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Takes commands and time measurements from a session to print and export the result in various formats. It has two modes of operation :
– 1 time mode
– 1 drill mode
The Time mode is used with the command “T” which is the time measurement used in recording studios (exact time and started time).
One of the benefits of this time mode is that it will allow you to get the information of when a session starts and ends.
It will put the current track on a canvas window and will measure the seconds until the track has stopped. This information is also printed. You can click on the time mark, to get time information in percentages, like :
1/10 minute, 2/10 minute, 5/10 minute, 10/10 minutes, etc.
The Timeline Mode is used with the command “G” and can be used with the command “R” to drill, for time stamp reasons. This command will have the same action as the “G” command but also will print the time of start of the session.
The Timeline mode will give you an overview of when the session started and when it stopped.

Example time information:
This example has been obtained with the command “T” at times of 0:30, 3:30, 5:30, 6:30 and 9:00 in the timeline mode.
If you see that we have at 9:00 recorded some sound but the printed name is of “Neil Young”. This means that the “G” command at the time 6:30 took place after the session ended at 9:00 and that the “G” command at 5:30 was before the session started (it’s also printed in the log).

You can then run a report with the command “R” which will print in an excel sheet the times of the start, stop and the amount of time spent.

Virtually any time measurement is supported, some examples are : Minute, Hour, Day, Week, Year, Day of Week, Date, Date of Month, Date of Week, Day of Month, Day of Year and so on…

This tool is also very very fast so it can do a lot of stuff on a single computer.

Please be aware that SessionLog may interfere with the other options of Zoom.


SessionLog supports some additional time scales such as Night, Day, Weekend, Weekday, Month, Year and so on…


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SessionLog Cracked 2022 Latest Version records track times from tape and disk machines, digital audio workstation and your own PC.

SessionLog Description

You log in via “Admin Login” at the main menu and can then go to the “Users Login” at the User Menu.

You can view Session Logs either by user or by the date they were logged in.

You can view either the Session Log (audio only) or the Session Note (audio and notes) in a player (Drag bar on top right).

The Session Log (audio only) can be viewed and sorted via My Logs>View (All) or My Logs>View (Logtime)>From To (where you can set the date of interest from 1 to 31 days). All the audio notes can be viewed via Session Note>view (All) or Session Note>view (Logtime)>From To. The audio notes are broken down by track.

The Session Log is stored on a SQL Server database and is a straightforward record of what’s happened on a day.

The Session Note is tied to the Session Log and records all the notes you make in one place.

The Session Log displays the session details by Track and Cue.

You can view both the Session Log (audio only) and Session Note (audio and notes) on a PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

Session Log Customisation
You can only edit the Session Note (Audio and Notes) if it has been already created, via “Create Session Log”.

Through the “System Info” you can access the Session Logs Date Record Date, Start Time, End Time, Times of sessions and much more.

The Page Setup and Layout

There are many options to customise the size and appearance of the log. To change the columns you wish to see there is a drop down box where you can change the “Parsers”.

There are many ways you can organise the columns however we are pleased to provide the option to select only the ones you require.

Frequently Asked Questions

Session Log System Features and SQL Server Database Usage are explained and demonstrated through images and videos.

Detailed User Guide

This useful guide is accessed directly from the main menu.

Session Log V2 is the modern update to the Session Log, incorporating features requested from users over the last 7 years since the original release. Session Log 2 is now availble as a work in progress.


SessionLog records all recording sessions in your studio and will track session length and money spent on session fees.


LINUX is free of charge, as are the plugins.
The tool is written in Java and can run on all GNU/Linux distributions.
LINUX comes with a very comprehensive list of plugins, a help screen and a web interface.

The WebServer is a web interface for the tool.
It’s intended to be used by external organisations who are going to use the tool on their network.
It’s also a great tool in your own studio so that you can use the tool for internal purposes.

The WebServer is hosted on a Apache Server and is written in PHP.


For LINUX users:
This section gives a quick tutorial on how to install the LINUX console plugin on your system.
It is based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

Install PLUGINS-LINUX (to be used as a LISA console)
1. Install Eclipse:
sudo apt-get install eclipse

2. Install JACK:
sudo apt-get install jackd

3. Install the LISA plugin:
sudo apt-get install lisa-plugin

4. Download and install the LINUX Console (or just the LINUX plugin):
sudo mkdir /opt/lisa/plugins/
wget -O – “” | tar xvzf – -C /opt/lisa/plugins/

5. Restart to completion of the installation:
sudo service lisa-agent restart

6. Launch LISA Preferences:

The first time you connect to the LISA Web Server, LISA will have to download the plugins:

Plugin install log
The step 4 above installed the LINUX Console plugin.
The LISA Web Server logs the installation of the LINUX Console plugin to track which packages have been installed.

Make sure you restart the Web Server after plugins are installed because LISA can’t get the plugin list from an uninstalled Web Server.

After you are done, here is the result:

Knowledge Base

A knowledge base has been written for the LISA Project.

What’s New In SessionLog?

SessionLog is a software project that was designed with three main goals in mind:

Track record keeping.


User friendliness.


First of all, this is not a project that I created. I’m not the owner and I’m not in control. This is a group of people that joined together in March 2007 for the purpose of building this software. They aren’t the ones with the source, but they’ve compiled it all together, there are no plans to open source it any time soon.

What makes SessionLog different from other similar software?

SessionLog doesn’t have an IPad, Iphone or Android app.

SessionLog doesn’t have a web app.

SessionLog doesn’t have a simple web interface. It’s all terminal based.

Why is SessionLog better than the session that recording studios use now?

People in the recording studio are used to running session assistants through the notepad that’s on their computer anyway. SessionLog is more suited to be a program that sits on your recording desk. Also you won’t have to worry about things getting lost on you computer (assuming that you aren’t using cloud storage). SessionLog also allows you to make adjustments in the time, and also gives you a running total of what you’ve recorded or have been given to record.

Does SessionLog support 24bit or 16bit?

SessionLog doesn’t support 16bit. It’s only in 24bit. I’m not a sound engineer and I have no interest in experimenting with 16bit.

Why can’t you just use a simple notepad?

This is a software project which has many dynamic elements in it. Not only does the software need to perform the function that it’s designed to do, it also needs to be user friendly, it needs to be safe and secure, it needs to open up to the industry standards and has to handle the many required functions. Also, if you just used a notepad for this, how do you know when the notepad crashed? Do you? The software can also save your sessions automatically and allows you to schedule the recordings. It also has the ability to log in multiple users.

If SessionLog would be used for a recording studio, would it be capable of recording multiple sessions simultaneously?

At the moment, SessionLog can only have one instance running at a time. There isn’t a way to have multiple units running–KVfmvYlD7fXlUo

System Requirements:

Windows® XP Professional or later
800 MHz processor
256 MB of RAM
Hard Disk Space:
250 MB of free hard disk space
56K modem
IDE/CD-ROM drive:
Microsoft® Windows® Embedded Standard (WES) 7 or later
As previously stated, this release requires Microsoft® Windows® Embedded Standard (WES) 7 or later to install. If you are unable to update to WES 7 or

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