”

    “The game’s world is very large, and the world map is full of charm.”

    “A nice fantasy adventure that I thoroughly enjoyed. The game’s world is huge, and you can travel a lot during the quest. It has a unique charm, and I had a lot of fun.”

    “A game that is very easy to play, is very interesting, and has a lot to offer, and I have a lot of fun with it. I like the way the characters communicate with each other, and I also like the graphics.”

    “The game has a very interesting and large world and has a lot of charm. I had a lot of fun playing it. I particularly like the way its characters talk.”

    “A dark story that has a variety of interesting characters.”



    Elden Ring For Windows [2022-Latest]

    ① Develop yourself and be guided by grace to achieve the ultimate goal of becoming an Elden Lord
    ② Explore the vast world and collect resources
    ③ Fight with others in the open and in online multiplayer


    Mordin: A young man living alone in a small town. A man who left the rich life of the Republic of Ebel and set off on a journey of self-discovery in the barren and lifeless Lands Between.

    Thol-Grish: The Lord of the Rings

    Aragorn: Chosen of destiny as the wielder of the sword, although he does not have the strength to protect the world. He is an outcast from his people.

    Elden Lords: These are legendary heroes who have survived the collapse of the Seven Realms. They have come together to become the core of a new organization called the Elden Ring.





    * For the sake of the game’s balance, all items that are not required for the beginning of the game will be removed upon completion.
    – ACT 1

    Welcome to the very first chapter of the Elden Ring story. You will see Mordin talking to you in the game. The First time you play the game, you will be given the Dragon’s Blood and Dragon’s Scale. This is the beginning of your adventure. You may now begin the game.

    – ACT 2

    Continue to the next chapter. You will be given the Scales of the Seven Realms and the Ring of Elite. There are many things to do here. So, there are many routes you can take. You can learn more about the story and set the course of your adventures. Once you leave, you will be given the details of the story.

    – ACT 3

    Upon accepting a contract from the Lord of the Ring, you will be required to go to the center of the Seven Realms. There you will be tasked with the Gilreath Plains to take over the Crystal Snake and the Foobar Beacon of the Dark Moon.

    – ACT 4

    When you have completed your contract with the Seven Realms, you will be required to go to Arlin. There you will find the Sheep


    What’s new:

    The wait is finally over. The new action RPG THE ELDEN RING is finally out.

    NOTICE: THE ELDEN RING is playable without being downloaded for free.
    Until the launch of the game in March 2015, the FINAL FANTASY DREAM CAST member playable characters for THE ELDEN RING are going to be posted on this channel for you to enjoy.
    The playable characters will be the Lightsworn, the Dwarves, the Elf, and the Dark Elf.
    (Please enjoy them while they are available.)

    However, a load of extra character images will be uploaded on special occasions.
    That will be done when the loveable KIRA (Airen) is playable.

    The Player Character’s Dream will be available for all Skill Levels.

    ★ Info about The Player Character’s Dream:
    ★ Info about the new HQ/Boss Skill/ChocoboSkill:
    ★ Info about Skills in the World:
    ★ Info about the Origins of the Character:



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    Elden Ring Game is a Fantasy Action RPG!


    Elden Ring Game is a Fantasy Action RPG! The game takes place in the land where the atmosphere is quite different from other fantasy role playing games.

    You are a Tarnished Lord!

    The story of this fantasy RPG starts in a place where the life ends before birth. At this time, in the land the atmosphere is quite different from other fantasy role playing games.

    5 years ago, the land rose.

    The land of Aauron, the spiritual stronghold of Gun Danden, was suffering a civil war.

    The territory of the Child’s Stone was attacked by enemies.

    The land of Aauron was destroyed. It continued to deteriorate under the rule of usurpers who brought destruction and chaos to the land. Many of the citizens of the land became strangers to themselves.

    By the time a new invasion was announced, there were very few voices to oppose them. The Witch Danden, the former ruler of the Child’s Stone, was not an easy person to deal with.

    However, the people of Gun Danden were not evil.

    People from other lands tried to invade the Child’s Stone.

    Dangerous plans were even being devised by Gun Danden.

    This led to a war between the Child’s Stone and Gun Danden.

    To the end, the life in Gun Danden was wasted in an endless conflict with the Child’s Stone. A new incident of a new ruler from outside the Child’s Stone involved in starting a war with a rival country!

    Elden Ring Game is a Fantasy Action RPG!

    The most important thing to remember is that the enemy is Gun Danden!

    Elden Ring Game is a Fantasy Action RPG!

    System Requirements:


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

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  • Hi guys,i have some autorun.inf files so i need it.I use the wintools tool but i can’t segfault bugs.when i run wintools it just working ok…What can i do?!

    Sometimes for example i press “space” in va INIT.exe and fcrunt.inf.When i run wintools second time it is scipt file name fcrunt.inf.autorun that problems.I just need the versions beta1.1.In our forum ubuntu on ps3 use BURNER 🙂

    Hi, so I just recently released a new build with a known issue that a few people were having. Everytime I run the installation through the wintools program it says that It is finished installing, but when I try to run it I get the (EGS ERROR: RE.) And it looks like it is going through the installation, I even checked my back up file, and it has not been modified since I created it, that is, it has not been modified from when I installed it. I am trying to install it through ( a new installation program I created by me), the link I provided is Does anyone know what i can do about this? I am at my wits end, please help me, i did really enjoy playing this game….. love it :] lol

    Hi, so I just recently released a new build with a known issue that a few people were having. Everytime I run the installation through the wintools program it says that It is finished installing, but when I try to run it I get the (EGS ERROR: RE.) And it looks like it is going through the installation, I even checked my back up file, and it has not been modified since I created it, that is, it has not been modified from when I installed it. I am trying to install it through ( a new installation program I created by me), the link


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP (32-bit/64-bit)
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8600
    Memory: 2 GB
    Graphics: 1 GB VRAM
    Hard Drive: 4 GB
    DirectX: Version 9.0c
    Additional Notes: Needed for multiplayer
    Processor: Intel Core i5/i7
    Memory: 4 GB


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