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Brothers Tanvir (Taqeer Hasan) and Shaleen (Shilpa Tulani) lives a very happy and lucky life with their parents Farrukh (Neeraj Sane) and Rashima (Reema Lagoo). Rashima was in her final year of Medical College, while her husband’s career lies in sales force. He was seeking a bachelor’s degree. Tanvir has also completed his B.Sc in science. They had two children. She won’t be able to join them when she completes her degree but she is doing her best to serve them. One of the great moments is when Tanvir and Shaleen’s father Farrukh makes them a surprise marriage on their birthday. They thank her for spending her life with her husband. Rashima makes the best out of everything, she is the perfect wife for Tanvir, she helps him all the time, she gives the most correct advice to him, and is always there to guide and support them. She performs her duties as a wife, mother and a graduate student very well. Rashima is absolutely an ideal wife for Tanvir. Their bond is really strong and supportive. Also, Shaleen’s sister Sarah (Mandi Dubey) understands that her sister’s marriage with her brother is not just a dream, but it is a wonderful dream.
After completing her studies, Rashima completes work in a couple of days. But her husband’s company fails and company is closed. But Rashima and Tanvir’s only dream is to provide them and their children the best of all, she wants to go back to college for her doctorate and for Tanvir to continue his career. Neither of them is at the position to make this dream come true. Their mother Rashima, who earned some money, lends them that money, so that they can continue their education.
Shaleen and Tanvir go into college in the same college as Rashima. Their college friends keep calling them and asking for news about Rashima’s health. They lie to them that Rashima is preparing for the entrance examination. They both pass with flying colors. Rashima decides to join her husband’s company, as it is the best place for her to grow and be herself. Her struggle will be to live with her husband and children. Rashima wants to serve them to the best of her abilities, she wants to be an ideal wife and mother.
The elder sister Sarah helps Rashima immensely in front of


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