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Core features:

A free-to-play game that contains 100 levels of pure enjoyment.

20 minigames to unlock.

Over 300 beautifully detailed trains.

Detailed neighborhoods with 2-3 times as many unique models as in other World of Subways games.

Easy, intuitive controls! No dummy joystick required!

Infinite routes, you start at any depot to go anywhere in the world!

An 8 lane Grand central Station! Full of trains, lots of shops, restaurants and a police station.

Many card decks to play (optional) with unique effects.

Available languages:


Chinese (traditional)










Singaporean Mandarin


Tunisian Arabic


All our levels are designed to be played, not watched. You can walk and complete the level within minutes!



Jun 22, 2016: Added Dutch language support. (See manual for installation instructions.)

Jun 21, 2016: Bugfixes and minor changes.

Jun 21, 2016: Updated Readme to reflect changes in the game.

Jun 20, 2016: Released version 0.1.1, fixing minor bugs.

Jun 19, 2016: Released version 0.1.0, all cards are unlocked.

Jun 18, 2016: Early access version

May 23, 2016: Video below showing the extremely first version of the game, completely revamped and with all information hidden. Enjoy the 100 levels!

May 24, 2016: The first main update, with the 2 “Decks” of the game. Just as many cards to play!

May 25, 2016: The first tokelau language pack!

May 26, 2016: The second tokelau language pack

May 27, 2016: Added support for poland and portuguese

May 28, 2016: Minor changes to interface and the look of the gameSan Francisco man accused of ‘monkey fist’ attack in New York dies while on the run from law enforcement

An Alameda County man accused of attacking another man while shouting “monkey fist” and yelling racist slurs died while on the run from law enforcement.


Features Key:

  • 100+ games.
  • 32 maps (10x10km).
  • High-definition graphics.
  • Variety of gameplay (match 3, match 4, mini-match 3, mini-match 4…).
  • Free chip.
  • Auto refresh of statistics.


World Of Subways 4 € New York Line 7 Crack Download PC/Windows

“If you’re looking for a game where the setup, the history, and gameplay are all to your liking then I highly recommend World of Subways 4: New York Line 7. Now if you want a game where you can actually enjoy the entire process then World of Subways 4: New York Line 7 is not your game. The greatest problem I had was it took me 3 hours to see all the details, let alone enjoy them. World of Subways 4: New York Line 7 was fun at first but it became boring as it went on, making it less enjoyable.

It’s not a simulator nor is it really a game. World of Subways 4: New York Line 7 is more like a walk through tour where you are supposed to learn a little bit about the subway system. This can be annoying if you do not like learning at all. Yes there are multiple ways to progress in the game, however all of them are tedious and the mechanics are broken. World of Subways 4: New York Line 7 is made to be an interactive walk through in a video game.

As far as the story goes, I have no clue. They gave you an ending to the story by the time you have unlocked the subway routes but I have no idea what the story was. No it was not a futuristic movie and no the game was not made for a specific audience. This was supposed to be a game created for people that like trains and aren’t afraid to use Google. I don’t know I do not know.”

About The Game World of Subways 3 – London Line 1:
“As a kid, I used to take the London Tube to school and I was fascinated by how clean and crisp the train cars were. A game like World of Subways 3: London Line 1 would be perfect for me. I loved the idea of leaving my city and seeing the other side of Britain from the perspective of a traveler, but the game plays out like a beautiful experience you have in a train and it never became that amazing for me. There was no real reason as to why the development process was so rushed for this game.

World of Subways 3: London Line 1 was fun in the beginning, but as I went through the game it kept getting more and more dull. There were not a lot of unique train designs that you would see in real life, and the gameplay was nothing spectacular. There were some glitches, and the gameplay was mon


World Of Subways 4 € New York Line 7 Crack [Latest] 2022

July 22, 2014 | Version: 1.0.2 | Platform: Windows X86
Version 1.0.2
This release is fairly minor. You can read more about the update HERE.

Visually, it looks like an awesome game. The design is well thought out and very immersive. The world is fleshed out with various points of interest, activities and distractions.

I bought this game last year for my collection. The previous “World of Subways” instalments weren’t really my style, they usually aimed to be a bit too realistic. It always felt like a “train” simulator, but I love train sims. I prefer something a bit more fun and simple, something like “Train Simulator”. This game, “World of Subways 4 – New York Line 7”, is just that. It’s a straight up train simulator, with a sense of playfulness. In my opinion, it feels a bit like Elite Train Simulator, with even more emphasis on world exploration.

To bring the game back to the topic of this review, this is a game I’d play again and again so I could pretend like I’m in the 70’s in New York or just experience the intricate details of trains.

I love the fact that the game didn’t pull any punches. As mentioned, this is a straight up train simulator, and it does away with any kind of pretend fun. You start off in the middle of nowhere. You have no information about the game or how to proceed.

What you do, though, is explore the world. You’re not given any instructions or building blocks. You have to discover where the trains are, where you’re going to get on, where you’re going to get off, what depot the next train goes to, how long the ride will be etc. You can only discover these things by interacting with the world, discovering where the trains are, finding the work, buildings, signposts and ticket shops. You have no specific knowledge of how the game is supposed to be played, and you have to discover this by yourself.

While this is all very well, and this is a good way to “wow” your friends who might be more into the mechanics of the game, it’s also a steep learning curve. While the world is fully explorable, there is little information about the world or the game available at any one time. You have no choice but to explore. Which isn’t a bad thing, but it can


What’s new in World Of Subways 4 € New York Line 7:


Hi all. I am the #1 fan of World of Subways 4. I’m
even really close to being #1 for World of Subways 5! So, I decided to
brag a bit about my Subway-only experience. Over the last few days, I
have discovered a new Subway restaurant for you all to visit. It’s the
greatest Subway fare in the entire United States of America, and I bet it
will blow your mind! The place is called New York Line 7, and it’s
located in West Babylon, at the intersection of Northern Boulevard and
the Babylon Town Line.

Line 7 covers the Babylon Town Line, the Babylon
Turnpike, Route 107, the Setauket line, and the Huntington line. So, it
works very well for my needs.

Do you know New York?

Because if you don’t, you’re going to be totally
baffled. Why? Because they’re serious about the Subway System in New
York City. They need your help to keep it the way it is. Here’s how to

(1) Ride the “Differential Of Manhattan-Ram
Manhattan” and move at a faster rate than any other Subway in the

(2) Stop by the Clinton Hill Deli and read the
“Subway Schedule Journal”. When you get to the stop, there’s a crew of
guy’s outside the train, happily buying subway cards from you. If
you’re lucky, these guys can tell you what’s going on in the world.
This information needs to be on the menu for next time you visit New

Anyway, be sure to stop by the various subway
stations in New York City. Read the menus. Watch the postmen. Everyone
there is a relief for New York Mets fans. They’ll give you everything you
need to know.

(3) Anway, here’s the kicker.

Wow! This place is like reading a comic book or
watching a movie. The menu is so completely fantastic. The news that it
comprehended was quite staggering. It proved that the Subway Company can
know a great deal more than just what flavor will be the best


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