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I can’t forget her.
There she was; the girl of my dreams.
I have had a crush on her ever since we were in grade nine, and now, finally, I was able to make my feelings known to her.
I proposed to her, and she said yes!
Now that our relationship is official, I think it’s about time we have our very first official date.
I asked her to go out with me, and here we are!
A quick glance of the beautiful scenery around us tells me it’s a perfect day for a picnic.
If only we can keep this date from going too wrong.


“Hey, Hong Gil Dong!
What’s the haps?”
I met Hong Gil Dong today on the subway.
I thought I had a crush on her back then, but there was nothing to it.
Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
Today is our very first date, so I need to at least introduce myself to her.
My mom told me that I should smile more on dates, so I guess that’s why I’m smiling right now.
However, I just want to spend this day with her in peace, not thinking of anything else.
“Eh? Do you feel alright? You don’t seem very happy.”
Hong Gil Dong asked me…
I hope she’s not staring at my moe face.
Even though we have a lot of things to talk about, right now is not the time.
“Hey… Hong Gil Dong?”
I don’t want her to ruin today.
“Take a good look around you first. It’s definitely a dream.”
What’s going on?
The day is just beginning, and I just met my first love, but she’s already acting jealous.
I’m not even sure why she’s always hanging out with Yoo Yeon Su.
“Hey, Hong Gil Dong, you’ve met my childhood friend, Yoo Yeon Su, right?”
“Ha… Yeon Su? The woman who always sits in my seat?”
“The very same one.”
But Hong Gil Dong said my name, so I guess she didn’t know Yeon


Features Key:

  • Play as Tilly
  • Amazing graphics
  • Play as Tilly on your phone
  • Play in 2 or 3D
  • Simple controls that fit your fingers
  • Many enemies and obstacles
  • Playable in casual mode as well!
  • Challenging and fun
  • Simple but intuitive level design
  • Multiple levels
  • Multiple save slots!
  • View 3D space as it’s spinning through a child’s eyes
  • With over 50 levels, the Adventure Game app will be a fun addition to your game library as you brave the summer days with Tilly Lumpsfield!

    Action Saves
    In casual mode, press the buttons on the touch screen to perform the action you want. Difficulty level: casual
    Tilt screen up to leap over pits, bounce off surfaces, climb, fly, and use various items in the environment. Tilt screen down to flutter onto manta rays, dive underwater, run down the side of the screen like a runner on a track, mix and match items to power-up, and observe the action from a helicopter.


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    What’s new:

    Pt. 4

    It’s Time For Some Truth

    Despite the griffin weathering the flu he’d worked hard on his milking. He’d been at it nearly a week and it was no shoddy job, he was meticulous. Still he was more interested in reading that book in his shop than looking at everything he could for the old griffin now living on the Sandy Ground Docks. He snapped the book shut, slipped it under his cup, and walked to the bars. Taking a seat, he put one leg up on the arm rest. A quick look over his left shoulder shows something, something larger even than a man, a shape vague with color, its head at the wrong angle that could have been caused by a badly lit dock. The two men suddenly converge on the skinny griffin’s cottage. They knocked on the door.

    “Who’s there?” A scratchy, hoarse voice sounded from the window of the tiny cottage.

    “Police,” Steinles & Sayers politely said. “G’morning,” the man holding a revolver said wearily, and the hatch squeaked as it opened.

    Tilly rolled his eyes, “Oh for the love…do you even have a bed?”

    “Ya’ shut up back there, or I’ll knock your brains out you old hag!” Bill said through clenched teeth, but it was light above him and the light swept over him so sharply that Tilly lurched in shock as if Bill hadn’t said anything.

    “Shut up,” he muttered, and the hatch slammed. Bill was looking up. “Ah, there you are, Cap.” Bill said, addressing the older man first, always the polite one.

    “Just got back, eh Sid?”

    Bill nodded, “That’s right, Cap. Thought yer horse broke his leg, eh?”

    “Lucky thing,” Cap replied. “I haven’t meant to be gone that long.”

    “Must’ve been a real hard night, Cap.” Sid said.

    “That’s right, Sid.” Cap nodded, “I’ve got work of a kind to do, and I haven’t even fixed the airship yet.”

    “That’s ok, Cap, it doesn’t have to be now,” Sid said.

    “Yes,” Cap muttered a bit grumpily, “any time, I suppose.”

    “I will tell the skipper,” Bill said, “Who


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    Tilly’s Tale For PC Requirements

    • You can use PC Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 and so on along with all modern versions.
    • You need an Intel Core 2 Duo/3Ghz or greater processor to play the game.
    • High speed broadband connection or faster if possible.
    • At least 2 GB of Ram.


    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64-bit editions)
    Processor: Intel Core i5-3470 (2.93GHz) or equivalent
    Memory: 4GB RAM
    Graphics: Nvidia GTX 970 or AMD R9 290 equivalent, Intel HD 4000
    DirectX: Version 11
    Hard Drive: 25GB free space
    Additional Notes: The game does not support other GPUs, systems with processors in the Bulldozer family are not supported, and other platforms may not be supported


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