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Snap Notes is a small yet practical application designed to provide an easy and efficient way to write numerous notations and store them within the program. It comes with all the necessary elements to have an uncomplicated experience while typing your thoughts.
Manage your records using a straightforward interface
The app comes packed in an archive with all the essential files to run smoothly. The executable simply launches the tool through a rapid setup that doesn’t require any additional actions from your side. It can be dropped to an external drive and run on any computer without leaving any traces in the registry.
It’s wrapped in a user-friendly and intuitive layout with all the usual commands in plain sight while displaying a note list on the left side of the panel and a word editor on the right. You can import your RTF documents with ease and directly copy and paste content from another source. The window can be resized to the desired dimension by dragging the corners.
Access your notes with ease and apply customizations to make your text more appealing
It’s possible to search and replace words with others, insert the date and time, as well as enter links directly from the clipboard or from an existing file. It offers a wide range of functions to personalize text, such as font type, style (e.g. bold, italic, underline, strikethrough), color and different sizes. In addition, you can align paragraphs, create bullet lists, wrap the content to the window and convert letters to upper or lowercase.
You have the option to configure a few settings like, setting the tool to run at Windows startup, sent it system tray or close when minimized. Furthermore, you can pin or unpin the application from the taskbar, make the panel stay on top of other utilities and view the document before printing it.
In conclusion
Taking everything into account, Snap Notes is a useful and accessible program created to offer an efficient method to write documents, as well as edit and customize the content with various fonts, colors, make bullet lists and arrange the text in the page.
Key Features:
• Provide a convenient yet robust solution to create multiple notations
• Free from monthly/unlimited usage
• Synchronize the notes with various cloud-based services
• Create seamless text documents
• Convenient and easy to use interface
• Support various customization features

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Snap Notes Crack + Activation Code With Keygen (2022)

– Desktop items:
See full description at
Snap Notes Crack Keygen is a simple yet efficient application that provides the user with a convenient way to organize and manage notes. The program lets you write, edit and store notes from different sources including the web.
– Highlights:
– Ability to open multiple notes files at the same time
– Excellent user interface, fast to open files, easy to use
– Synchronize notes with other systems
– Password protection for notes that allow you to access them from multiple devices
– Export notes to other applications (Word, Powerpoint…)
Snap Notes Crack Free Download is not a photo editor, but it is a good tool to help you make and edit lists.
– Edit and set the text
– Highlight text
– Change the size of the font
– Change the color of the text
– Set the border style and the line color
– Create bullet lists
– Create ordered and unordered lists
– Create lists and inlays
– Create rows, columns, boxes
– Format the list of boxes
– Cut, copy, paste and move the text
– Write your notes in plain text
– Paste the content in another location (Word, Powerpoint…)
– Import your data
– Export
– Import from a text file
– Import from web pages
– Import and export to/from RTF documents
– Import documents from standard text editors
– Import and export to/from text files
– Import documents from standard text editors
– Use File Lock option
– Search
– Replace
– Import text from clipboard
– Wrap
– Support for different languages
– Import plain text
– Import documents from standard text editors
– Import documents from standard text editors
– Edit text (doctype, highlight, apply changes, custom settings)
– Create
– Word processor
– Text editor
– Mark the text (bold, italic, underline, strikethrough)
– Set the list styles (ordered, unordered, indented, circled)
– Select the columns by drag’n’drop
– Insert comments and hyperlinks
– Insert date and time
– Insert pictures
– Create a table
– Insert page number and location
– Password protection
– Split text into columns
– Fast search and replace
– Quickly switch between lists
– Quickly change the paragraph style


Snap Notes Crack+ For PC

• Convert notes and collection documents (DOC, RTF, HTML) to EML.
• Efficient to capture notes and collections of your thoughts in EML format for use on handheld devices.
• Extract text from scanned images.
• Notes can be exported in CSV (comma-separated values) and HTML format for online browsing and sharing.
• Inbuilt web browser supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari browsers.
• Notes can be synchronized with multiple platforms, devices and personal accounts.
• Export notes as PDF, HTML or PNG format for archiving.
• Notes can be imported from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, iCloud, OneDrive and OneNote.
• Convert notes and collection documents to Google Docs or Microsoft Word format.
• Scan documents and create PDF, PNG and JPEG files.
• Ability to search, replace and import notes from text file.
• Create notes from EML files.
• Convert notes and collections to EML, DOC, TXT, HTML and RTF formats.
• You can also use multiple accounts to edit and save notes from different systems.
• Includes text import and export technology from a wide variety of sources (Docs, EML, IMAP etc.).
• Export notes and collections as PDF, HTML, PNG, JPG and BMP formats.
• Notes can be exported as individual or group emails.
• Notes and collections can be shared to contacts on phone, tablet, computer and mobile devices.
• Narrow the app’s scrolling area to increase productivity.
• Goto the next and previous page of a note.
• Extract text, images and links from a document.
• Apply custom line spacing, bullet points and borders.
• View all text in a document regardless of font, size or color.
• Mark the text and insert the date and time.
• Convert upper/lower case letters to upper/lower case.
• Combine paragraphs into a single paragraph.
• Insert ‘BULLET’ symbol for bullet points.
• Set the words to ‘Underline’, ‘Strikethrough’ or ‘Strike-through’.
• Add a designated width for each section of text.
• Set the style of text (bold, italic,

What’s New In Snap Notes?

With Snap Notes you can write notes in one place and manage them in an easy way. Also, you can share them with your friends or drop them to network drives or print them with ease.

Snap Notes Features:

It supports importing multiple notes in different formats such as Notes, HTML and TXT.
You can view the notes in the order you added them to the panel, set the notes, edit them and apply custom CSS codes to customize them.
You can create and keep a list of bookmarks in the panel for easy access.
It’s possible to add notes to MS Word document and add notes to the clipboard and use them in other applications.

Snap Notes Interface:

Snap Notes user interface:
You can access notes from the tool in a simple way. The tool displays a list of available notes on the left side of the panel and the right side of the window gives you an editor. You can drag the panel to any desired location from the edge of the desktop.
To add a note, select it and click the “+” icon. You can also type it directly by pressing the keyboard keys. For each note, you can add a description or change the formatting using styles and color codes. Furthermore, it’s possible to move the note in the list, copy it to clipboard or print it directly from the panel.
You have a lot of options to view notes. You can view them in reverse, the order you added them, view the notes one by one from top to bottom or search for the note from the list.

Snap Notes Requirements:

There are no system requirements for using Snap Notes.

Snap Notes System Requirements:

There are no system requirements for using Snap Notes.
Snap Notes Installation:

This package can be installed on Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10.

Snap Notes Language:


Snap Notes Compatibility:


Snap Notes Size:

19.10 MB

Snap Notes has been successfully tested on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012 R2 (64-bit only).The field of the invention relates generally to ultrasonic imaging systems and, more particularly, to ultrasonic imaging systems that exhibit increased resolution.
Ultrasonic imaging systems generally include a probe, a first converter and a processor. The probe receives ultrasonic waves (e.g.,

System Requirements:

Mac/Windows 7 or higher
An Internet connection
A personal account at
Purchasing options in-game
We hope you will enjoy playing this game as much as we enjoyed making it!
New Features:
The game now uses a new ActionScript3.0 Engine.
The game is now optimized for MAC and Windows.
(To play on MAC you need OS X 10.7 or higher)
(To play on MAC you need OS X 10.7 or higher) A

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