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This game is an open-ended and RPG style adventure game. Thanks to its dark and cyberpunk-like atmosphere, SHELL-BREAK is bringing you a ton of freedom in its gameplay, and that’s the thing no one ever expected from a game in the genre of’strategy-RPG’. At the very beginning, you’ll be given only the five paragraphs of instructions and the five keywords, which is enough to embark the way to your lover. But, remember that you won’t be playing as some simple warrior, but rather as a captive being imprisoned deep inside a mad-insect-like lab. You’ll have to figure out the puzzles and solve them all, or risk your life. One way or another, you have to reach your love.
The game being an open-ended and RPG-like adventure game has a lot of freedom in its gameplay. However, it’s fair to note that there are only three possible outcomes in the game, and whether you get the love, or not depends on your skills and traits as the player.
-Set of game mechanic similar to rogue-like
-Combat-Action system similar to ronin battle system
-Set of environments similar to dungeons

In the first three chapters of the game, there is an emphasis that the player has to gain experience points to level up, for a reason that you will be in dire need to level up, when it comes to the final chapter of the game. For one, if your condition goes worse, your level will deteriorate, and that means there is no way you can hack any terminal anymore. Also, at the third chapter, there are two kinds of endings: survival and death. The difference between them is whether you survive, or not, as an experiment. For the survival, you get a small amount of bonuses and experience points, and in case you die in the death scenario, you get nothing.

You should note that, if you like the game, you can replay the whole story just like a 2D rogue-like game. Only the difficulty level will be adjusted according to your level. For both survival and death, in the replay, all words, whether it be a paragraph or a keyword will be displayed in the start screen. However, you will be unable to obtain the keywords there.

Other Information:
-Genre: RPG and Action/Adventure
-Compatible with Any PC
-Platform: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X



SHELL_BREAK Features Key:

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  • Both iOS and Android compatible.
  • Works on Mac, Windows and Linux.
  • Payment: Free for anyone to use. Premium membership required to unlock additional features.


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1. Freely-Interactive: You can make any compromise to your own interest for, before completing the whole game. In the first playthrough, you can shoot the terminal you want to reach, or go through safely with a small timer at the ceiling and it’s your choice whether you want to jump or keep going until you reach the terminal.
2. Realistic Terminal-Hacking:
Because the story is entirely set in a computer facility, we felt it is more natural to make it similar to a computer game.
While hacking into terminals, you can use the skills your character has learnt or acquire in the game.
You can make use of all kinds of skills for the achievement of this game:
– Some of them are compatible with the console itself. For example, when you shoot the control room’s ceiling, there is a timer on it. You can aim at the ceiling to make it disappear, and then your console can access to it.
– Some skills enable the combination of multiple skills. For example, when you have weapons installed in your head, you can have a knife in your hand, and you can release the knife when you shot the ceiling. This will make the knife go up your arm.
– Some skills will encourage you to interact with the game. For example, when your character has a gun on his hand, you can tap the left analog stick to shoot.
– As a result, there are no complex-undefined ways of doing hacking. The comprehensive rules will guide you the best way to play the game.
3. A.I. Behavior Reel:
In the early moments of making this game, it seemed that the A.I. behaves very strange. However, after we played it several times, we found out that it has a very tough behavior. If you abuse the system, it will come back for you. To make it worse, if you play without taking revenge of it, it will take all your important stuff away from you. However, when you quit the game early, all your things are still there.
4. 3D Reconstruction System:
It’s now possible to make the character jumping around in the scene by tapping on the screen. It can be used for a realistic gaming experience. If you use this function, we highly recommend having a stronger monitor like 30″+.
5. Saving the Game:
The game’s map is saved every moment you play, so you won’t have to play all of the game again


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When started, the game will run an intro message which tells you a little story and contains the menu screen. The action itself begins after that, with the first game mode being shown.

The game has two main sections to each run consecutively: The Level, and the Room. The Level is where you explore through the maze-like room with terminal computers located inside, following the clues of what keywords you have collected and must be used to access the terminal. Your survival depends on your reflexes, because every terminal will execute a program, usually a security program that detects any suspicious action you make, and you’ll be asked to move in order to proceed. You can also use an item called the ‘jack’ which you can find and use to hack a terminal; this item can also be used to swap between the Game and the Room sections. However, be sure to be aware of the different variations of those programs; that will help you out to solve the puzzle you have to solve. Each Room contains a “Keyword” on a terminal, to which you must input, if you want to access the terminal; when this Keyword is accessed, you will be taken into a level that will ask you to physically do some action; in that case, your will be required to input the keywords needed for that level, just like the previous one.

Each Room will also have a unique challenge, something to overcome on the specific level, and in that case, you’ll need a specific Keyword to solve that challenge. A good example of such challenge is accessing the boxes; you’ll have to use the jack to open the terminal, then input the keys needed to access it; then, you’ll have to physically move in a different direction to proceed.

Finally, there will be two objectives: You’ll have to complete the level by reaching the exit, either by solving the challenge, or by using the jack; the second option is more common, since you have to solve the puzzle to finish the level in that case. The second objective will appear when you’re in the Room, and it will require you to solve a riddle.

Now, when you’re in the Room, there will be different interactive areas. In those areas, there will be interactive objects called ‘Vibes’, which are moving pieces that will change their position, and give an effect to the environment. The object is what triggers the effect. You have to use your own abilities to cause the vibes to react the way


What’s new:


#include “../../core/i_color.h”
#include “../../core/i_resource.h”
#include “../../core/tl_list.h”
#include “../../osg/osgDB.h”

#if defined( _MSC_VER )
#pragma warning( push )
#pragma warning( disable : 4100 )

struct sk_shell_feature;
class OSG_EXPORT ShellBreakpoint : public osg::Referenced {

/** construction takes a picture and selects it for use */
ShellBreakpoint(const osg::Image* image, const osg::Vec3& translation=osg::Vec3(0,0,0),const osg::Vec3& translationOffset=osg::Vec3(0,0,0),const osg::Vec3& scaling=osg::Vec3(1,1,1));

/** specification of where the user wishes to break the shell */
void setTranslation(const osg::Vec3& translation=osg::Vec3(0,0,0), const osg::Vec3& translationOffset=osg::Vec3(0,0,0), const osg::Vec3& scaling=osg::Vec3(1,1,1));

/** specification of where to break the shell
* In order to break the shell properly, you must have a picture
* of a special part of the shell so that you can select what is meant by “break the shell at the location”.
* By default we will try and break at the top centre of the picture.*/
void setRadiusPixels(double radiusPixels);

/** specification of where to break the


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How To Install and Crack SHELL_BREAK:

  • Select “Extract”
  • Select “Folder”
  • Type “SKIP”
  • Click “Extract” Button

System Requirements:

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10
Mac OS 10.5 and up
OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 (Mac OS 10.5 and up)
CPU: 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 Dual Core processor or better
3 GB
GPU: ATI/AMD Radeon HD 2600 or newer
NVidia GeForce 6150 or newer
HDD: 7 GB available space

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