Today, a major piece of your social life will be technology. Whether you’re carrying around your cell phone or Tweeting from home, you will be sharing your every move with strangers and, on occasion, people you know. After all, friends don’t let friends go bankrupt, and your friends probably have friends too. What better way to keep tabs on them, and on the people they know? Whether your goal is to meet new people or get laid, check out the apps, tricks and tools that can make your dating life more convenient and less awkward.

The Most Incredible ‘Matchmaker’ App The Dating App Hello Profiles’ host of scientists and statisticians are already toiling on how to find love for us using data from the hundreds of thousands of strangers on this app, which matches users of this app with others according to five dimensions of personality, preferences and interests. With only a few swipes, you can instantly connect with someone and start communicating with the hopes of falling in love. Whether you are looking for someone in a similar age range or a candidate for a long-term relationship, you can find someone who comes close. Launch the app on your iPhone and connect with others and use the viewing feature to browse through our huge database of users. If you want to connect with another user that is currently online, hit the jump for all the details. The app is free to download. How it works 1. Create a profile and fill out details (name, date of birth, gender, relationship status, location, height and weight) 2. Link your Facebook to the app and fill in your favorite music 3. Upload a photo of yourself as your profile picture 4. Browse profiles and start making connections with friends of friends who you think are ‘hot’ 5. Introduce yourself to these people on the app, which allows you to see which users are interested in talking to you

Also, setting a list of criteria for who you are looking for makes finding your perfect match much easier. Learn more about the app here. While Facebook and Twitter are great tools for keeping in touch with your family and friends, finding a date on these sites isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to do. Facebook’s recent introduction to profile pages, however, is a godsend for meeting new people. Now, if you’re looking for someone who has a certain interest, you can find a group of people who share that interest, talk to them and join their group.

Another way to meet
The internet has been a boon for finding a new significant other; all you need to do is put up a profile and wait for someone to approach you. Online dating can be a bit of a minefield if you’re not careful, however. “Your matches may look like they’re the person you’ve been waiting for—at first, they are,” warns Justin Lehmiller, author of the book, Man Whore. “Yet, often as a couple begins to date, their true colors come out, and they reveal the real reasons why they were looking for a relationship in the first place.”

Don’t be afraid to stray from the norm.

1. If your standards are high and you already have a lot going on in your life, you might as well save yourself the time of dating someone who has a crazy job and a bad social life.

2. When dating, be aware that your best qualities can also be your worst.

3. If you’re online dating, then you are used to the idea of putting yourself out there. If you’re dating, however, you still have to put on the clothes you put on for work, shower, shave, and put on makeup—all things that can seem less important after a few cocktails.

4. Letting yourself be intimate for the first time can be scary, but it also helps to relax, says Andrea Meltzer, a sex therapist and author of 50 Sex Secrets Women Don’t Want You to Know. “Seeing someone nude is an act of courage and vulnerability, and it also gives you something to look forward to—it’s fun to be done with being clothed, and you can’t do that on a first date,” she says.

5. You might not have a shot at dating your dream partner, but it never hurts to have a try. “Do a few online dating sites,” says psychologist Dr. Helen Fisher, “and have a few dates before settling on one. It’s more fun to find the right match for you than to settle for anyone—even if you have to be satisfied that ‘anyone’ turns out to be a good friend or a non-romantic partner.”

6. Mixing business and pleasure should be a casual affair. “I only do dinner dates and first-class hotels,” says Hunter J. Carter, a business guy who finds dating exhausting. “I don’t want to waste my money on lavish meals or drinks or anything else that is not beneficial to

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