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Loyalty and Blood: Viktor Origins is a unique-combination stealth-action game that takes place in the alternate-reality of The Great War, which is reborn in the new Great War.
Based in a technocratic utopian era in 2055, players battle both other heroes and the enemy to protect the American Badlands. A mysterious organization known as the Legion spreads darkness across the Homeland, but they’re not the only one; a mysterious cult of monks known as the Order grows in power.
The Legion prepares to execute their plot for world domination and all true heroes are forced to become outlaws and protect the Homeland.
Players will play as Victor, a former agent of the Legion, who is now known as the “Loyalty”.
In order to protect the Homeland, the Legion recruits other “heroes” for one last mission to destroy the Order before they rise to power.
Note: This is not a full expansion to the game, but rather the original soundtrack for that content.

Viktor Origins contains a bonus chapter:
Viktor Origins
In order to foil the Legion’s plans, the Legion recruits a man known as Viktor to infiltrate the Order.Q:

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Features Key:

  • Easy to learn. One card draw per player per turn
  • Unique game play combining elements from Skat, Viceroy and Snap
  • Four player focus group – Tournament play
  • Five unique family games modes
  • Extensive endgame analysis and a unique scoring system
  • Three handicapped games – Play the game with any combination of a zero, one or two points turn value difference between any two opponents.
  • An extensive rule book with an added rule set for tournament play
  • Five game modes including an ‘endgame’ mode
  • Five game starting decks
  • Standard and Luxury editions to accommodate tournament play, plus the option to only play endgame games for tournament play


  • Double-sided sheets of paper
  • Annotator used
  • Turn recording sheet
  • Two pencils
  • A collection of cards


  • Aces: Draw 1 card
  • Kings: Draw 3 cards
  • Queens: No card draw
  • Jacks: No card draw
  • Freehands: No card draw
  • Byes: Stand
  • Turn sequence
  • Auction sequence


Scallywag’s Honor Crack For Windows

Scallywag’s Honor is a 2D tactical RPG set in the open world of Lost G. Feel like playing a game, and wants it to be interactive? Well, Scallywag’s Honor is for you! Play your way through a story-driven single player campaign, or go online with friends to play online co-op.

Key Features:

Visual style designed to impress

Story-driven single player campaign and Online co-op

4 Game Modes

6 difficulty settings

42 weapons

10 armor items

4 Skills

4 items

Additional info

Story :

The Lost G is a lonely place. Beautiful in its own way, a place where the hand of fate has turned everything to what once was, and is still yet to be. The mystery of the Lost G is the key to what happened in its past and what will happen in its future, but what secrets lie in wait for the player is up to the player. The story is fluid, without any game design loopholes and yet, fun to watch unfold. The story of the game is beautifully crafted and refreshing. Each chapter starts off with a brief narration that will make you feel just a little bit more immersed in the setting. However, it is not as simple as that, as the chapters do not build upon each other, as the journey through the game is as fun as the journey through the world of Lost G. There are no set in stone linear paths through the game, you can, and should, go anywhere you want. The game also features a fully orchestrated music and soundscape which will really enhance the experience.

A lonely place :

The Lost G is a lonely place. Beautiful in its own way, a place where the hand of fate has turned everything to what once was, and is still yet to be. The mystery of the Lost G is the key to what happened in its past and what will happen in its future, but what secrets lie in wait for the player is up to the player.

Gameplay :

The player has their own approach to gaming, the game will only get more challenging as you progress through the game. There are four game modes to choose from : Cooperative and Competitive, Campaign and Multiplayer. The story-driven single player campaign is complemented by one of two game modes. The campaign consists of 4 chapters, each chapter featuring a certain fighting style. The choices you make early on will set you up for further challenges


Scallywag’s Honor With Full Keygen Free PC/Windows (Final 2022)

Will you remain focused and continue playing?
Reign over the deadly dragons with Scallywag’s Honor, an endless endless turn-based RPG strategy game! You can choose one of three playable characters and begin the quest to slay the deadly dragons.Battle the dragons one-on-one or in teams to break their defenses. Grow your character and strengthen your legendary weapon, and fight to climb the ranking to become the champion! Challenge yourself and race to climb your way to the top of the ladder and reveal the truth of this ancient world!The graphics,music,and audio in Scallywag’s Honor really stands out from its contemporaries. Whether you play online with other gamers or alone, the game is guaranteed to leave you with a good time.Play as one of three playable characters in this first Scallywag’s Honor game. Customize your character with bonuses from your great-great-grandfather in exchange for various rewards. Grow your character and powerful weapon. At the same time, deepen your relationship with your allies. On your journey of learning more about the mysterious dragons, discover the reasons for the dragons’ rampage and the fate of the world.Enjoy the high resolution graphic of the game. In-game cutscenes are made possible by the fully detailed 3D models and animation. Every character is fully voiced with natural language. Lastly, an intense, atmospheric soundtrack perfectly matches the game, enveloping you into the dragon’s world. The drama and mystery of the game may be reminiscent of a fairytale, but it’s something that can be enjoyed by anyone, even children!
Story of Dragon Legends:
The Dragon’s inner secrets revealed…Join the ancient dragons on their journey and journey with them through the ages. They seem to have forgotten their own past, but you can’t. Will you be able to prevent the legendary world from destruction?
Extendable world:
Play the game using Map mode to explore all of the extensive pre-rendered level environments, including the mainland of past and future eras. Customize and evolve your own unique character, powerful equipment, and special abilities.
Online Adventure:
Battle with and play as your friends online for free. Challenge other players from all over the world in a vast arena of unique online maps and game types.
Train your weapon:
Enhance your hero’s stats and unique weapon with perks and talents, including unlocking additional attack modes for your weapon. Fight to obtain an even greater arsenal and become the most powerful hero!


