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Elden Ring is a new fantasy action RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

Key Features

— Type: Adventure Action RPG with Offline Multiplayer.

◆ Multiplayer System

A rich online experience where you can directly connect with others. Additionally, you can play even if you are not in the same location as others using a Web Browser.

◆ Adventure System

A combination of the best elements of the RPG series and an action experience. The game features beautiful graphics and a unique dungeon exploration system.

◆ Weapon System

A combination of RPG and action elements. You can freely change your weapon depending on the situation.

◆ Character Evolution

Many variations in the form of weapons and armor are available for your character. Can you be the strongest in the world?

◆ Magic System

A wide range of spells is waiting to be cast. Can you believe in a world where spells exist?

◆ Attack Style

The development team has faithfully followed the original manga, making you feel the original anime. You can also directly attack your enemies with skillful and precise attacks.

◆ Deception and Seduction System

You can open your heart and hand to a certain character. Will you be able to win the affection of the girl of your choice?

◆ Adventure Sync with Offline Multiplayer

When the game is played online, the beautiful music and the fantastic voice cast can be heard all together.

◆ Fantasy Adventure with an Offline System

You can freely move around the various fields to experience a thrilling adventure.

◆ Dominating a Small World with a Powerful Skill Tree System

You can freely change the direction of your attack with the skills that you gain. The skills that can be acquired are truly limitless.

◆ Feel the Presence of Others

By connecting to the Internet, you can feel the presence of others in other areas. You can challenge them to join you in battle.

◆ System of the Original Anime and Manga

The game faithfully reproduces the battle scenes from the manga.


Features Key:

  • A World Breathtakingly Rich with Intricate Details (Classic RPG)
  • Combat Action with Tactical Control (Action RPG)
  • Assaulting Bosses Full of Drama (Action RPG)
  • A Story Spun with Interest Full of Emotions (RPG)
  • An Online Experience Full of Excitement (Action RPG)
  • The main feature of ENEMY LEVEL is the fact that it runs through the whole story. Each mission is designed to be played through in a single sitting.

    The mission structure is made of several styles. Each style has its own style of mission. 1 style of missions is used for each play through the story. When all the missions are completed, the New Game + style of play is selected.

    EGS provides new style of each play through story.

    New Types of style of play in ENEMY LEVEL:

    • Mission Block: The game is divided into a series of blocks. Each block will complete all the missions in that type. Thus, it is necessary to play through the missions in order. Importantly, after the mission that uses unique style of play is completed, the mission blocks can be exchanged at any time. Furthermore, after the mission block is completed, the game will send you to an error screen. Under this circumstance, the game does not know if the mission is completed or not.
    • Story Slicing: All of the missions are played in the order in which they appear in the game. The player is able to change the order of the missions when necessary.
    • New Game +

    The first mission can be played using the Mission Block play style. Each mission provides the background story of the mission. The second mission is the battle.

    New Modes of play, other than the mission modes:

    • Escape: When the player takes too long to finish the missions, he may escape from the area where he is.
    • Auto: The player can freely activate the microphone to announce the completion of missions.
    • Reserve Area:


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      Blood Omen: Director’s Cut VN English Translation Available on PS4 for $10US

      This week, we’re bringing you an official English translation of Blood Omen: Director’s Cut, a PS4 title developed by the well-known VN developer White Fox, which is to say it’s a VN of the highest caliber. The English localization for Blood Omen: Director’s Cut on PS4 was done by the LGL, a developer which has produced some of the best VNs and RPG games in recent years, and it’s definitely a title that will make you laugh at the best and cry the worst.

      If you’re still not sure if you should pick up this VN, well, it’s probably better if you read the whole review first. As the developer wants us to mention, this is not an easy VN to translate, as Blood Omen does not follow the traditional routes and a translation in itself is worth a read (for those of you who’d like to learn a bit more about Blood Omen: Director’s Cut).

      As Blood Omen is a sequel to the 2015 title Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, the main protagonist, Kain, is now a third-year student at the Ebon Academy and you’ll most likely recognize him from the Legacy of Kain series. As for his partner in crime, Deacon, he’s still the same as when we last seen him. We also have Elizabeth, an Italian-American girl who serves as one of the main characters in the story. You’ll find that much of this story is quite familiar as if you read the previous translation of Blood Omen (Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain).

