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Samsung is one of the most popular mobile phone manufacturers in the world, and since users throughout the globe purchase their handsets on a regular basis, it comes as no surprise that they also developed dedicated computer tools to manage mobile data via PCs. Samsung Kies Mini is such a software solution.
Only dedicated to a few models
As suggested by its title, it is a minimalist version of Samsung Kies, as it features fewer functions than the full edition. The main difference resides in the fact that Samsung Kies Mini can only be used with certain phone models (such as Vibrant, Captivate or Infuse), whereas Samsung Kies is compatible with a wider range of devices.
In order to benefit from the functions of Samsung Kies Mini, users need to connect their phones via USB cable to the computer, then wait until the application displays the available updates for the exact phone model. Users can choose to apply all or only part of the offered upgrades, depending on their choice.
Charge before use to prevent damage
The handset's battery needs to be fully charged – installing or updating new apps on the phone typically puts a strain on it, and insufficiently charged battery might prevent the process from completion. One also needs to keep in mind that they should not disconnect the phone from the computer until Samsung Kies Mini displays a message that the process has finished (otherwise, the handset might become inoperable).
Create a backup to be on the safe side
Before updating the phone's apps or firmware, it is recommended to create a backup just in case issues occur – thus, users can be sure that their data is not lost during the update process (including contacts, messages or multimedia files).
Furthermore, rebooting the phone is expected behavior, so users need not panic about this – once the update is completed and the Idle Screen of the phone is displayed, the handset can be disconnected from the computer and users can start exploring the new apps and features installed on their device, just as expected.
To end with
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Samsung Kies Mini is a handy alternative for its bigger brother, but only if your device is found on the list of supported ones. Keeping firmware and drivers up to date can prevent unexpected crashes, so you might want to give this utility a try.







Samsung Kies Mini Crack + [Mac/Win] (Latest)

Pre-installed on every Samsung mobile device
By connecting your phone to a PC, you can easily transfer contacts, SMS messages, emails and more. The Mobile Connect service makes it easy to transfer photos and videos, too.

Connect the phone to the PC using the cable
Connect the phone to the computer using the provided cable. Then click the button on the main window to activate the connection.

Update the phone
Connect your phone to the PC again. Then click Update in the top right corner. You can update the phone via Wi-Fi or Direct Connection to the computer.

Are you a Samsung user?

Yea it actually is a piece of junk.
I bought Samsung Captivate and after doing everything the phone detected error and I couldn’t even start it up. I took to Samsung technical support and they told me to call Samsung HQ to exchange the SIM card with new one. I went to Samsung’s website and it told me that I need to download an app before I can access any of the functions. So I downloaded the app and it starts the process but after a while I get a message saying that the app is not correctly working and to check the phone. The guys at Samsung support told me to just use Samsung Kies Mini For Windows 10 Crack and it would detect all the changes and start the process for me. Well, I tried it and it didn’t detect any change, I cannot update anything. So I tried to contact Samsung support again and I heard that Samsung didn’t approve the app.
Samsung Kies Mini Crack is a dead app and it sucks big time.


Samsung Kies Mini is great, simple, easy to use and detects updates


May 29, 2013

By: Julie Smith


Samsung Kies Mini is a great application, in my opinion. I used it as a ‘control center’ when I upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7. I have had no problems since I started using it. It’s simple, easy to use and is great when you first get your phone.


It doesn’t work


May 28, 2013

By: Angel


I have the Samsung Captivate and when I download the Samsung Kies Mini app to Windows Vista 32 bit everything works fine. When I click the Update button it shows a message that Windows cannot connect to the phone. I still

Samsung Kies Mini Crack + With License Code Download

Kies Mini is a software application that lets you interact with your Samsung…

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Samsung Kies Mini 2022 Crack is a software application that lets you interact with your Samsung…

Samsung Kies Mini Review

This software may be free, but after the initial small rebate, you’ll find most of the functionality and 3.7 stars worth of details are proprietary to Samsung, and to the plans and features of that phone.

Samsung Kies Mini was included with the Samsung Infuse, a phone that arrived with the later version of the TouchWiz UI, so it was nice to see how Samsung has improved the application over its previous version.

It’s not a bad freebie, but the experience and features of Kies Mini and the Infuse cannot be compared. Kies Mini is a stripped-down version of Samsung’s proprietary application, supporting about 150 Samsung phones for Android-powered phones.

You can only use Kies Mini with the Samsung Infuse, and the features don’t compare very well with Samsung’s own proprietary version, called Samsung Kies. Kies Mini does support many useful features and things, however.

Kies Mini Tips

1. It’s not fun to use if you aren’t familiar with Samsung phones. If you’re looking for a lot of variety, don’t use Kies Mini on the Infuse or any other Samsung phone.

