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• Swipe across the bottom of the screen to control your character.

• Tap on the upper-right area of the screen to run.

• Tap on the lower-right area of the screen to use a skill.

• Tap on an enemy to attack it.

• The C.R.U.D.T.S system is used for special attacks.

• You can use the C.R.U.D.T.S system to increase the power of your special attacks when you near a TP node.

• You can also activate C.R.U.D.T.S to increase your speed and use skills.

• You can release your C.R.U.D.T.S by using special attacks or running fast.

• You can use special attacks to release C.R.U.D.T.S. that have been activated.

• You can use skills during battle.


• Attack

• Throw

• Counter

• Evade

• Block

• Defend

• Parry

• Counter Parry

• Break

• Steal

• Quick Change

• Ultimate Limit Break

• Combo Breaks

• Gem Crafting

• Masteries

• Equipment

• Obelisk

You can get various equipment through the course of your adventure. You can use various equipment depending on the situation to change the power of your skills and special attacks.

Innate Skills:

• Undaunted (Equip Shield)

• Enhanced Endurance (Equip Halo)

• Rapid Recovery (Equip Recovery Potion)

• Thick Hide (Equip S.T.A.R.P)

• Unwavering Steps (Equip Armor)

• Steadfast Eyes (Equip Sphere)

• Barrier Field (Equip Barrier)

• Skill Field (Equip Spell S.S.T.E.M)

• Crystal Bind (Equip Trap S.S.T.E.M)

• Momentum Field (Equip Sentry Field)

• Absorption Field (Equip Reflection Field)

• Skill Enhancement (Equip Orb)

• Vertical Flight (Equip Fly Spell)

• Power Enhancement (Equ




Features Key:

  • Paying
    • To start the game, you need to purchase the game.
    • You can purchase the game with Contents (cash on hand) or via CASH Shop.
    You may use money acquired from other sources, such as gift cards (Eve’s Wing or PlayStation®Plus membership), discounts on other games (FINAL FANTASY XV, FINAL FANTASY XIII-2), as well as in-game items and services. However, if you wish to transfer the amount of the purchase to the game, you must purchase the game again with the amount of that transfer.
    The maximum amount of money you can use when purchasing the game is ¥800. You can use the money in advance or store in your memory in your account.
  • Daily Dungeons
    • In addition to story, there are two new dungeons which you can complete in the game each day.
  • New Dungeon
    • In addition to Story Dungeon, it is coming soon.
  • Customization
    • 24 user costumes are available.
    • You may create an outfit for your character that can be enjoyed in the world of Elden Ring.
    • In addition, a wide variety of weapons, armor, and magic are available.
    • You can change your color, furniture, and decor. You may enjoy yourself in the realm of Elden Ring.
    • You may change your character’s face in line with the game’s theme.
    • The characters’ eyes and heads can be moved, etc. Customizations can be enjoyed as you visit different locations.
  • Voiced English-Language Support
    • This is a game developed for global audiences, so we decided to include Japanese text. However, we support English and other languages in the game.
    • For more information, please visit: >

  • New Field
    • The various field in the game will be filled with new fields, particularly large-scale landscapes such as forests and mountains, novel fountains, and gorgeous ruins.
  • Enhancements
    • Players will be able to enjoy game services (Party & Companion etc) in the world of Elden Ring


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    Honestly like the game im not sure of if im buying but i like that it has voice chat for when players join a game

    Reviews TES series

    Hi there!

    I’m the author of this review, and I’m a fan of the TES series of games. I also believe it’s really important to give a review of a game to show my appreciation to the developers who worked so hard on this masterpiece of gameplay, production quality, and world design.

    Experience a majestic world of adventure. Experience a challenging story that will leave you breathless. Experience everything about the vibrant and powerful world of Telara in this epic fantasy RPG. Build your character, drive off to battle on the road of destiny, and discover what lies in the Lands Between.

    Saw this on steam today with the box it came in:

    Have played a few hours and so far I’m pleased. Currently doing a free trial campaign and it would be wise to buy it.


    – Voice over for characters

    – All the features that Dark Souls 3 has (aside from a few added features like mark scavengers)

    – Contains music from the original titles of the TES series


    – Multiplayer is lacking compared to Dark Souls 3

    – No online/multiplayer at all. You can only play with local players, not those from far away.

