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UrBackup is a server/client backup application that comes packed with a bunch of advanced settings for keeping your files safe. It can be accessed from a web interface and implements options for managing activities, configuring backups, examining logs and statistics, as well as for tinkering with additional settings.
Clear-cut interface with many features
The UI is simplistic and does not contain visually appealing elements, yet it is simple to navigate. UrBackup shows multiple panes and you can study the backup status when it comes to the computer name, last seen date and time, last file and image backup, and IP address.
It is possible to add extra clients to the list by host name or IP, as well as to start backup jobs for selected entries and choose the method (e.g. incremental file backup). UrBackup shows log details with any warnings or errors along with actions taken, and permits you to send reports.
Modify the app configuration
As far as program settings are concerned, you can change the default backup storage path, disable file or image backups, set the tool to automatically shut down the server and update clients, indicate the maximum number of simultaneous backups and recently active clients, set the cleanup time window, alter the time interval for incremental and full file backups, as well as manage permissions (e.g. allow client-side changing of the directories to back up). There are just some of the configuration settings provided by this piece of software.
Evaluation and conclusion
The tool does not put a strain on computer performance, thanks to the fact that it needs a low amount of CPU and RAM to work properly. It has a good response time and did not hang, crash or display error notifications in our tests. Although it's not exactly oriented toward first-time users, UrBackup facilitates straightforward solutions for file backups, backed by numerous customization parameters.


Download ►►► https://fancli.com/2snM5A

Download ►►► https://fancli.com/2snM5A






UrBackup Crack + Free Download For PC [March-2022]

UrBackup Product Key is a server/client backup application that comes packed with a bunch of advanced settings for keeping your files safe. It can be accessed from a web interface and implements options for managing activities, configuring backups, examining logs and statistics, as well as for tinkering with additional settings.

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UrBackup (LifeTime) Activation Code [Latest]

It is a free, intuitive and user-friendly backup application for Windows servers.
Use it to quickly create backups of selected file and folders while you are working on your computer.
You can also specify a set of time intervals to have backups performed at the selected intervals.
Extensive support for Microsoft Windows Servers.

Supported servers: Linux, Windows, MacOS
Supported file types: Mainly text files and other binary files.
Allows you to backup selected files in case of severe loss of data on your hard disk, because you can easily select specific folders or all the files that you need to backup.
Backed up files are available on the Web, or exported to local disk, FTP server or other FTP locations.
Creating backups can be performed using a web browser, using email or a local SMTP server.
It is easy to use: select files or folders to backup, specify an email address to receive the backup data, and select the interval to perform the backup.
Backed up data can be viewed and downloaded in a simple, clear and well-organized interface.
Ease of use and reliability:
In order to make the backup process more reliable and less resource consuming, you can control the backup execution by using an email address.
The data is stored on a remote FTP server or can be exported to local disk.
The backup is organized by date and you can also create email notifications for every backup performed.

Addition of File & Folder backup
Backing up files, folders, directories and entire drives is very convenient and provides more flexibility.
This feature can be added by right-click on the remote server, or through the file listing interface.
You also have the option to choose between a simple one-time backup and regular backups.
You can specify the server as well as the directory or folder where the backup should be created.
The file or folder backup is configured in the same way as the other backups.

Backup Scheduling
If you have time or you are in a hurry, you can quickly schedule a backup with the help of the Calendar and the Reminders windows.

Configuration Settings
If you want to restrict access to your backups, you can set up permissions for users.
When backing up files and folders, you can choose between remote and local backups.
You can also create rules which can be automatically triggered by the server.
Rule order can be changed, as well as the criteria that must be met for


UrBackup (now UrBackupPro) is a powerful client/server app, which offers one-click backup of all kinds of files to internal or external media. Its strong point is that it’s user-friendly, easy-to-use, and can backup the files in an automatic manner to a local or network directory.
This project can also do offline backups, which will store the files locally and not use the network (since this setting can be switched on and off).
With UrBackup, you can backup your files locally or to a remote or network directory with one-click. It can also do incremental and full file backups.
Sending reports is a real pleasure. Using the built-in report generator, you can create a customized report that will summarize the backup data as well as list all files and directories not backed up.
The most important features in UrBackup are:
* one-click backup and restore of your files
* automatic and manual backups
* network connection
* offline mode
* creation of customized reports
* set of built-in batch and schedule backup tasks
* synchronization between all your devices and OS
* schedule and automatic backup tasks
* program settings support
* up to 40 clients
* more than 20 different backup methods (including those for FTP, SFTP and Amazon S3)
* use of local, network or remote media
* support of Amazon S3, FTP, NFS, SFTP, Amazon Glacier and more
* support of Win, Linux, Mac
* no size limitations
* no file-size limitations
* no software installations required
* no special servers to be installed
* no external hard disks to connect
* no support of older CPUs, systems with less than 1 GB of RAM, solid-state drives and all systems with limited hard disk space
UrBackup can be used as a server, so it can work as a central backup storage system on the network. The server provides backup functionality to all clients on the local or the network, and you can monitor all of them through the web interface. The backup results can also be exported to various online destinations.
UrBackup runs on Windows and Linux systems, and requires Java 1.6 or greater. It can be used as a server, but its most advantageous use is as a client that connects to remote servers. The software can be used as a server or a client on the same computer, but is most commonly used as a server. If you

What’s New in the UrBackup?

UrBackup is a server/client backup application that comes packed with a bunch of advanced settings for keeping your files safe. It can be accessed from a web interface and implements options for managing activities, configuring backups, examining logs and statistics, as well as for tinkering with additional settings.
Packed with Advanced Settings
Many Advanced Settings options are provided, but you’ll need to customize them to suit your needs.
For example, it’s possible to adjust the number of simultaneous file backups, set the maximum number of clients, choose a path for backups, configure type of backups (file or image, incremental or full), set the interval of incremental backups, set the maximum number of backups for a single file or directory, set the backup method (server, server with additional clients, server with additional clients and client IP address backup), automatically schedule backups, set the time window for incremental backups, set the cleanup time window, choose a cleanup method (weekly, monthly or daily), as well as define the time interval for cleaning up directories.
Moreover, by default, UrBackup does not perform file/image backups. It is possible to set all the backups to the server and disable server-side file/image backups.
Network Features
In addition to a web interface, UrBackup provides two programs that make it possible to manipulate the backups – the backup manager and the backup recovery tool.
The backup manager allows you to list all backups, as well as change their date and time, assign backup names and settings, specify IP address, client’s host name, client ID, client IP address, client MAC address, backup type, method of backup, run backup jobs and set the default backup storage directory.
The backup recovery tool is able to restore backups, to check them, to restore individual files from backups and to recover a backup’s directory.
Easy to Understand
When newbies have to use the software, they should not have to start from the very beginning. UrBackup includes many parameters which can easily be configured, so the users do not need to do any basic troubleshooting.
Let’s see how to take advantage of the tool’s features:
File Backup
In this section, you will see how to perform file backups. If you select the server as a backup location, the tool can make the file backup (incremental or full) from the client to the server. A file backup includes the selected files or the selected directory.
Additional settings can include setting the backup interval, the backup name


System Requirements For UrBackup:

More importantly:
Patch Notes:
Hi guys, So I’ve gotten a lot of feedback about the project going on, as you can imagine.I’ve put in a LOT of time and effort to finish this up and it’s almost done. However, I just realized that the project would be one of the biggest projects ever to make a mod. I will say that it is the most difficult I’ve worked on yet, but I also believe that it is one of my


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