2. When you install Kies Mini, it will find the phone that it’s connected to – and will display the most current version of the phone’s software. Use this to check the version number of the phone, but only do so periodically. After installing, you can either tell Kies Mini to check for updates periodically, or you can tell it to start updating automatically.

3. Although Kies Mini is free, it displays a message when it finds an update. It’s best to restart the phone after an update to make sure it is working correctly.

4. If Kies Mini fails to install the update, it will show you what needs to be done. Many times, you will simply need to restart the phone, but sometimes you’ll need to reboot it to remove the user profile.

5. Updates are usually released every six months, but the length of time

Samsung Kies Mini Product Key Free Download [Mac/Win]

Samsung Kies Mini is a standalone, lightweight data backup and management tool. It allows you to connect your Samsung phone via USB cable and recover backup files of images, videos, messages, applications and so on for the phone. This utility helps you make a backup copy of your phone’s settings, contacts and messages before updating. In other words, you can access your phone’s data stored on your PC in order to avoid losing it if there is a major system crash and your phone becomes inoperable.
Below are some of the main features of Samsung Kies Mini:
√Connects your Samsung phone to the computer via USB cable to backup the phone’s data (includes pictures, messages and so on).
√Supports phone models: Captivate, Centro, Fascinate, Galaxy Beam, Galaxy S II mini, Galaxy Tab 8.9, Infuse, Infuse 4G, Infuse 4G LTE, Infuse Player, Infuse TV, Infuse Ultra, MyBell, P920, P1120, P1122, P1124, P1125, P1130, P1500, P3030, P5000, P9000, P9030, P9050, P9060, P9031, P9050, P9060, P9070, P9100, P9100, P9000, P9030, P9050, P9060, P9070, P9100, P9100, P9000, P9030, P9050, P9060, P9070, P9100, P9100, P9000, P9030, P9050, P9060, P9070, P9100, P9100, P9000, P9030, P9050, P9060, P9070, P9100, P9100, P9000, P9030, P9050, P9060, P9070, P9100, P9100, P9000, P9030, P9050, P9060, P9070, P9100, P9100, P9000, P9030, P9050, P9060, P9070, P9100, P9100, P9000, P9030, P9050, P9060, P9070, P9100, P9100, P9000, P9030, P90

What’s New In Samsung Kies Mini?

Even though the full edition of this tool can be found as a free download on the official website, Samsung Kies Mini features reduced functions, as it is optimized for mobile phone features only (rather than including PC features, such as emailing or connection to the Internet).
Under certain conditions, you will find it useful, but if you work for a company that uses a handset from different manufacturer, you can decide whether to have this software on your personal computer or not.

Samsung Kies Mini is a simple utility to update firmware, because it is compatible with only a few mobile device brands. The developer asks that you should better uninstall the full edition if you are using it for more than one smartphone.

By the way, we have been using Samsung Kies Mini for updating the firmware of an Infuse 4G; it has worked well.

How to set up Samsung Kies Mini:
To update your mobile phone by using Samsung Kies Mini, you need to follow a few simple steps.

First, connect your Samsung to the PC. Next, press the button Start on the right of the screen. Select Samsung Kies Mini from the list of applications.
When everything is complete, restart your phone by holding the power button down until a message appears. You will have to restart your Samsung phone. You will see that Samsung Kies Mini is not installed.

The list of supported phones:
The application is compatible with the following device brands:
Samsung Infuse 4G
Samsung Captivate
Samsung Captivate Glide
Samsung Captivate Duos
Samsung Vibrant
Samsung Galaxy S 2
Samsung Infuse 4G Slide
Samsung Galaxy S 2 Duos
Samsung Captivate Duos

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My doubts

First time I have read something in English and I think I need to read a lot before I comment here. For example: “they” instead of “you”, “you” instead of “he”…etc I am not sure that I remember that.
“The application is compatible with the following device brands”
Samsung Infuse 4G
Samsung Captivate
Samsung Captivate Glide
Samsung Captivate Duos
Samsung Vibrant
Samsung Galaxy S 2
Samsung Infuse 4G Slide
Samsung Galaxy S 2 Duos
Samsung Captivate Duos
Samsung P750
I don’t know if “application” is correct

System Requirements For Samsung Kies Mini:

OS: Windows XP SP3 with IE 8 or higher; Windows 7 with IE 10 or higher
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz or equivalent; 4 GB RAM
OS: Windows Vista or Windows 7 with IE 10 or higher; Windows 8 with IE 10 or higher
Processor: Intel Core i5 2.67 GHz or equivalent; 4 GB RAM
Playing the game in the recommended settings (high settings) may result in some game stability issues.
The game is provided without

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