    – Some difficulty level may be a little hard

    – Design is horrible. The world layout and cartography are horrible. For some reason the world is split up into regions called the Lands Between and they are literally the single named and unconnected regions. For anyone with the slightest bit of gameplay sense, it is pretty clear you have no idea how the world is laid out.

    All in all if you’ve played Dark Souls 3, you’ll love the TES games in general and so the music, storyline, and characters are a safe bet. But if you’ve never played a TES game before, this game is perfect for you because it takes the most exciting parts of the TES series and adds an amazing storyline to it. You can also get the original soundtrack for the game so you can listen to it.

    Every game in the TES series is fun, but if you’ve never played one before, you’ll most likely enjoy that game


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    A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.


    Overview of Each Dungeon

    Each dungeon is linked to open fields and has a variety of situations. Here are explanations on the differences between a dungeon that has an open field, a dungeon that has multiple floors, a dungeon that has a ceiling, a dungeon that has a wall, and a dungeon that has special conditions.

    Depending on where you are, you may be able to escape a dungeon. If you are running out of stamina, your stamina will drop. When your stamina is below 50%, you will be unable to move until you have a chance to recover your stamina. At this point, there are a few things you can do. You can use your skill to recover stamina, or you can wait for it to regain its strength.

    You can use your skill to recover your stamina by pressing left on the D-pad. Let’s say you are facing a dungeon with a wall. You can try to use your skill to recover your stamina, but your skill will not be able to reach a distance of 50% of the wall’s height. You will have to move away and try to use your skill again. Do you want to move away and try again? Or do you want to rush forward and see what happens? Regardless of your choice, you will lose your stamina that way.

    If you go into a dungeon that has multiple floors, your party may be unable to climb up to a higher floor. In this case, the number in the upper right corner of the dungeon screen will display the number of floors there are. If there is a wall, your party may not be able to climb up the wall. If this happens, you can select the left arrow or right arrow. Or you can move out of the way and avoid being knocked down. Of course, you will lose stamina at that time.

    For a dungeon that has a ceiling, you cannot go to the middle of the dungeon. However, if you go to the middle of the dungeon, you will be able to see the entire dungeon. You can use your skill to get to the middle of the dungeon. However, if the dungeon has multiple floors, the number of floors that you can see will decrease. Also, when you use your skill to go to the middle of the dungeon, you will lose stamina.


    What’s new:


    Testing Playtime!

    Despite being in Alpha development for some time, a new chapter of the game is ready for testing. Your warriors will face the gallant Fireguard with whom they will fight for honor and glory in the Battle of Zamor. During the six week testing period, everyone will be able to meet all the Fireguard at once. The test area will be periodically closed to new players, to prevent accidental players from level 1.

    If you are one of the testers, we would appreciate it if you could rate the game (to the best of your ability), leave comments, or voice any bugs that you may find. Please email us directly via our forums if you have any questions or ideas.

    If you would like to join the testing, you can email us via the forums, and we will ask your availability.

    On Saturday, January 21st 2015, Ryan Lally released his alpha version of the online part of the game for updating and testing. Ryan Lally has served as the lead game designer on The Path of the Elden Ring since its beginning.

    Current Status
    0.9.1 is still a WIP. We are focusing on fixing the last remaining bugs, and preparing to expand the game again.

    New Features
    You may now learn all the special paths in the game. This will remove the need to rush through the game in order to get all the lore. The full focus will be to the game itself. There is nothing to worry about, as the game is less linear now and the path system is less strict.

    Remaining Items
    Items with Prismatic Bond, such as equipment, have been fixed, and are ready to be added to the store.

    World 2
    Players may now pick a path and take a side, rather than choosing a side randomly.

    Many thanks for testing
    Thanks to everyone who has been testing up until now. We have received a


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    • Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 10
    • (Dual-Core 1.4 GHz processor or higher)
    • (2 GB RAM)
    • (2 GB free hard disk space)
    • (DirectX 10.0c)
    • Internet Explorer® 10.0 or Firefox® 34 or Chrome® 49 or later
    • (Mac® OS X® Yosemite® 10.10 or later)
    Download and Install the Game
    Please visit
    *To continue


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