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Start a New game and play Toricky and his friend Brady.
How to play TORICKY
Tighten your seatbelts to avoid colliding with another player. Don’t forget to
park in the marked parking spots!
Manage your fuel tank to score high in difficult levels.
Be careful not to fall into any hole!
Collect resources by digging with your shovel.
Don’t get stuck in the maze for too long.
Avoid touching enemy objects and weapons at all costs.
Collect gems to unlock new objects and items.
Beware of recharging batteries!
Hazardous’ Objects and Bullets
Jelly’s power-ups: defend yourself with your head and hands as Jelly is
Train your shock resistance while playing in handheld mode.
Dig deeper and climb higher with speed boosters.
Extract valuable resources from rubble with this tool.
Use foam and glitter balls to clear your level.
Get enough gems and precious items.
Get the most out of your attributes.
Play in any difficulty to achieve the highest score!
The Story
Toricky has gone to the Space Station and decided to play golf for a couple of
days. Unfortunately he got stuck in the Maze.
Fortunately Brady has arrived and will join him on his adventure.
He has good news: The crystars are there, waiting to be recharged.
Help them return to Earth safely.
Please note that this is a beta version of the game and some elements may
be subject to change before the final release.
Optimization options:
This is a step by step strategy guide. This means that the list of possible
options at each step is long. You can only play one step at a time and don’t
need to get the full experience. Once you have finished this list, you can
keep this guide, print it out and play the full game. This guide will guide you
step by step through the game.
This is not a tutorial and not a set of walkthroughs. They are the same. As
I’m going through the game, I will make videos and add them to this walkthrough.
What kind of guide will I provide you with?
This is a how to guide. It will guide you through the whole game.
– A 1-60 level guide to play solo
– A 60-100 level guide to play with friends (


Toricky – Strategy Book Features Key:

  • Digital board (PDF);
  • Translated in English, Russian, Spanish, French and German.

Game rules

Assume that the drums are the center of every distribution. Out of four different drums, two of them are labeled with the notation of the skill, which is required to determine the next piece.

Joker also owns three drums, one of which is found on the back side of the board, which is the power to enable the play of the game. This means that it works through drums.

To obtain the main piece and achieve the layout, Toricky, you must be furnished with two pieces of the skill as the elements. The value of the skills is determined by the cards that the player has in his hand. This is the number of cards that he picks up and for which he must play cards (to eliminate any cards) to achieve an advance.

After you have picked up the best wheel, you can perform any number of captures.

  • If you have a piece of the skill in hand and a card that beats a card of the hand, you can immediately capture and perform it. This happens if the source card is not exhibited and the value of the pocket cannot capture.
  • If the player is strong and the skill is suitable, he can capture any piece of the source off a card of the hand, even if it has a value smaller than the skill, so the hand above the skill throws the tool-piece on the play of the game (vs. vs. ). At this point, the pockets and the hand can also be used to kill one opponent by knocking on the pieces to identify the other.


Toricky – Strategy Book PC/Windows

The Crystars is a squad based 3D action and strategy game.
The Crystars are a team of superheroes who aim to save their world from an evil army.
Sparks: The Crystars have a problem – a dark army is trying to destroy the world. Their only hope – a team of superheros created by their mentor who are now a team of champions called The Crystars. These champions are now used to combat the dark army, but things are not what they seem, and it will take you to use your wits and skills to stop a fate worse than death.
Features of Toricky :
– Adventure and Strategy
– Easy to learn
– Different missions and Gameplay
– Many environments
– Dozens of Enemies to fight
– Different Characters & NPC’s with their own Abilities & Skills
– Detailed Map for each Zones
– Walktrough and Shortcuts for each Zones
– Puzzles to solve (epic puzzles)
– Arcade feel to it.
End Result :
The Game is designed to be a modern reboot of the classic adventure game genre.

Key Game Features:
1. Easy to learn
2. Good graphic
3. Good music
4. Interesting puzzles
5. Simple game play
6. Best gameplay for all age groups
7. Good gameplay and design
8. Immersive gameplay
9. No microtransactions
10. NPC relationships
11. Save NPC
12. More distance between main characters
13. More world interaction
14. More challenge/gameplay
15. Storytelling
16. Special powers
17. Suit power
18. Action packed
19. Simple and compact
20. Plenty of Weapons/armors
21. Many Physics
22. More enemies
23. Better art and effects
24. Smooth animations
25. Better physics
26. More characters
27. More diverse gameplay
28. More action
29. Special powers

About This Content
Toricky – Strategy Book Full Crack
will be a precious companion in your quest to save the Crystars.Contains
Main Characters & NPC’s Description
Enemies Description
Machines Description
Detailed Map for each Zones
Walktrough and Shortcuts for each Zones
PDF file will be


Toricky – Strategy Book Full Version Download For PC

Best Strategy Game : )
Game “Toricky – Strategy Book” Scene’s Map:
Game “Toricky – Strategy Book” Stage 1 :
Game “Toricky – Strategy Book” Stage 2 :
Game “Toricky – Strategy Book” Stage 3 :
Game “Toricky – Strategy Book” Stage 4 :
-How to play Toricky Game “Toricky – Strategy Book”
Game “Toricky – Strategy Book” Controls :
Game “Toricky – Strategy Book” Difficulty :
Game “Toricky – Strategy Book” Sound :
-Addttional, Steam key will be sent on mail as well as “Toricky – Strategy Book” Game, and the PDF will be sent to your mail.
Please Note:
-Steam key can be send to one person, and PDF file can be sent to five people. (Just send three codes for mail)
-Reserve your mail first.
-You can’t pass the mail after 10:00 am on Jun.11.
Game “Toricky – Strategy Book” Comments:
Game “Toricky – Strategy Book” FAQ:
Game “Toricky – Strategy Book”
Game “Toricky – Strategy Book” FAQ
How to download :
First, you must have Steam installed.
Then, download Toricky (File size 1.7G) from the Steam store page.
Finally, you must log into your Steam account and go to your Games folder.
Find Toricky, then right-click the Downloaded app, then click Properties.
Check the “Always run this app as administrator” box, then click Apply.
File’s name : Toricky – Strategy Book
File’s size : 1.7 Gb.
Check Toricky’s quality by downloading any games from the Steam store page.
After downloading, right click the downloaded app and select “open app”.
Play Toricky with your friend, and guide them to the End.
If you’re satisfied with Toricky, write 5/5 or higher after the game.
If you find a bug, let me know here.
If you have any suggestion, write here.
Note :
You can also share this gameplay with your friends through Steam.
Please rate this title on Steam.
Toricky Strategy Book Files :
Game “Toricky – Strategy Book” Sound Scene 1:
Game “Toricky – Strategy Book” Sound Scene 2:
Game “Toricky


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  • Step 1: Download this Toricky – Strategy Book tool from a link below
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  • Step 6: Enjoy the best experience with this Toricky – Strategy Book
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System Requirements:

A 64-bit processor (32-bit processor with SSE2 instruction set support)
Windows 7 or higher (32-bit version only)
Windows XP with Service Pack 3 or higher
.NET Framework 4.0 or higher
DirectX 9.0c (or higher)
2 GB or more RAM (4 GB recommended)
40 GB hard disk space
Important Notes:
It is possible to install the game, but the installer will not run. Instead, you will be offered to download the game. Please be

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