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Name Train Simulator: RhB Enhancement Pack 02 Add-On
Publisher Administrator
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Rating 4.88 / 5 ( 1132 votes )
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Try out this beautiful classic Alpine locomotive for free with the official DLCArosa Line Route. Where in the world is there a better place to travel than the beautiful areas around Arosa in the Alps? With 3 routes, 8 scenarios and 4 liveries to explore, the Arosa Line Route Add-On is your ticket to a whole new world of transport, this time for free!
The largest Scenario is just 47 km long and will take you through the beautiful Alpine region around Arosa, including all stations between Chur and Arosa.
The RhB is famous for its magnificent railway network, especially the Albula Line; where the scenery and glorious mountain peaks continue to wow even the most seasoned traveller. If you prefer to travel the line by train, then the Arosa Line Route DLC is here to lead you on an incredible journey, with its famous mountain railway line, including all stations including the Main Lift, Coppi-Biel and the famous Ertschler Tunnel.
This is simply the best way to travel and experience this magnificent Alpine region. Make your journey a true pleasure and have some fun along the way with this beautiful DLC!
Key Features:
Scenario A: Locomotive Tutorial – Get to know the Ge 4/4 II Locomotive in the official DLC for Train Simulator Arosa Line Route, with an easy and straightforward walkthrough to acquaint you with the locomotives’ basic functions. This tutorial won’t get you very far, but will give you a good overview about the line.
Scenario B: Christmas Special to Arosa – Christmas is the season of trains, but winter is the time for snow! Make your way through snowy stations with this snowy, but epic Scenario, featuring a multitude of trains coming together to make for a journey worth remembering. The route for this DLC is the same as the Coppi-Biel route for the DLC with the same timetable and locomotives.
Scenario C: Autumn Evening Descent – Take a beautiful journey through the most scenic railway line in the world, the Arosa Line. Enjoy an evening at the start of autumn with an atmospheric journey through the Alps as daylight gives way to dusk and stars appear. This is a route that will definitely take your breath away.
The official RhB liveries and colour schemes for Locomotive No. 611, 613 and 615, for the DLC with the most scenic route.


Additional Information

Name Train Simulator: RhB Enhancement Pack 02 Add-On
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.88 / 5 ( 1132 votes )
Update (3 days ago)


Features Key:

  • Reorder train station schedule
  • Place train to train station reservation
  • Order specific train to switch to non-scheduled mode
  • Reorder freight traffic
  • Fully customise scenes
  • Robust timetabling
  • Manage Riverboat schedules
  • Properly order trains, including terminating passenger services
  • Optional “partnering” scenarios with this add-on
  • Manage those partner scenarios
  • Clean-up many messy lines
  • More accurate train station details
  • And much more


Train Simulator: RhB Enhancement Pack 02 Add-On Crack + [Latest]

The Arosa Line Route is home to the most spectacular landscape in all of Switzerland, with the hills and rivers of the Alps and the surrounding valleys offering majestic views of snowy peaks and idyllic lakes. The line is a vital part of RhB’s network, carrying goods from the eastern ports and carrying passengers on sight-seeing trips to the Alta Vista region of the Southern Alps.
The RhB Enhancement Pack 02 brings you an entire range of objects to be found on the Arosa Line route:
– 3 locomotives
– 3 Baggage Coaches
– 3 Passenger View
– 3 Sliding Door Wagons
– 3 Refurbished Storvogn Type
– 2 Pieces of Rolling Stock for the Albula and Arosa routes
– 2 Pieces of Rolling Stock for the Albula lines
– 3 Pieces of Rolling Stock for the Albula lines
About The Developer All Railcar Community
All Railcar Community since the beginning of Train Simulator, with over 1000 members, gives you the opportunity to download train sets and locos, of course for free, as it is a huge platform for free add-ons and modding.
In addition to this new and exciting game from Arosa Locomotive History, we can not forget the classic locomotive software CRM2. Now, we go into a new era of Train Simulator (still offering compatibility with previous games and software versions), with several new features to be added with regular updates.
We work with our members to develop and test new and existing features and we are committed to the growth and development of our community.
This is an official release by All Railcar Community.
“I would use this pack without hesitation if it offered a reliable and interesting route. One of the best.”
“RhB Enhancement Pack 02 is a legend”
“Highlights of the pack:
– Amazing scenery of the Alps
– Very realistic rolling stock and tracks in the maps
– Very detailed scripts
– Highly challenging locomotives
– Good community with over a thousand members”
“The RhB Enhancement Pack 02 Add-On is already a very high quality product and I’m very much looking forward to further developments.”
About The Arosa Line Route
The RhB Pass Rhaetian Railway (Rhaetian Railway – Badisertalbahn, RJB) was founded in 1882 and


Train Simulator: RhB Enhancement Pack 02 Add-On Activation Code X64 [2022-Latest]

———————————– INTRODUCTION ————————————-Train Simulator is not for everyone. When you buy a new game, you generally expect a reasonable level of enjoyment with as little frustration as possible. However, the developers at XLN are usually pretty much assured a minimum level of success – and become increasingly confident as their games get bigger and bigger. Whilst Train Simulator is still going strong, a new release comes along and becomes a runaway success… and so it is with Add-Ons.Add-Ons are there to enhance Train Simulator and to give the player the freedom to tailor their engine and infrastructure to the kind of operations they want to run. They may add new features, or bring in content that is totally new to the series. They are usually released as DLC on Steam, and are generally priced fairly.This DLC will add the three new locomotives for RhB to the game, a range of new rolling stock, three new scenarios and a wealth of new content. This is your opportunity to use this fine content in a variety of new ways, and to see your favourite locomotive do some new things.The locomotives added in this DLC are the pre-refurb Käfertal 563, a Ge 4/4 II and a RhB Käfertal 507-II from the museum. The Käfertal 563 is a powerful mixed-traffic locomotive with a 500 V DC transmission, a rebuild of the famous but short-lived Class 50, and first class power. The Käfertal 507-II is a RhB Class 48 electric locomotive, powered by a 500 V DC system and capable of 750 kW.The rolling stock added in this DLC is the new RhB Railbus A220. The Railbus is a new RhB SLaMB passenger coach which was built specifically for Alpine services. The vehicle is powered by a modern diesel-electric system with a propulsion power of 25 kN and a top speed of 130 km/h. The interior has been well-designed, with ski sliders for all seats, and the seats are individually adjustable. The windows slide to a fully open position. The Railbus is fitted with a (non-driving) cab, allowing the driver to get a 360° view of the tracks and scenery around the train, in a vehicle suitable for the double-deck nature of Alpine traffic. The Railbus can be used for passenger and freight services in the service areas around the RhB network.Finally, there


What’s new in Train Simulator: RhB Enhancement Pack 02 Add-On:

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