Tiger Tank 59 … A-Gun MP092 full license

Name Tiger Tank 59 Ⅰ A-Gun MP092
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Name Tiger Tank 59 Ⅰ A-Gun MP092
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Format File
Rating 4.51 / 5 ( 2369 votes )
Update (9 days ago)


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The Tiger I is a German tank first in service in 1939. The later model was a lighter version for use in low ground. It was armed with a German 2cm KwK36 L/54 anti-tank gun that was mounted in a forward-facing turret. The Tiger I was designed to fight against the Panzer II and Panzer III of World War II, with a hull similar to the Panzer IV, but the turret was in the shape of a rounded teardrop, with a horizontal gun mantlet. This more comfortable shape could be rotated from side to side, allowing the turret to be used in either an “armoured” or “infantry” orientation. An armored suspension with horizontal sliding road wheels provided stability on rough terrain, and the suspension was made of two telescoping pieces to allow for better traversal while allowing the tracks to be used as a footing. This allowed the tank to be amphibious. The suspension design allowed the tracks to act as feet, which limited the weight of the tank, and allow for better movement and climbing on rough terrain.

Tiger Tank 59 Ⅱ SPG M1942A1 “Sturm Geschütz M1942 “:
This tank was designed in 1942 as an improvement over the original Tiger I. It was lighter, had a larger turret, and had improved fire control systems. The tanks weight was reduced to under 27 tons. The new design used less steel, and had a thicker side armor to better withstand shell hits.The M1942 used a 75mm L/42 gun. The L/42 guns were a new design created for the Tiger Tank 59, and was a re-designed version of the L/42 gun used by the Tiger I. Due to the lighter weight of the tank, the 75mm L/42 was too large for the Tiger Tank 59, and a new gun design called the M42 was created for the tank.

Tiger Tank 59 Ⅲ SPG M43:
The M43 (M43/42(M42) A1) was a German tank design from 1944 to 1945. It was designed for anti-tank missions, and had a larger turret, and was armed with an 80mm L/48 gun. The tank weighed about 28 tons, and was about 13 tons lighter than the Tiger Tank 59.

The M43 was used in Combat support in the European and Eastern theater of war.

Features.M43 Standard(level 2)A-gun(


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