      Kain is a playable character in this VN but apart from his normal dialogue, in certain scenes he will also make use of voice lines. The voice lines are well-written and although they’re a bit like a storyteller telling his tale, they’re voiced with various accents and dialects. One thing I really liked about these voice lines is that they can be triggered using the touch screen


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      Black Sky is a new Fantasy RPG/Action that will be released in Q2 2014, and we’d like to take the time to share a detailed look at the game with all of our fans.

      Thus far, Black Sky has been released into three demo versions, and we can’t wait to see your new fantasy action RPG Black Sky live and grow with you.

      Let’s begin!


      * All the REAL FEATURES of Black Sky!
      * An amazing world that is the culmination of fantasy and adventure!
      * A T-shaped story of a hero leading a hero’s life!
      * Capture many dungeons, create your own characters, and experience the action!
      * System-wide dynamic battle!
      * All important information added to the game!
      * Special bonus items such as extra drops, rewards from events, and support materials!
      * Enjoy your time and find a vivid world that you want to share with friends through Black Sky!

      Here we are.

      ◆An exciting and immense world
      Our game, “Black Sky”, is planned to be available in summer 2014. To be more specific, it will be released in Q2. As you can see, we’ve created an awesome fantasy world.

      Please take a look at the features of the game in detail:

      ◆World and Ecosystem

      The main world is roughly 300 square kilometers. Furthermore, the game is designed to be expanded and shaped through mapping. It consists of a huge and diverse world and the most exciting gameplay.


      The localization will be completed by translators with the consideration of the entire world and its story. Please wait patiently for further details!

      ◆Well-Balanced World

      The well-balanced world, which was the result of a long-standing effort, is achieved by taking into consideration the various elements of the world and balancing them to a high degree. It is an action RPG that will introduce a whole new scale of excitement and adventures to those who are looking for a new fantasy experience.

      ◆Characters and Heroes

      Those who have always admired the fantasy novels of J.R.R. Tolkien will recognize the story of the characters. They are warriors that live in the world of magic, and they have a deep and rich life story.



      What’s new:

      • Player Speech
      Player speech is supported. When interacting with NPCs or other players, you can choose various path options from the menu

      • PvP (Player VS. Player)
      Many people have been asking for a PvP mode in Tarnished since the launch of the game. Moreover, we thought that PvP would be a fun setting for the player to set foot into a multilayered story. Recently, when the new character creation system was made available, we decided to add PvP for the character creation system to keep the game interesting long after the launch of the game.

      • Stable Game Experience
      We have been working on the game for some time in the field of optimization for stable game progress and are now offering the best support to battle against chatty players who break the game. (Made a note as it might not be as stable for newer players that might not know how to deal with this type of situation.)

      Look forward to receiving your feedback about vie!

      • Amazing Graphics Featuring Second Generation Graphics
      Saying that, the game will still look amazingly good on older devices. As for the newest devices, the graphics are the next generation graphics.

      • Enjoy the Highly Detailed Artwork
      As for the gameplay itself, it will offer a very thrilling fantasy action adventure and, as for the graphics, they are the second generation graphics.

      Rockin’ locations!
      Explore the lands between! Now that you’ve finished the tutorial in the secret dungeon, it’s time to dive right into the races and classes there! Can you become a player with full stats and a plethora of skills?

      • Risen Sun Race!
      If you grind as hard as you dare, you might be able to earn some Rupees and item bags in the Risen Sun Race!

      • Ascended Classes
      There are new classes in Rise. Players will be able to choose among the Human, Elf, Undead and Barbed Angels races upon discovering the eight Ascended Classes and learn the game that can be different from other classes.

      The Six Classes


      Download Elden Ring

      1.Extract the downloaded game.
      2.Play and enjoy.
      3.If you play in offline, there is a FREE-MOGGING option in “SETTING” option.

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      How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

      System Requirements

      Operating System:

      Windows 10, 8.x, or 7 (64-bit versions only)

      Processor: Intel Core i3/Core i5/Core i7/Core 2 Duo/Core 2 Quad/Sandy Bridge/Atom/etc..Processor

      RAM: 2GB or more

      Hard Disk:

      Random-Access Memory: 16 GB or more

      Video Card: Intel HD 3000 series/AMD Radeon HD3xxx/etc..or equivalent Graphics

      Sound Card: DirectX Compatible or Windows 7 (32-bit)

      Other Requirements (Hard Drive, Internet):

      Bonza (included with game)
      LWGameExe (


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