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Tishreen is a term for the river Arabah in Arabic in the Syriac language in the Syriac Orthodox Church. It may also refer to:
Tishrin (ancient city), the modern town in the Badiya region of Syria, is also known as the ancient Tishrin.
Tishrin-Khadija, a diocese with churches and monasteries in the Upper Hauran and Deir al-Zour regions in northern Syria23 juli

“Like the paintings in the cave, [a few] show no signs of damage, like the freshness of the fallen stars”

The night was a fine one. The stars were unusually bright in a sky devoid of clouds, and the horizon-to-clouds brightness ratio, as measured from Earth, was far greater than normal. The stars always shined so brightly during such nights.

There were a few of us; I was one of them. Along with the others, I was looking forward to a late evening spent with friends. But we had arrived only to find it closed. There was no explanation, nor even an apology. In less than a second, the gods were making a mockery of the Earth’s night sky. Slowly, it grew even darker than before, and it was then that the real trouble began.

We looked to the heavens and then to each other; but we were alone. We thought perhaps no one had the courage to do it.

A couple of us had our phones and took a few pictures. However, the low settings of the phones really did not help. Also, the pictures were saved and then deleted before any of us even got to them.

Those who wore night goggles had to find ways to recharge them; but even that proved hard to do. The others, including me, had no such gadget.

Then the one who has no fear came up with a plan. After much discussion, we all thought it would be best if no one kept to any particular route, and so each of us would be heading off in a different direction, but each of us for the same reasons. We all knew it would not last long.

I soon chose a northward direction, for it

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