What’s new in Scallywag’s Honor:


Scallywag’s Honor Guard is a 1796 British Museum exhibition of 18^th^ century objets d’art and fine craftsmanship. The exhibition originated in London’s now disappeared Temple of Liberty; the name Scallywag’s Honor Guard was invented during the course of writing the exhibition catalogue.

Part of the exhibition is a series of essays about artists and makers (sometimes members of the Royal Society of Artists), which begin with John Constable, Robert Wyatt and Richard Wilson and then follow in an alphabetical order:

Albrecht Altdorfer, “The Blessed Pig”, 1285
Andrea Brustolon, “Weapons of the Counterrevolution: Concealments, the Uniform and Artisanal Contrivance”, 317
Anne Conway, “Allegory of Sibyl’s Prophecy”, 1738
Charles Grignion, “Lemias’ Trepidation at Fear and Revelation of Truth”, 1725

Mythic narratives and the fantasies of the Scallywag’s Honor Guard and the exhibition catalogue extend from 20th century scientific romances about Madeleine Owram and Miriam Saints-Alvarez, who in 1985 attempted to fly from Arizona to Hawaii under the wings of an owl equipped with their artificial flight, to a portrait of Eros and Psyche and the analysis of a Lucianic legend, to an engraved copy of Printemps chez Victor Hugo, to pictures of fantasies of being able to fly, and so on and so on, right back into antiquity.

The exhibition catalogue

The exhibition catalogue, published by the British Museum, was the fifth instalment in a series of Vitruvius Britannicus (initially “Brittanicus”) monographs published from 1993 to 2016; apart from Scallywag’s Honor Guard, each of the five publications has its own, which have followed a chronological order in which (for example) the first volume began with restoration work on the columns of Trajan’s Column, and the sixth volume was devoted to a history of the Royal Society of Arts and the Royal Academy.

Volume I
James Pritchard editor
Nigel Nicolson, “Scallywags Honor Guard” (British Museum)
Helen Edgeley, “London: Vitruvius Britannicus (I),” 246-253
Richard Ryland, “London: Vitruvius Britannicus (II),”


Free Scallywag’s Honor 2022


How To Install and Crack Scallywag’s Honor:

  • Install Scallywag’s Honor Complete with Booster.exe
  • Extract & run Scallywag’s Honor Complete.exe
  • Select & launch gamesavesfix.exe
  • Select & choose Main Directory:
  • Select & fix data
  • Select & press ok
  • Press ok
  • Select & launch player.exe
  • Select & press next
  • Select & press ok
  • Choose Use this installation:
  • Write down this key:
  • Save this key on Notes, as custom editor or whatever you want
  • Now launch Scallywag’s Honor and log in with key
  • But as it is not a legit copy, always delete Scallywag’s Honor Complete and redistribute that original version
  • The same goes to Scallywag’s Honor on d game emu archives (ADT, ZX, DD etc), you MUST get the original released maps only
  • Or if you want to try in-game demos, they are not included in the download! Or you can get them from dedicated archives like the 93se Demo section! Do not play existing demos because also a choice you make!
  • All demo and character issue are solvable, the game has an in-game character editor, report issues to players
  • Go to Options – Display & choose high quality, advanced settings can be found in Options & More’s menu
  • Enable save type:
  • Always overwrite the previous saves:
  • If install adds some save edits, feel free to remove them
  • Use all the file extensions the game has:
  • High score save:
  • Use spread-file
  • Character name:
  • Scan sound bank (Only for the first character play))
  • Force clear:

    System Requirements For Scallywag’s Honor:

    OS: Windows 7 SP1
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Hard disk: 40 GB
    Graphics: GeForce GTX 550 Ti, Radeon HD 5870 or equivalent
    DirectX: Version 11
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    Additional Notes:
    * Requires the latest Service Pack of Windows 7 for use of DirectX 11 functions.
    * An NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti is recommended for high definition visuals.
    * At least 1GB of RAM is required for use


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