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Avast Antivirus Premier License Key 19.5.2378 Pro 19.4.2374 2019


Note: Both versions will be installed in the same folder, so you can upgrade your current version. We also removed.exes in scan results because it was causing some issues on some systems.

The main features of the new release include:

Intuitive interface in both Windows and Linux versions.

Easier to customize the interface to your needs and needs.

System restore, System Restore and File History.

Manage files in the left pane and it’s search results.

For advanced features, click the Help button.

New protection, Anti-Ransomware function and Security Center:

New protection – True clean mode is activated by a button, which allows the antivirus to remove all the files your have in your operating system without telling about it.

Anti-Ransomware – Don’t wait for the ransom message. In case you try to access the files, which were encrypted by ransomware, they will no longer appear in the Avast. But the files are still encrypted.

Security center – Is an important feature to check what anti-virus and anti-malware components have been updated recently. Also, you can check the system restore settings.

Prohibited Software – Applies only to the Free version, and is completely optional. The prohibited software file is not installed or removed.

Identify malicious software – Identifies files that have been used by the virus or malware and warns you.

File browser – Allows you to browse any type of file, including compressed ones.

For advanced features, click the Help button.

For configuration settings and full detailed list of updates, please refer to the changelog file in the installation folder.

Installation notes:

The user manual is installed in “C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Documentation\User-Manual”

Subscription key is stored in “C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Subscriptions”

Backup location is stored in “C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Backup”

Beneath the Backups tab, you can see the options which are related to backups. These options allow you to control how backups are created and where the backups will be stored.

If the User Agent option is selected, the product will connect to the AVAST cloud. If you create the backup using this option, all system settings will be

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